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The Rifleman Poems
Written by Markisddg


 They went to the desert
 to dig salt for their meat,
 Mark was glad to be done
 he had minded the heat.

 Mark asked his Pa could
 they buy it next year,
 But money was tight
 and salt was quite dear.

 As they sealed up the barrels
 with all the salt they could hoard,
 the water keg was covered
 Lucas put it on board.

 It happened in an instant
 and Lucas knew the sound,
 a rattler spooked the horses
 the keg fell to the ground.

 The horses took off
 Lucas ran after the team,
 The wagon turned over
 it was all quite extreme.

 Lucas tumbled downhill
 and landed hard in the dirt,
 He fell against a rock
 Mark knew he'd been hurt.

 He assured his son quickly
 he had survived the fall,
 Told Mark "check the horses"
 It would be a long haul.

 The wagon was damaged
 one horse, a broken leg,
 Mark knew what that meant
 one horse and no keg.

 They drenched themselves down
 and drank up their fill,
 they started on their journey
 across the foothills.

 They set out for home
 Mark up in the saddle,
 He knew by Pa's manner
 he had an uphill battle.

 The trek had been hard
 Lucas still feeling sore,
 they lay down to rest
 and woke to a roar.

 A sandstorm came swirling
 their only horse ran away,
 he and Mark were alone now
 to Lucas's dismay.

 Mark climbed up some rocks
 dislodged one by mistake,
 it smashed his Pa's foot,
 it would be a bad break.

 Lucas was certain
 he had a bruised bone,
 He made up his mind
 Mark would go on alone.

 They had walked a long time
 bedded down for the night,
 while Mark got some sleep
 Lucas started to write.

 What could be his last words
 Lucas gave up the fight,
 poured his heart out to Micah
 wrote "Raise the boy right."

 He would give Mark his water
 and all of his food,
 He would have to summon
 great strength and fortitude.

 He got right to the point
 Mark would go on alone,
 keep the mountains in line
 with the ones in the zone.

 Mark refused to leave him
 but had to do it for Pa,
 even with food and water
 it was way too far.

 Lucas offered his rifle
 you might need this son,
 Mark took two steps back
 said "I won't take your gun."

 He hugged his Pa tightly
 didn't know what he'd find,
 he started on his journey
 leaving his father behind.

 He must have walked miles
 the heat was intense,
 he thought he saw an image
 some men and a fence.

 His throat had gone dry
 he tried to call out,
 one rancher heard something
 but had little doubt.

 Mark gave it his all
 he let out with a yell,
 they ran to Mark quickly
 he had now escaped hell.

 They rode to find Lucas
 he could be deceased,
 just his rifle was there
 buzzards having a feast.

 Then Mark spied his father
 in the dust up ahead,
 He cheered "We made it Pa!"
 "We made it."
 And cradled his head.

The Vision

Mark had been feeling detached
his friends did not understand,
his Pa made sure he did his chores
there was so much to do on the land.

For many months he
had wanted that saddle
down at the general store.
Lucas told him they couldn’t afford it
his feelings were hard to ignore.

Mark had finished their wash
threw the water in the dirt.
Lucas didn’t hide his feelings
but tried not to show his hurt.

Lucas explained he had
swamped the flowers
his mother had held so dear,
Mark said “you planted them” and
his demeanor was made quite clear.

Lucas brought out her likeness
of the mother who left him alone.
He felt he never even knew her
and Lucas didn’t like his tone.

Mark wanted to stay home
“wish I didn’t have to go.”
but Lucas had a bull to buy
a deal he couldn’t forgo.

They came to the crossroads
still Mark showed no restrain.
Lucas said that night they
would stay with the wagon train.

Lucas said to stay at camp
this was his request.
He said the people on these trains,
were not the very best.

A woman nearby was singing a tune
and he knew he wasn’t allowed.
She beckoned to come and hear her song,
so he went to join the crowd.

