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The Continuing Saga of The Rifleman

Mark's Memories — You've heard Lucas' story, now hear Mark's.
A special thanks goes out to Michelle Palmer for her insight on how Mark would have seen these episodes.

A Bring Back Milly Production

Letters of Love — The year Lucas, Mark, and Milly spent apart was a hard one; but at least the three had letters to help each other through the hard times. It was through these letters that the love the three had for each other grew. One final letter revealed from Milly and Lucas to the other revealed the true feelings they discovered they had held inside them for a long time.

“Five minutes till North Fork!”  She heard the announcement.  Her heart beat faster as she realized she would be there in only five more minutes!  She wondered what the town looked like after a year of being gone.  Would anyone she knew be at the train to greet it?  Oh, she so hoped Mark and Lucas weren’t there!  She so wanted to surprise them.

Chapter 1: The Return: Milly Scott returns to North Fork and pays a surprise visit on the McCain's.

Chapter 2: The Proposal: Lucas McCain pops the question to Milly

Chapter 3: Wedding Plans: Lucas, Milly, and Lou discuss wedding plans and Milly starts her new job as a school teacher.

Chapter 4: Tensions: Milly begins to feel the pressure of planning her wedding. Lou hopes Lucas can talk some good sense into her before she explodes.

Chapter 5: Apple Pie: Mark and Lucas have complained immensely about Lou Mallory's apple pie, but Milly discovers the solution is simple. Payback to her favorite men is SWEET...or is it?

Chapter 6: Sunday at the McCain Ranch: Lou, Micah, Milly, Lucas and Mark spend the afternoon at the McCain's. Milly is pleased to see what her Sunday's will be like after the wedding.

Chapter 7: Sunset at Miller's Pond: Lucas is working on preparations for his new bride, but Mark cannot stand much more of his stressful attitude; meanwhile, Milly is learning some cold, hard facts about teaching children in the West. She and Lucas need some time to themselves.

Chapter 8: Trials and Tribulations: While Micah and Mark travel to Kansas City to fetch Jenny Scott, Milly's mother, Lucas and Milly are pleased they will have time alone...or will they?

Chapter 9: Adventure: The train carrying Jenny Scott arrives back in North Fork. Mark wastes no time telling his father all about his trip to the big city, but Lucas makes some discovers that may be hard for a father to swallow.

Chapter 10: Explosion: Uh-oh! Lucas discovers something Milly and Lou did without consulting him and he goes into town half-cocked not heeding Mark's warning not to explode. The results are NOT pretty; meanwhile, back at the ranch Mark and Freddie decide to do a job themselves as a wedding present to Lucas. The results are not what they expected.

Chapter 11: The Last Days: It's a week before the wedding and things go from crazy to crazier. Is there any way for everything to get done before the wedding?

Chapter 12: Lucas's Surprise: It's three days before the wedding and Milly throws Lucas a surprise party with some very special guests who have arrived for the wedding.

Chapter 13: Final Preparations: Decorations, wedding dress, the McCain many last minute things to do as even more surprise visitors arrive!

Chapter 14: T'was the Night Before the Wedding: Milly and Lucas have their Rehearsal dinner. Yep, it's the Eastern traditions come West! Later that night, a bride and groom find that sleep won't come to them as their mind is on tomorrow.

Chapter 15: The Groom is Missing: Uh-oh...It's 1:00 in the afternoon and the groom is nowhere in sight! What has become of him? Milly believes her worst fear is becoming a reality.

Chapter 16: The Wedding: It has finally arrived. The happy couple are joined together as husband and wife.

Chapter 17: The Wedding Night: Warning: this is a sweet romantic story intended to show their love for each other. Lucas and Milly consummate their marriage.

Chapter 18: The Morning After: Milly wakes up as a McCain and wonders what her life will be like. Mark arrives home in time for breakfast and the McCain family share their first meal together. It's a happy ending to a happy story!

The Continuing Saga of The Rifleman

The Years Before...

The Rifleman Information — Lucas McCain’s Family

The Rifleman Information — The Gibbs Family

The Rifleman Characters

Chapter 1. April 1826 — The Announcement: Lucas has an important announcement to make to his family. But Lucas fears his family won't understand the decision he had made. His announcement leaves pain and bitterness among his family and friends.

Chapter 2. April/May 1862 — The Letter: Margaret waits fearfully to hear something from Lucas. But when news finally arrives, it wasn't the news she had been hoping for. The family faces a great tragedy. Can they overcome this?

Chapter 3. June 1862 — A Distraction: Margaret can't seem to concentrate with her sweetheart away at war, but she soon finds herself in the middle of a distraction. Abraham struggles with all the responsibility he has suddenly required and must come to terms with some hard truths. But he has to hurt someone before he comes to terms with it.

