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Chapter 1

It was a Sunday night when Lucas was 18. He was going to go fight in the Civil War. He announced it to his family. He has to get a little bit of rice to eat on his way because it’s a five day trip to Tulsa and as I told you now he had to get to Tulsa, Oklahoma. On the third day when he was on his way, a tornado hit the ground in right front of him. The horses started going wild! They tipped the wagon over. A box of rice fell out of the wagon on top of his leg. He felt a sudden pain in his leg and felt it was broken. A man found a wagon he found a man in side it was Lucas he carried him along and put him in his buggy. He tied the horses to the back of the buggy. The horses were still going wild and pulled against the buggy and it was kind of hard to make the horse to cooperate.

The man took Lucas to Tulsa and dropped him and his horses off at the doctor’s office. He tied the horse to a pole in the ground. The doctor’s name was Harold Williams. He gave Lucas a pill to help with the pain. When he jerked Lucas’s leg back into place, Lucas yelled his head off because it hurt like heck!!!! And I am talking about the bad kind of heck.

It was five days before he was finally allowed to go to the train station. There was a very long line at the station. There were probably 200 people in front of him, so it was a very long wait.

Lucas McCain finally got to the train station in Tulsa, Oklahoma so he could go to Indiana to get training for the war. He would be on the train for five hours until he got to the tip of Missouri. Then he’d be on the train another 7 hours until his next train got to Springfield, Illinois. Finally, he’d ride the train three more hours into Indianapolis, Indiana.

Lucas was waiting for the train until it came. He waited and waited until finally, an hour later, he got on the train. He sure was thrilled when he finally got to sit on the leather cushioned seat because there were no benches at all and his legs were getting awfully tired and really sore. They felt like his feet were on fire! He got on the train at 8:57. It was almost lunch time by the time he got a seat. Then the gate closed.

The first person in the line had a frown on her face and her arms crossed on her chest. She was yelling at the train engineer. When the train started to leave, the woman through a hand to her face and tears came from her eyes. She said, “I really need to get to Oklahoma!”

Lucas watched this. Then he stood up and pulled the red cord to stop the train. The engineer came to where Lucas was standing and asked, “Why did you pull the rope?”

“I want to trade places with that woman right there.” Lucas pointed to her. “Here is your ticket back. I’m going to get off so that woman can get on.”


So Lucas McCain got to the gate and told Margaret to get on the train. “Thank you,” she said.

“Hurry up and get on before the enginineer leaves.” Lucas said. “I’ll come in another month. I’ll meet you right in Indianapolis, Indiana at the U.S.O.A.N.O.W.S. (That stands for United States of American Nation of War Society). Meet me in room 56B on the top floor.”

“Alright, Lucas.”

“Hey, what is your name?” Lucas asked.”


“Mine is Lucas.” Then Lucas shoved her toward the train.

The next hour was the most boring hour of his life. He just stood there and his legs were getting sore. He didn’t know how long he would have to stand there until he finally got the next train. It took a while to actually get on the train. It was past lunch and he was starving! His first stop on the train was the food court. He got an apple, banana, peaches, strawberry, beer, and a bit of cake for dessert. After that, he couldn’t eat another bite. He was so full and his legs were still sore. Then he got some coffee to drink at his seat. After he got in his seat, it was kind of hard to get to the other cars.

He had to walk on one tiny rail holding onto two chains. Then he sat down.

The train went on an old, wooden bridge. As it was passing, part of the bridge broke and some of the cars fell from the train, but everybody survived.

Lucas looked across the isle and saw a 19 year old across from him and a 10 year old behind him. In front was a 20 year old. One had a flute. Lucas and another man had a guitar. One had a banjo on his knee. He was from Alabama.

They played some bluegrass together. Together, Lucas, Walt, Henry and George had a great time playing. They started playing ballet when George got off the train and change to the Pennsylvania Railway. Then Walt and Lucas got off in Indiana and went to the U.S.O.A.N.O.W.S.

Chapter 2

They both went to the same building on the same floor to get to their TT training facility (or known as the two T’s), which is a pretty strange name because there are two men going in there at the same time. They passed planes, ships, trains and soldiers. They go to the first building on their right that says “The Training Center.”

Sing up for training. They both walked in the room they got a sheet or you could call them sheets because there is 5 he read it in his head what it said and answered everything. he gave him the class
Class schedule
1. How to be a soldier…………………………………………………….(7:00-8:00)
2. War history……………………………………………………………..(8:01-8:30)
3. Gun history……………………………………………………………..(8:31-8:50)
4. The wars before……………………………………………………….(8:51-9:15)
5. Soldiers of our nation…………………………………………………..(9:16-9:45)
6. Shooting Lessons……………
7. Different kinds of guns………………………………………………(10:30-11:00)
8. Work on a model for gun……………………………………………(12:00-4:00)

He went to his first class on “How to be a Soldier.” He had trouble trying to find the class. He had to get some directions from a worker there so he could get to the class. He said, “First door on your right down that hallway.”