She sang right to Mark,
a song just for him
then gave him a flower from her hair,
but Lucas called out and said
“Mark come back you don’t
belong over there.”

She was nice to me he added
what’s the matter with you he said,
but Lucas was still smarting
and told him it was time for bed.

As they settled down to sleep,
Mark still was feeling sad
Lucas advised don’t drink that water,
I’m sure it’s got to be bad.

Mark woke in the night
remembered the warning,
but still had quite a thirst.
So he drank just a little,
spit it out and then
found out the worst.

Two weeks had passed
Mark had been sick for days.
Lucas hadn’t noticed
hoping it was just a phase.

Mark stood up at the table
his hand was on his head,
Lucas felt heat right through his shirt
and whisked him off to bed.

Nils felt his face and chin
and said it could burn your hand.
Lucas had heard enough and
quickly took a stand.

Nils advised he needed attention
Dr. Henniken would suffice.
So Lucas sent Pedro to fetch him
and said he could name his price.

Mark by now was out
of his head and hollered
about a white horse.
“Shoot him Pa, shoot him” he shouted
and Lucas had such remorse.

Hattie had come she heard
of Mark’s plight,
she was there to nurse
him with all her might.

The doctor had come
and walked through the door.
He knew by the odor
what was in store.

He delivered the news
as to what Mark had contracted,
it was Typhoid Fever
and Lucas reacted.

Dr. Henniken checked Mark
he was sick without a doubt,
“they must pack him in ice
so the fever won’t burn him out.”

Mark heard all the voices
and started to dream
he saw a long rope,
a pond and a stream.

A vision came walking
and called him by name,
dressed all in white
she had come to reclaim.

Lucas by now was at
his wit’s end,
then Micah brought ice,
he was a true friend.

“This is your father speaking
quit this, you must try,
then he cried to his boy and
pleaded “Please son don’t die.”

Mark had mellowed
he was quiet for now,
but still in grave danger
there was sweat on his brow.

Mark told his mother he
wanted to stay,
"you must return to him"
she spoke in great dismay.

She sang Mark a song
and revealed her face,
he listened intently
to this saving grace.

“Oh that we two were Maying.
Down by the stream of the soft spring breeze;
Like children with violets playing,
In the shade of the whispering trees. “

She gave him a hug,
sent him on his way,
back to his father
to live out each day.

Lucas yelled to the doctor,
more ice he said in vain.
“Blessed sweat it dropith from
heaven like the gentle rain.”

The fever had broken
Mark was now out of danger.
She had given him life,
she was no longer a stranger.

Mark came back home
and opened his eyes,
Lucas gave a look of
love and surprise.

Lose your razor?
Asked Mark just on a whim.
The words wouldn’t come,
he hugged his son to him.

A Young Man’s Fancy

Her name was Sally Walker
and she came to visit Aunt Millie.
She also wanted to connect with Bruce
She hoped he not think her silly.

Mark was coming down the street,
Millie called to him and said,
“Mark this is my niece, Sally”
He was almost struck down dead.

Mark just stared at this vision
then he managed a meek “hello.”
He was asked to bring in her bag
his legs became like jello.

Her eyes were quite beautiful
her smile lit up her face.
Lucas asked "what are you doing in town?"
He said entranced "carrying a case."

Sally asked Mark a favor
“Could he take a note to this boy?”
He was so eager to please her
he felt he might jump for joy.

Lucas had welcomed her to town
and Mark was oh so tense
that he almost fell over the satchels
so Lucas came to his defense.

Lucas reminded Mark that they
were invited to the ranch tonight.
There was so much to get done
that Mark was already in flight.

Why would you ride five miles….
out of your way you don’t mind?
But Mark was thinking about Sally
then left, leaving Lucas behind.

Mark rode to the Willow Ranch
He saw Bruce whipping a horse.
He gave him Sally's letter
Bruce's temper was his driving force.