Chapter 4. July/August 1862  — Faith: On July 16, 1862, Laura McCain and Margaret Gibbs suddenly feel like something is very wrong with Lucas. Their "feeling" may be truer than they think. Then when a telegram arrives, someone finds his or herself in mourning.

Chapter 5. August/September 1862 — School Days: After a rough summer, Laura begins a new school year. But nobody seems to understand her. After a rough day at school, Laura declares she's never going back and finds herself in grave danger.

Chapter 6. October 1962  — Mischief Night: Some of the McCain's are getting themselves into trouble this Halloween's Eve."

Chapter 7. November 1862 — The Telegram (Andy's Death): Tragedy strikes when the McCain/Gibbs family receives the first telegram from the United States army...on Thanksgiving Day. Things will NEVER be the same again. 

Chapter 8. December 1862  — The Necessary Christmas: Margaret becomes upset when her brother and mother announce they don't want Christmas, but she is determined to make the Holiday special and goes behind their back to make plans. But when Christmas Eve arrives, how will her family react?

Chapter 9. February 1863 — The Search: A sudden blizzard catches everyone off guard. Some of the citizens of Enid, Oklahoma are lost. Can the searchers find them before it's too late?

Chapter 10. Spring 1863 — A Spring of Surprises: Laura celebrates her eighth birthday, Peter and Tiffany admit their love for each other, and a couple surprises are waiting for the McCain family this spring.

Chapter 11. The Wedding That Almost Wasn't: It all starts when Julie and Abe show up late to Scott's wedding. Then a chain of events, including a rather interesting tackle in the church, cake in the bride's lap, an interruption on their wedding night, and other things almost ruins the special day. Will Scott and Amanda finally find the peace they need on their wedding night?

Chapter 12. Loss: A troubled pregnancy, destroyed crops, and bad news on the Civil War descend on one family. How much more can they endure? One family member learns just how strong the women folk are as they experience loss.

Chapter 13. Leaving Gettysburg Behind: "Lucas McCain kills his first man and isn't sure if he can live through the memories that haunt him. At home, the McCain family receive tragic news about the terminal illness of a family member, which sends Tiffany into an early labor."

Chapter 14. The Fight: Laura's moving in with Abe's family causes a big fight. Can Julie and Abe's marriage survive?

Chapter 15. Broken: A Civil War soldier comes home on leave in order to deal with haunting memories of his first killing. While home, he must say goodbye to a close family member. There's only one person who can reach Lucas now, but can even Margaret help Lucas face his pain so he can return to war?

Chapter 16. Falling in Love: Lucas and Margaret have two weeks to spend together before Lucas must return to the war.

Chapter 17. On Being A Soldier: Promoted to lieutenant, Lucas has his work cut out for him when training a new recruit.

Chapter 18. The Story of Johnny Gibbs: What Johnny wants for his life and what his family wants are two different things.

Chapter 19. Worry: Something is bothering Julie, and Abe must find out what's made her so upset.

Chapter 20. The Measles: Measles hits Abe McCain's household.

Chapter 21. Return to Gettysburg: Lucas is apprehensive about returning to the place where he killed his first man.

Chapter 22. Bible: The war is taking it's toll on Lucas and he must seek God for help.

Chapter 23. A Time To Live: The Gibbs get a caller in the middle of the night who has some bad news about Samuel Gibbs. Margaret must help Ann plan her wedding while facing the tragedy in her family.

Chapter 24. 1864 – Taken: Emily is kidnapped, and it's a race against time for her brothers to find her and make sure the man who took her pays.

Chapter 25. Learning to Live Again: Emily leans on the new doctor, Jason Livingston, to help her through her memories of the events that happened during her recent kidnapping.

Chapter 26. Death of a Lieutenant: Abraham McCain receives a telegram from the United States Army.

The Continuing Saga of The Rifleman
The Margaret Years

This series begins when Lucas returns from his year of wandering. Margaret and Lucas are finally together.
We watch their courtship, engagement, wedding, and living as man and wife. Little Mark is born, and unfortunately Mark and Lucas McCain must grieve for the death of their precious Margaret.

Lucas and Margaret have always been best friends. Their parents settled the town together as young married couple. The children were raised together. Yet as they grew older, Margaret and Lucas discovered that what they have may go much deeper than friendship. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and with Lucas off fighting the war, Lucas and Margaret discover that it's true. They do love each other. After the war, Lucas comes back, settles down, and eventually marries Margaret Gibbs.

