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Welcome to The Water Hole
by Zan

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These stories are based on the TV series The Rifleman

1. The Way Home ― An alternate ending to Outlaw's Shoes, where Luke rides out of Red Creek still not knowing who he really is. Mark must follow and try to jog his father's memory by recalling important moments from their past.

2. Foreboding ― A near-death experience gives Mark a strange vision that something bad is going to happen to Luke.
Dedicated to Wildwest, who baked me a cherry pie when I first rode in.

3. The Pinkerton ― Mark is convinced that a strange woman in North Fork has come to town to rob the stagecoach.

4. What Dreams May Come ― Luke loses the will to live after seeing Mark's grave.

5. The Slicker and the Sodbuster ― Mark is kidnapped for ransom after being mistaken for a rich visitor to North Fork.

6. So Shines a Good Deed The McCains make a friend when Mark saves the life of a young man bitten by a rattlesnake. 

7. Serpent's Tooth Mark falls in with a bad crowd when he leaves home after getting in a fight with Luke.

8. The Good Samaritan ―  Luke gets in trouble with the townspeople when he takes in a wounded gypsy.

9. What Fools Some Mortals Be ― The Jackmans come up with a scheme to get rich quick.

10. Daring to Forgive Mark and Luke must find a way to get past the events of None So Blind, where Mark sought revenge on a veterinarian and almost got Luke killed.

11. All Profound Affection ― The title is All Profound Affection. The synopsis is A Rifleman/Star Trek crossover where Luke makes a nightmare bargain to keep Mark safe. Dedicated to Lilyrose!

12. A New and Better Life ― Duke Jennings returns to North Fork looking for Miss Bertie.

13. The Return of Earl Bantry A woman out for revenge on Earl Bantry mistakes Luke for the outlaw.

14. A Meek and Thankful Heart ― A Thanksgiving Story - Luke is bitten by a rabid dog.


These stories are based on the TV series Gunsmoke


1. A Brother's Blood ― A Gunsmoke story in which Festus Haggen helps out when Miss Kitty's bartender, Sam Noonan, finds his past coming back to haunt him.

2. Kitty Makes Up Her Mind Kitty didn't like Festus when he first rode into town but an incident at the Longbranch changes her mind.

3. As Long as I Live ― Chester catches a killer out for revenge on Matt.

4. Alibi HaggenFestus' cousin comes to town with a secret that could blow the lid off Dodge.

5. Letty ― Festus takes an orphaned girl under his wing with a little help from Doc.

6. Helping Hands ― Festus helps out when Ma Smalley breaks her leg.

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