After a nice quiet dinner,
Mark had his guitar in hand
with Sally looking so fetching
he sang a song he had planned.

He got off to a rocky start
and was a bit off key.
“The first time that I looked at her
it wasn’t hard to see.”

“She was something special
especially for me.
The bluest eyes that I’ve ever seen,
and pretty as can be.
She is something special
especially for me.”

As Mark sang from his heart
he thought she seemed quite distant.
Mark asked can I sing you another
but Sally was persistent.

“Is that all that Bruce said
when you gave him the letter?”
“Bruce thought it was kinda funny”
Mark said “a friend should act better.”

“He’s no friend of mine” she said
Mark really liked her so much.
“I’m your friend, aren’t I?”
Sally gave him a special touch.

Milly and Sally left that night
Mark was already in love
How did you know Ma was the one?
Lucas said it’s a feeling sort of.

Bruce came into town and
saw this new girl by the store.
This couldn’t be that Sally
he said “Haven’t I seen you before?”

She said she had written him a note
and was staying in town awhile.
He said he had to get some supplies.
“See you later,” he said with a smile.

Mark had sauntered in to see Pa
said he was out checking the herd.
He wanted Pa to sell him some land
Lucas thought Mark was absurd.

Mark could build on the west range
And be able to sink a well.
Lucas looked up so bewildered
“Well we need a place to dwell!”

Lucas was confused and
looked a wee bit harried.
“Well we all can’t live together
when Sally and I get married!”

Lucas couldn’t believe his ears
and Mark asked what was wrong.
Lucas wanted to think a bit
maybe been in the sun too long.

Lucas had to do something quick
and brought Mark down to the lake.
He knew it would hurt him deeply
but it would be for his own sake.

Mark was happy and singing a tune
walking with Lucas to the lake.
There he saw them both together,
Mark’s heart was sure to break.

“Golly Pa Bruce Henry! he’s not
good for Sally.” he cried.
But how will Sally ever know
he has a mean streak a yard wide?

Lucas said he’d find the right words
and Sally mentioned hearing him play.
So Mark would play his guitar for her
and he would find a way.

He saw Sally in town next night
she had a date it seemed to Mark.
They sat on the bench he sang his song
together they sat in the dark.

Mark sang to her as he did before
he knew she had eyes for Bruce.
When he drove up he kept on singing
and gave him no excuse.

Bruce came over and stared at Mark
then said to Sally “What’s this?”
Mark’s plan was to get him angry
and he didn’t want to be remiss.

“Can’t you see I’m romancing
my girl.” and put up both his fists.
Then Bruce pushed him back
and Mark just couldn’t resist.

He got up and gave him a shove
Bruce punched him in the jaw.
Three times he landed in the dirt
for Sally it was the last straw.

Sally was now looking sadly at Mark
“Forget him let’s go,” Bruce replied.
Sally said “with you? you’re a beast.”
The smile on Mark’s face was wide.

Bruce was angry and explained
“I take nothing from no body you know.”
She assumed he meant her too
then told him just to go.

Sally was leaving on the stage,
Mark had done her such a favor.
She kissed him not once but twice.
It was a feeling he would forever savor.

The Sidewinder

Lucas had been cutting
logs for the fire.
It was a real hot one and
he was about to expire.

He reached for the canteen to
satisfy his thirst,
picked it up and found out
the worst.

Mark had forgotten to fill
the canteen,
And Lucas was feeling
lean and mean.

Mark finally showed up
said he found them some wood.
But Lucas was looking
like he’d been up to no good.

Lucas said, “Take a drink you must be
Mark made a move to the canteen
and let out a sigh.

Mark went for water so rode
really fast,
when he got to the ranch
he was all aghast.

The door was open so he
moved slowly inside.
From behind he heard, “Hands up.. easy”
Mark’s fear was undenied.

He wanted to know
where to find McCain.
Mark said at the hotel in town
as he lied in vain.

