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The McCain Saga

The Civil War is over
the devastation was great
Families were rebuilding
they just couldn’t wait

Lieutenant McCain returned to Enid
to start a fresh life
Courted Margaret Gibbs
who became his new wife

Lucas had a ‘rep’ with his rifle
for protection in life
But focusing now on
a new son and wife

The young family was happy
and blessed from above
Until disease came to town
and took his great love

Mark couldn’t understand
what happened to his Ma
He held tighter to Lucas
afraid he would lose Pa

Lucas gathered up Mark
and decided what’s best
Head out from The Nations
ride out to the West

The West now seems endless
with so much space
We were thrilled the day
we came to the Dunlap place

We rode into North Fork
and Pa entered a shoot
A title would be great
with ‘down payment’ to boot

We loved the people we met in town
Micah and Hattie and Nils and the rest
A nice school for me
and new friends were the best

We had cattle and chickens
and a hawk to boot
I was Pa’s partner at the ranch
and he taught me to shoot

My “growing up time”
was a wonderful life
Pa still wore his ring
still grieved his wife

Pa remarked he went from
Five Forks (battle of) to North Fork
so I guess it was fate
And in the year 1912
we became a new state

Mark is leaving for Law School
By Wildwest

Its 1888 and there are many
Changes to our clan
Mark is going to Law School
That’s his main plan

He has always been fascinated
By the ‘letter of the law”
Watching Micah as Sheriff
And all that he saw

The pull of Boston Law School
Is thick in the air
And for Mark to not go
Just would not be fair

I will really miss the boy
Who was always at my knee
But he needs to experience
All he can see

It was Margaret’s last wish
That I ‘raise the boy right’
And I hope I accomplished that
With all of my might

Little did I know when we settled
Our ranch in 1881
What a special place this would be
To raise a fine son

I am glad Mark had ‘his growing up time’
As my ‘partner’ on the ranch and such
Followed me everywhere
And learned very much

I am so proud of Mark
He can ride, rope and shoot with the best
Now he needs to be able
To accomplish the rest

Tomorrow he leaves on the noon day train
Lou is packing some special food
Micah, Nils and townspeople will also be there
To wish him well and lighten the mood

Everyone in North Fork
Has a special place in Marks life
Hopefully he’ll find his own love
And bring back a new wife

I hope when Marks studies are over
And he has enjoyed the rest
The pull will be great
To return to the West

To set up a Law Firm
To help so many
The West is changing
And the needs are a plenty

And the ole sodbuster
Would be lying if I said
Bringing back a daughter in law
Was not in my head

I can sit on the porch
What a joy it would be
With little young-uns runnin’ around
Is all I could see

I could take them riding and fishing
And rodeos too
Instilling in them what
Their Father knew

Taking care of the stock
Growing our crops from the seed
Hunting for our meat
Taking only what we need

To love God and Country
Supporting family by our own hand
Understanding the weather
And loving the land

Another generation of McCains
To carry on a new life
Mark with three kids
And a beautiful wife

Anne Dodd visits for Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is a coming,
The goose is getting fat
Won’t you put a nickel
In the old man’s hat

Anne Dodd is coming for a visit
From San Francisco way
She can cook her ‘special goose’
For our Thanksgiving Day

It’s been several years
Since Anne went away
We both miss her dearly
And wish she could stay

She adds the missing warmth
Of a woman’s touch
With her presence and smile
And those ‘trout flies’ and such

Anne dotes on Mark
Just like Margaret would
And he eats it up
Like any young boy could

Mark likes to ask about Margaret
Since Anne was her friend she certainly knew
And she delights him with stories
From a woman’s point of view

About how much Margaret loved his Pa
And loved ‘her little man’
And relished being Mrs. McCain
As only Margaret can

The house is warmed by the fireplace
With cooking smells filling the air
Memories and laughter
Is now everywhere

Micah, Nils and Sweeny are coming as well
Others may stop by, you can just never tell

Lucas and Anne being older now
May be thinking again
Could a real union
Be in blossom for them?