But it doesn't stop there! the McCain's lives are full of heart-ache, promises, and love. Join me on this journey as we look back at the lives of Lucas, Margaret, and Mark.
See how it all began!

Chapter 1: The Home Coming — After a year of wondering, Lucas returns home to marry Margaret, but he finds nobody is ready for him to pick up where he left off. 

Chapter 2: The Dance — Finally, Lucas gains permission to take Margaret to the Dodd's dance.

Chapter 3: The Land — Lucas makes plans to purchase the land for his ranch.

Chapter 4: The Rifle — After the death of a friend, Lucas believes the only way to protect the future of his loved one's is to make a rifle that will allow him to shoot fast.

Chapter 5: Illness — Lucas contracts Malaria and Margaret fights the disease with everything she has.

Chapter 6: The Final Proposal — Lucas "pops the question!" Now, what will Margaret's answer be?

Chapter 7:  Aunt Gertrude and Grandma Bertha — Family comes to visit Margaret and her family, and Lucas must endure the wrath of Aunt Gertrude.

Chapter 8:  Reclaiming — Margaret learns the real reason her aunt invited her to Oklahoma City.

Chapter 9: A Promise Kept — After making a promise to Margaret, it appears Lucas may not be able to keep it.

Chapter 10: The Honeymoon — After their marriage, Lucas and Margaret go on a honeymoon.

Chapter 11: Settling In —  Mr. and Mrs. Lucas McCain settle into their new home and their new life together.

Chapter 12: Range War  —  Lucas and Margaret must fight for their land when men come and threaten to kill them if they don't sell it. But there's a bigger war among the newly married McCain's that is being fought. Can the love Margaret and Lucas have for each other endure the range war?

Chapter 13: Aftermath — When the range war is over, Lucas and Margaret must pick up the pieces of their marriage and rekindle the love they have for each other. Will their love endure this painful aftermath?

Chapter 14: The Rodeo — Johnny Gibbs comes home for a visit and brings the rodeo with him. Lucas is automatically skeptical about his reasons for returning and must be stern with Margaret on what she can and cannot do to help her baby brother. Meanwhile, Lucas and his brother, Peter, gets into some very hot water when they decide to get in on the rodeo action.

Chapter 15: A Stranger in the Storm — A wounded man in the McCain barn begins a chain of events that will leave tragedy before the day is over.

Chapter 16: The Truth/The Wait — A beloved friend is dead, and a very close relative is wounded. Can the McCain/Gibbs family endure the tragedy they must face while picking up the pieces of their shattered life?

Chapter 17: Margaret's Wrath — Margaret has had enough! She can no longer watch her sister-in-law's family crumble in the wake of their recent tragedy. For the sake of the children, Abe's wife, and Lucas, Margaret lays down the law.

Chapter 18: A Delayed Thanksgiving — Regardless of the fact that Thanksgiving passed without notice, Margaret and her family is determined to have it late. The family has been through so much tragedy lately that they simply cannot miss counting their blessings!

Chapter 19: Our First Christmas Tree — Lucas and Margaret pick out their tree together, and have a romantic interlude along the way.

Chapter 20: A Special Delivery — While the men are out hunting, Margaret finds herself in the middle of a double delivery when Julie and Emily both go into labor at the same time! But Julie's labor doesn't go well and it's a race against time to save both the mother and baby.

Chapter 21: A Traditional Christmas — The family prepares for Christmas, intending to celebrate it the way their parents did.

Chapter 22: A Soft Heart — New year preparations are under away when Lucas upsets Margaret by working in the cold rain, but Lucas soon discovers Margaret is struggling with something deeper than that. When she cries that she needs to talk to her mother, Lucas hitches the team and they are on their way. Margaret wonders if maybe...just maybe...she'll have some special news to share with her husband as the New Year comes in.

Chapter 23: Wanted Dead, Not Alive! — Tom King, the new town Marshal, discovers a man who is wanted. Margaret soon learns that King always brings his men in dead! With her husband out of town, it's up to Margaret to protect the wanted man from being killed by the marshal.

Chapter 24: The Horse — On a cold and stormy night, Margaret must say goodbye to a childhood friend and welcome a new life into the Gibbs barn that just may change her life...and her heart...forever.

Chapter 25: A Sick Heart — Tragedy once again strikes the McCain family. This time, it just may shake Jeremiah's family to it's breaking point. Can they come to terms with their grief?