So Lucas went into the class and the teacher said, “My name is Matthew. We are going to talk about the history of soldiers.” The teacher passed out books, and then said “This is your homework assignment. Read all of this by tomorrow at 3:00 sharp. Bring it to me or you’ll have to do it all over again.”

Now, in soldier history, there is a lot of famous history that died because they were trying to save the U.S.A. from dying down into a bucket of spoiled milk. Those soldiers were loyal to our country. They served the land like it was their master. There is some slaves on the other side, and the other side is trying to make us start another war, so we need good soldiers to help fight, which is you guys. Abraham Lincoln is the President right now, so he is the one responsible for this war. There is going to be a lot of people dying, so don’t be surprised if there are a lot of people in the hospital. As I said, those people served the country like it is their master. They are taking a lot of responsibility for this war. They are not going to stop this war until they win. That’s why we need all your troops. Let’s get onto class. We are going to be studying about other wars around the world. Now, there is a war that’s Japan against France. Japanese soldiers are losing. France is going pretty good. Not as many people are going to France. Class dismissed.

Lucas started walking by his friend, Walt. They started talking about the war going on between Japan and France. Then they walked into the door of their next class and sat down for thirty minutes. Now they got two homework assignments. Then they got three in their next class. That’s all the homework assignments for that day. And then they went off to war.

They had to take a wagon to Iowa to fight the Civil War. They arrived in Harrison, Iowa. They got their guns and went over to the headquarters so they could get a sheet where they would be. They were both going to be right next to each other, about fifteen feet apart. They were in war, and there was a man on the other side who was pointing his gun at Walt. He moved his arm right in front of where the gun was aiming. The bullet went right through his arm. Walt moved, but he was too late. After it went through Lucas’s arm, it hit Walt in the leg. But the bullet didn’t go all the way through Walt’s leg. His leg was so tired from running and jumping when he was a kid. It was real strong and stopped the bullet from going all the way through his leg. Besides that, the bullet was worn out from going through Lucas’s arm. They had to go to Harris Tubman. She saw Lucas with a very bloody arm and the man with the very bloody leg. She bandaged them up and then sent them back to the training center.

The doctor used some tweezers to get the bullet out of Walt’s leg. The doctor bought them some tickets back to where they lived.

Lucas went home.

Margaret went to the training center to see if Lucas was there. The man there said, “No.” So Margaret went to the train station to see if the train engineer knew if Lucas got on. “Yes,” the train engineer answered. “He went home.” After that, Margaret got on the next train and went to Oklahoma to find Lucas.

Lucas just remembered about Margaret, so he jumped on the train and went back to the training center.

Margaret went to see if he was home. She saw Abraham McCain. “Do you know where Lucas McCain is?”

“Oh, he just went back to try and find you at the training center,” Abraham answered.

“What?” Margaret exclaimed. “He just came over here? I just spent a lot of money coming to see him, and he went back to find me? Gee, he must really like me! If he gets back here before I do, tell him to stay put!”

Lucas saw she wasn’t at the training center, but sat there to see if she would come. Margaret walked in. “Oh, there you are!” Lucas said.

“Where have you been?” Margaret asked.

“I came back here to look for you,” Lucas answered.

“Well, you just left in the right time to get yourself into a little mess!” Margaret exclaimed angrily. “I told Abraham that if you got back there again, to stay put!”

“So, what did you come here to tell me about?” Lucas asked.

“Oh, why I came here? Oh, why I was crying…Because there was another woman that lived in Arkansas and I lived in Oklahoma. We both wanted to get a house in Maine. Then we started having a competition. I wanted to get that house so bad because it was so cheap and I wanted to live near the ocean.”

“Then why…” Lucas started.

“No! I got the floor right now!” Margaret interrupted him.

“Yeah, but why was it so cheap?”

“Well…When I was there I saw it was not that good of a house.”

“No wonder it was so cheap!” Lucas exclaimed.

“Yeah. That was another mess I got into!” Margaret replied. “And there was something that came with it. At least that part was good. A very good view to the ocean!”

“Okay. Now I get it,” Lucas stated. “You wanted to get that house because it was so cheap. And then when you got there, you realized it was a rip off for all that money to get there. But you still liked the view at the ocean.”

“Yep, you are right,” Margaret answered. “Everything you just said is true.”