Mark will soon be leaving
To go out on his own
New sights to be seen
His own ‘oats to be sown’

Mark would be happy
If Anne became Lucas wife
Then he could leave and not worry
Lucas would be alone in life

Lucas has been so lonely
Since losing his wife
Anne has been lonely
Since losing Hal, the love of her life

So there may be more in the air
This Thanksgiving Day
A new romance could be brewing
And Marriage on the way

Who else could tame ‘wild wild Lucas’?
Anne is the only one who could
And they could sit on the porch in the evening
And say “we’re not lookin’ back, just remembering back” well they should

Back to those days in Enid when life was fresh and new
Love was in the air and lasting friendships were in creation
To a new time now in North Fork
And hopes for a new generation

Thanksgiving is a coming,
The goose is getting fat
Won’t you put a nickel
In the old man’s hat

If you haven’t got a nickel
Then a penny will do
If you haven’t got a penny,
Then God bless you

Happy Thanksgiving from Lucas, Mark, Anne and Wildwest

“Over the River and Through the Woods”

Through the eyes of Mark, written by Wildest

Over the river and through the woods
To the McCains ranch we go
Razor knows the way to carry his sleigh
Through the white and drifted snow

Over the river and through the woods
Come Micah and Hattie and Nils
With Sweeney and Eddie as well

Over the river and through the woods
Bringing plenty of food to eat
Warmed by a fire in the house
With friends just cannot be beat

Over the river and through the woods
Pa is a pretty good cook
Making pies and hot cider
Doing nothing by the book

Over the river and through the woods
Freddie and I strung popcorn for the tree
We wrestle inside and sled in the snow
Stayed up late into the night, with everything to see

Over the river and through the woods
We love this time of year
Singing carols and sharing stories
We’re just so anxious to hear

Over the river and through the woods
The Preacher with Bible in hand
Tells a wonderful Christmas story
Of a little baby in a far off land

Over the river and through the woods
My mind can only wonder afar
What the shepherds and wise men felt
Following the wonderful star

Over the river and through the woods
To a stable much like our own barn
Where new life was born in the hay
On that wonderful Christmas day

Over the river and through the woods
We’re all warm inside as we watch it snow
Enjoying our time late into the night
Thanking our blessings and not wanting to go


North Fork Christmas

(written with episode titles)

Twas the night before Christmas
and North Fork was still
All the people were home
and no one in jail

When what to my sleepy mind did appear
in a Vision there’s a rifle for a young boy to bear
I’ve wanted it for such a long time
to help Pa with bad guys... to help him fight crime

Such an Ordeal this would be
if Mark’s Rifle was finally under the tree
We went to the woods and cut down a big pine
strung with candles and popcorn the sight will be fine

The Marshall and friends will Stopover for Christmas dinner
the way Pa cooks it will sure be a winner
We’ll sit around play checkers and more
always another Visitor coming to the door

I’ll break out my guitar for A Time for Singing
but we’re a Long Trek from town to hear the church bells ringing
An extra apple for Blue Boy and Razor
when it comes to fine horses...they are in our favor

My Pa’s been a rock and taught me well
the things I have seen…the stories to tell
Of a young boy growing up in the West
standing next to The Rifleman…my Pa….he’s the best

Merry Christmas to all in North Fork...and to all a Good Night!

Lucas Is Getting Married (But to Whom??)
A poem by Wildwest

Yep, you heard the rumor just like me
And this is something I just gotta see

Word around North Fork town
Is our eligible bachelor is going down

Lucas is about to change his life
As ‘wild wild Lucas' is taking a wife

The circuit riding preacher has been spotted now
To do the ceremony as they say their vows

Hattie came in on the stage at noon
She always loved Lucas ‘as her own’.

Micah and Mark will stand up with him to see
What a handsome threesome that will be

The ladies are fixin’ their special dishes
Everyone is attending and giving best wishes

Mark is excited for Lucas to have a mate
So excited he wants to relate

Mark loves the gal Lucas has chosen to woo
“She has crimsom hair, chestnut eyes, wears flowers, soft hands too”

“To be his friend, someone to talk to about his troubles
And do the ‘cookin’ and cleaning and such”

Now Mark can go away to Harvard Law School
Knowing Lucas has a wife he loves so much

To have that person, a friend, he could talk to
About his troubles and such.

So I see frills, flowers and lace
Soon coming to decorate the place.

And in the evening as the sun goes down
Lucas has someone to sit with and reflect
“And Lucas isn’t really lookin’ back…just remembering back”
And giving thanks!


This story is based on the TV series The Rifleman

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