Chapter 26: The Family Feud — It was Sammy McCain who glanced at his Pa before slowly removing the living thing from his pocket. He saw that his father was engrossed in the sermon and slowly leaned forward. His cousin, Abby, sat quietly beside her father (her mother hadn’t returned to church since the death of their son). She was the most well-behaved of the cousins, and they resented her for it. Suddenly, Abby let out a loud scream. The boys burst into laughter. At that moment, the snake David McCain had retrieved from the ground slid from his pocket and down the bench. A girl across the way saw it first, her eyes growing wide as she let out a cry and climbed on top of the pew.

Chapter 27: The Sound of Children — Jeremiah put his hands on her shoulders and turned her to face him. “I’m not upset with you. I’m worried.” He searched her eyes and saw the sadness there. “I see you smile, but not as often…or sincere…as you did before. I watch you watching the other children. You put on a good front, but I’m not fooled. Neither is anybody else.”

Chapter 28: The Mosquito’s Ugly Return — The next morning was Wednesday, April 3. Margaret studied Lucas as he came in from doing his morning chores. She saw his flushed cheeks and dropped the spoon as she hurried across the room. Grabbing his arm, she could already feel the heat radiating from his body. Then when she put a hand to his cheek, she shuddered. “Luke, you’re burning up with fever!”

Chapter 29: Home is Where the Love Is — Jeremiah McCain stopped his wagon in front of the house and paused in the seat. He looked around the rundown farm and felt something eerie come over him. He still remembered when the farm had animals, vegetables in the garden, and a nice scent of cookies baking. Those days had long past now. The only smell that entered his senses today was a scent of manure in the yard. A lonesome, pitiful looking cow, stood on the edge chewing his cud.

Chapter 30: The Rifleman is Born —The Rifleman is Born by Michelle Palmer - Lucas remembered back to that time in his life. He had discovered what Hezekiah Fiske had been trying to do. Instead of going to his boss and telling him of his discovery, Lucas snuck up on the man and held his rifle on the man. The man turned and drew, and Lucas fired.

Chapter 31: The Rifleman on Trial — The Rifleman on Trial by Michelle Palmer - “Stop it! Both of you!” Jeremiah’s voice rose in anger. It was his order that shut both brothers up. Peter and Abe’s tempers got the best of them many times, but Jeremiah was usually pretty calm. “Now then…instead of laying blame and reminding Luke of the trouble he’s in, why don’t we see about getting him out of this mess.”

Michelle's Marvels
Here is a variety of  stories about The Rifleman

The Trial — Have you ever been pushed around by the class bully, or threatened? What do you think Mark would do in this situation?

The Orphan — This boy had a mean streak in him, how would Lucas handle this? Is taking on this boy too much for him to handle?

 Blue Boy — He was still holding onto the fact that his father didn’t HAVE to kill his horse. Mark could have made him better. He didn’t understand why his father continued to treat him like a child instead of like the man he wanted to be.

The Rattlesnake — It wasn’t long before he realized that was an impossible task. He had waded in a brook for awhile, and his tracks were already washed away. He had no idea where he had come from at that point. How could he had let himself get into a situation like this?
Be sure & check out the prequel to this episode - Before the Debt by Deanne Bertram

Saving Vernon —“Just what are you afraid of, Vernon?  Are you afraid of failing?  Or are you afraid that you might actually find you are better at something then sharp shooting?  Or maybe-“ Lucas looked at Vernon straight in the eye. “Maybe you are afraid that no one will feel sorry for you.  Is that what you are afraid of, Vernon?  Because if you are, then let me set it strait for you.  Mark and I don’t feel sorry for you.  You made the bed your sleeping in.  It’s time you get off that high horse you’re on and admit to yourself that you aren’t as bad off as you think you are.” 
This story is taken from The Sharpshooter episode #1.

Milly's Story — This is a very touching story about Milly and how she happen to come to North Fork. You also will read her last letter from her brother Ted before heading off to Bull Run.

Eight Hours to Die (an alternate ending) — There are a lot of questions left unanswered at the end of this episode. We saw Mark so lovingly care for this wicked judge when he fell off his horse, having no idea that there was anything evil about him. Then we see Lucas try to choke this man to death. Then Mark is confused, wondering what happened. We can leave this just the way it is, with Lucas saying “I don’t know rather to kill you, or thank you.” But did you ever wonder how much of a part Lucas’s rough treatment played in contributing to this man’s death? What if there was dialogue between Lucas’s question and the man’s death. Only a slight variation would have to occur in this ending. 
This story is taken from Eight Hours to Die episode #6.

Struggling — Now that Margaret was gone what are Lucas & Mark going to do. Now Mark was getting sick, Lucas had no idea what to do. Margaret, I don’t know how to care for him! You always took care of this. What do I do?