“Hey, do you want to meet all my brothers and sisters?” Lucas asked.

“Yeah sure. I just can’t wait to meet your family!” Margaret declared. “So, how many brothers and sisters are we talking about?”

“Two brothers and three sisters. And this weekend, my aunts and uncles are visiting.”

Chapter 3
“I’ll pay for the tickets,” Lucas told Margaret.

When they got home, Lucas’s brothers and sisters went, “Lucas has a girlfriend! Lucas has a girlfriend! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!”

Abraham, Jeremiah! Be quiet! Bailey, Jennifer, you be quiet too!” Lucas ordered.

They kept doing it. Lucas punched his brother in the face. And then his brother tried to punch Lucas back, but Lucas ducked at the last minute and he hit Jennifer in the chest. Then Margaret kicked Lucas in the ankle and the fight was over.

Margaret told them to stop fighting. Then she asked them, “What is your Pa going to do when he finds out about this?”

“Uh oh!” Everyone replied.

They started cleaning up. Everybody sat down and started eating supper.

Marcus walked inside and said, “Oh, look at that. They are all sitting in their chairs. Oh, they’re getting better and better every day!”

Margaret rolled her eyes toward the ceiling and said, “You have GOT to be kidding me!” to herself.

Ten years later Lucas and Margaret got married. “Lucas, the baby is crying!” Margaret called.

“Oh, sorry Sweeite, but I am going to the store to get a bit of flour for supper,” Lucas answered.


“And I’ll be back in half an hour!”

Lucas rode his horse over to the store. When he walked in, a man behind the tree came out. He got out a knife that had blood on it. The man said, “Oh man! Now I can get the horse. Then Lucas tries to find me because I dropped my knife on purpose that has my name on it. Then he will follow my footprints and when he gets close enough, I will stab him!” He said to himself.

Lucas walked outside and found a rope torn and then he picked up the knife. Then he found the rest of the rope. “Alright…he’s getting closer and closer...Oh wait! Darn! Oh man! I was wrong! That was a bad plan because I forgot I actually have to HAVE the knife to stab him! Maybe I could try to take it before he stabs me!!!”

Lucas did not want to heart the man so when he saw the man he did not stab him when he started trying to get the knife he carved in a tree and put on word peace then he gave him the knife back to the man the man started running toward Lucas Lucas ran back to his home and did not stop tell he got there then he grabbed the home made gun and shot the man in the heart he died immediately.

Margaret said “why did you do that”

“He was going to try to stab me” Lucas said

“Do you know his name” asked Margaret

“Yes Matthew Jenkins and I shot him ankle at war he must of Ben trying to get me back” answered Lucas

Lucas wept while he was going to the cemetery to bury Matthew. He dug the grave but it was kind of hard because of all the rocks. As he was digging, one of the big rocks flew back as he tipped the shovel over his head and it dropped, smack in the face. He fainted and then got back up.

“Who am I?” Lucas suddenly wondered. “Where’s my home?” Then he found his way to the town and asked somebody who he was. They said, “You’re the Rifleman!” They led him to his house and then the next day Marshal Beebee came and asked for Lucas McCain. When he said that, everybody wondered where Lucas was.

So then they said, “Lucas, the Marshall’s here to see you!” Lucas didn’t know who he was so he couldn’t find out who they were talking about.

Then one of his sisters came over and pushed him to the door and then said, “Marshall Beebee wants you at his office!”

Marshall Beebee led him there and he asked him, “You killed a very bad criminal. Why did you kill him?”

“Huh?” Lucas said.

“I said…”

“I already know what you said!” Lucas exclaimed. “But I never did any of this!”

“Yes you have! I found evidence with you dropping a rifle that had your name on it. And it had your fingerprints on it.”

“I guess I DID do this then!” Lucas declared. “So, what’s wrong?”

“I asked you…Why did you do it?”

“I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?” the Marshal asked. “You did it, so you should know!”

“The only thing I know is that I woke up on the ground in the middle of the woods with footprints all around me and a dead horse and a piece of rope.”

“Maybe we should take you to the doctor if that’s all you remember!” He led Lucas to the doctor and the doctor took some tests. They found out that Lucas had amnesia. “Oh, no wonder you don’t know anything!” The doctor said that it would be only five days before he would turn to his normal self and remember everything he did.”

“I guess this discussion won’t go on for five days, then. And you better not have short term memory loss or you won’t remember that.”