Mark turned and saw just a boy
but he wasn't making fun
he was covered in dust and
packing his own gun.

Mark knew he couldn’t
call his bluff.
He wanted Lucas for murder
that was enough.

He turned and left
Mark knew this was no trick.
Off he went to tell Lucas
and he surely rode quick.

Mark jumped off his horse
told Lucas what he knew.
“What’s it all about Pa?”
Lucas hadn’t a clue.

This boy walked up to Lou
his name was Grid Maule,
he was looking for McCain
and ready for a brawl.

He reminded her of
someone she knew long before
he had a chip on his shoulder
wanted to settle a score.

Lou looked him over,
could use a meal and a rest.
So she handed him a towel
and a fresh bar of Zest.

“You could use a bath”
Lou hoped she wasn’t smug,
then handed him a key to room 3
the one with no shavin’ mug.

Lucas came to the hotel
looking for this Maule.
He looked at the register
and the name he tried to recall.

He remembered a man who
went by that name,
he shot him robbing a bank,
but Lucas wasn’t to blame.

Grid was on his way out
Lucas called him by name.
Grid was itching to fight
he had no shame.

Lucas didn’t like him
pulling a gun on Mark.
But Grid slapped his face
igniting a spark.

 Lucas got six matches
he’d show Grid some stuff.
Micah threw him his rifle
and the matches blazed tough.

It hadn’t fazed the boy
he turned towards the display
and with six quick shots
the burning tops blew away.

Grid turned towards Lucas
Said “I’ll be reloaded in a jiffy.”
Lucas was confounded
he wasn’t feeling spiffy.

Grid said “You killed my pa
and now you won’t fight.
I’ve come a thousand miles
to make things right.

Micah said “Go back home son.”
Had Lucas been overpowered?
Grid said “I stood up to your rifle
nothing but a lousy coward.”

Lucas couldn’t figure him out
and stuck his rifle in his boot.
Micah said to mount up and ride
Grid said “I can make you shoot.”

Grid left town but Lucas
thought about what he said.
He might be headed to the ranch
to challenge Mark instead.

He rode to the ranch and
threw Mark a gun,
“if your old man won’t fight
I can duel with his son.”

Mark refused to fight
and Grid let it slide.
Grid said tell your pa what I said.
I’ll be inside.

When Lucas came to the ranch
Grid was hoping he wouldn’t back down.
They tricked him outside
and he was hauled off to town.

Lucas said Mark was forced
into a shootout with Grid.
He said, The guns weren’t loaded
I’d never shoot a kid.”

Grid had settled down
his rage was fading away,
he told how they brought his father home
how he dug his grave that day.

He taught himself to shoot
all the while waiting for retribution.
Lucas said he would drop the charge
if he would make restitution.

Grid was firm he was
not backing down.
Micah had to lock him up
there was no common ground.

Lou tried to reach him
Grid didn’t want to speak.
Convinced him to lay off Lucas
for just one week.

They went into the dining room
Grid ordered a thick steak,
potatoes and peas,
he wanted a double order of apple pie
and don’t forget the cheese.

Lou said go take a bath
while she cooked his meal,
Grid refused to wash saying
that wasn’t part of the deal.

Lou slapped and tripped him
and showed him her wrath.
Lucas and Micah opened the door
Grid said, "I’m going to take a bath."

Later on at the table Grid
had changed quite a bit.
He was going to work for Nils
you could say he was Mr. Submit.

He had come one thousand miles
he had been on a mission.
He did a complete 180 when
Lou slapped him into submission.

He just wasn’t the same guy,
he had lost all his fight.
Sat taking cues from Lou
and being polite.

He was now fun loving Grid
and offered Lucas and Micah some smokes.
The cigars blew up in their faces
Was this some kind of hoax?
What do you think folks?

These poems are based on the TV series The Rifleman
Here are some other great stories. Enjoy!

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