The Haunted House —The cobwebs were so thick, Mark could hardly see what was in front of them. He saw an old broom on the porch and dusted some of the cobwebs away. He started inside. He stopped after each step to dust away more cobwebs. He felt Billy grab his arm as he stepped forward
with him. 

Finding the Truth —“I found him, Micah. Open the cell.” Micah did as Lucas said.  Lucas walked in and sat him down on the cot.  Then he sat in a chair across from him.  “Lock it, Micah.” Lucas said. Micah locked it, then he brought in a lantern.  His eyes grew wide and his mouth widened as he stared at the boy.  “He could be Mark’s twin!” Micah declared.

Her Family — A Mother's Day Story —She watched him stand up and slowly walk out of the room. He sat down at the table with her picture in his hand. A tear slipped from his eye. “It’s been exactly five years, my Sweet Margaret, and this day has gotten no easier.” He sighed as he looked at her picture. “I
miss you so much!

Saving Buddy Link — What happen to Buddy Link after The Coward? — Buddy Link goes to work for the man that he had badly beaten, where he finds undeserved love and respect. But the love and respect he receives opens the door to his past, forcing him to remember the reasons he had turned hard in the first place. Then when the one person he thinks he despises shows up, will he return to violence, or will he be able to find the salvation he so desperately longs for? 

The Gift  — A Father's Day Story — Mark loves his father so much that when an opportunity to give him something special arises, he does everything in his power to give him a special gift. Tragedy soon occurs, however, and an ultimate gift is discovered through the hope that occurs through this tragedy. This is a Father’s Day gift that any father should be happy to receive.

Loss — She's experienced lots of loss in her life, but she finally gets a chance at true love. Will Lucas McCain approve of the marriage? Will other obstacles get in her way? Or will Hattie Denton finally find an end to all her loss?

Thirteen — Mark is about to step into manhood as he faces his thirteenth birthday. But when tragedy strikes, the step may be more of a "giant" then he's ready to face.

An Invitation — After leaving North Fork, she travels to Santa Fe and finds true love. But will their love be cut short when tragedy strikes?

Pa's Treasure — When Mark and his friend come up on a treasure chest, they dream of giving their Pa everything they wanted, but Mark learns that his Pa already has the "real" treasure.

The Stranger — Eleven year old Mark meets a stranger on the way home from school. After hearing his story, he agrees to hide him and keep his secret. But Lucas grows suspicious when the school teacher expresses concern in his odd behavior.

Home — Mark's grown son helps him come to terms with his father's death as he learns the meaning of "home."

The Escape: Prequel to Waste — A Mark’s Memory Production — It's a fight for Mark's life after he witnesses a murder at the young age of eleven. The murder is caught, and Mark believes the nightmares are over, but the nightmares return when he's thirteen. His nightmare of that day so long ago will not end until he see's justice carried out. 
This story is taken from Waste episode #143.

B A R N — Six year old Mark learns to spell a new word that has a special meaning to him. It turns out that the event is a lasting memory that carries on to North Fork.
Note: This minisode is based on a scene from The Surveyors episode #54.

Michelle's Holiday Stories

St. Patrick's Day ― Believing in Luck — A Lesson from The Leprechaun by Michelle Palmer
Mark looked & looked for a four leaf clover. What is it so important for Mark to find one?

Halloween — The Ghost in the Graveyard by Michelle Palmer & Assisted by Deanne Bertram
A ghost in the graveyard at midnight got Mark in trouble.  But even after all the trouble, he and his five friends were determined to solve the mystery of the story behind the ghost and why she was there.

One Fine Day - My Thanksgiving Story by Michelle Palmer
The McCain Family plans on a big Thanksgiving Celebration one year, but there is a surprise guest who wasn't invited!

A McCain-Style Thanksgiving by Michelle Palmer - Mark’s Memory Production
"An unexpected storm strands Lucas, Mark, and a guest at the McCain Ranch Thanksgiving week."

The Christmas He Never Forgot by Michelle Palmer
The memory of Margaret is especially trying at Christmas. Lucas becomes a different person, and their first Christmas in North Fork is no exception. Ten year old Mark takes drastic measures to keep Margaret’s memory of Christmas alive.

New Year's in North Fork by Michelle Palmer
When the McCain’s are separated by a blizzard, father and son worry about the other and if he is safe. As they anxiously wait for the blizzard to pass, they spend time reflecting on past events in their life together. When the storm passes, with father and son be reunited, or will they have to survive the rest of their lives with only memories?

The Star by Michelle Palmer
Three days before Christmas, the McCain's meet a family that will change the hearts and lives of everyone in North Fork and help them discover once again what the true meaning of Christmas is.


These stories are based on the TV series The Rifleman
Here are some other great stories. Enjoy!

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