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Lucas McCain’s Family
Written by Michelle Palmer


Father:  Marcus McCain (died during the war)
Mother:  Ruth McCain (died during the war)
            **She always lit a candle as a reminder that God was light…
Brother:  Abraham (oldest McCain brother)
            Wife: Julie
            Sons:  3 –  Charlie, Zac was a baby at Thanksgiving when Mark was 3
            Daughters: 2
Brother:  Jeremiah (older than Lucas)
            Wife:  Emily (They announce pregnancy at Thanksgiving when Mark was 3)
            Daughter: Elizabeth
Brother: __________ ( Older than Lucas) (announced engagement to Nancy)
Sister:  Emily (Pregnant as Thanksgiving (when Mark was 3) (Younger than Lucas)
            Husband: Jason
            Son: Matt
Sister: Laura (19 years old and announced she’s the new Enid school teacher in January)

Margaret Gibbs McCain’s Family

Father:  Samuel Gibbs (often a drunk)
He was a good father until the war.  That’s when something changed.  Lucas didn’t like him being around his family when he was drunk; and Margaret had a problem with that.  He feels he caused the death of his son, who died in the Civil War because he told him a real man would fight.

Mother:  ___________ (sick before she died. She died the year Mark was 3)
Grandmother:  __________ (Died the year Mark was 3)
Brother:  Johnny (younger than Margaret)
            He announced at Thanksgiving that he wouldn’t be there at Christmas because he was joining the rodeo.
Sister: Beth
            Husband: Phillip
            Children: First baby will come in late Spring of the following year.  She’d been hoping for a baby for 2 years.
Brother:  Scott
            Wife: Amanda
            Sons:  2 Andy and Able (Twins)
Brother: Andrew – died in the war
The family was told of his death on Thanksgiving.  Lucas found out the news was delivered on Thanksgiving when Margaret confessed it when Mark was 3 years old.
Jessie: Mark’s invisible friend when he was 3.

The Gibbs Family

This is a story based on the TV series The Rifleman
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