Chapter 4

Five days later, Lucas came back. He went to the doctor and it was in the afternoon. But he got there this morning. The doctor said to come back in the afternoon and take the test. He forgot the doctor said that part. He asked the nurse if he could see Dr. Arrows and he said “come back in the afternoon or wait in the waiting room for awhile.” Lucas chose to wait in the waiting room so he wouldn’t be waiting his horses’ energy. So he stayed there and he waited. Then he took a test and the doctor said it would be about three hours. He’ll have to wait that much longer, and he’d take the test again. After that, he figured Lucas was cured and now he could go back to Marshal Beebee.

“Okay, now did you do all that stuff I told you did five days ago?” the Marshal asked.

“Yes, Marshal Beebee,” Lucas answered.

“Then,” the Marshal said. “That was a $2,000.00 criminal. There is a Wanted poster on that man you killed and now go get the man’s body.”

“Too late. I already buried him,” Lucas announced.

“Okay. Fine then. I’ll just give you the two thousand dollars right now!”

“What two thousand dollars?” Lucas asked, surprised.

“The award for that criminal was two thousand dollars. You killed that criminal, so you get the two thousand dollars!”

Lucas had a grin on his face. And then he ran out of the office, jumped onto his horse, and he was so excited he plum forgot to get the money! He got to his house and told everybody in his family. Then Abraham asked, “Then give me the money if you have it.”

“I don’t have it on me. I guess I was so excited I forgot the grab the money.”

“AH!” Abraham shouted. “Go back there and go get it, then give it to me and I’ll use it for our crops.” Lucas rode all the way back down there and got the money. Then rode right back. He gave it to Abraham, who put it in his pocket for later.

Margaret was in town and told Abraham when Lucas gets back to tell him it’s almost Mark’s first birthday. “So you need to give everybody in our family a note.”

Lucas stayed up all night writing notes to people, and after that his mailbox was stuffed with notes. Meanwhile, in town a building caught on fire and next week was his son’s birthday. So Lucas volunteered to put out the fire and rebuild that building for community service. And everybody showed up at the party and Lucas was working on the building. Margaret told everybody to wait for Lucas. In town, Lucas had a match in his pocket. It dropped out of his pocket and hit a piece of cardboard. It caught the grass on fire and everything around it, including the building.

Down at Mark’s birthday party, Margaret told everybody, “I guess we’ll have to start the party without Lucas.” They had Mark’s birthday and Mark really enjoyed it, except his Pa wasn’t there so he started crying because all through his party, he kept saying: “I want Pa! I want Pa!”

In town, Lucas got yelled out from his boss and he had to rebuild the whole building that he burned and had to pay the boss for the extra wood and that came out of the two thousand dollars Lucas got from killing that man. And then when Lucas got home the next day, Lucas got yelled at from Margaret because he didn’t show up to his own son’s birthday party. And Margaret told him that Mark was crying for his Pa all day. And Lucas argued with Margaret and said, “Yeah, but I was working on a building and a match fell out of my pocket and hit a piece of cardboard. It caught the building on fire and I had to rebuild the whole blasted building again! I was so busy that I forgot all about my own son’s birthday party so I couldn’t ask my boss if I could take the day off today and move it to another day so I could actually see my boy’s birthday party. Sorry, honey.”

Lucas worried.

“You better be at your son’s next birthday party or else…” Margaret didn’t finish her sentence.

“Or else what?”

“I’ll swat ya!” she said.

The next day, Lucas came back to work and he was extra careful not to have any matches in his pocket. And he wore jeans so he wouldn’t get cold and because it was winter. Now Lucas came back home and there was a lot of other people at his door. They looked like very mean people. They had bruised legs and scratched arms and all of them had Beebe guns in their pockets…and rifles. Lucas asked them, “What are you doing here?”

They answered and said, “You killed our brother! Now we’re gonna kill you!”

Lucas started running to his horse, but he was too late. They shot the horse in the leg and the horse toppled over. Lucas hid behind his horse and pointed his rifle right at them. “I’m not afraid to do this!” he shouted.

“Ewwwww, we’re so scared!” they said. “There’s five against one. How can you win?”

Lucas cocked his gun. He aimed real close. And he shot one right between the eyes. He shot the other four in the legs so they couldn’t walk. Then he brought them to the Sherriff and said, “I found their brother and they were trying to kill me too!”

“This is the sixth person you killed this week! Who in the world are these people anyways?”

“They are Bill Jenkins, Mike Jenkins, Clifton Jenkins, Chance Jenkins, and Hunter Jenkins. They were the brothers of that bad guy I told you about before. And they were trying to kill me because I killed their brother. Can you hang these four men?”

“That’s probably five or six thousand more dollars because you killed five more very bad guys.”

Lucas got the money and jumped on his horse. This time he actually remembered the money. He thought about it first. And the sheriff told him to bury the one body he had shot between the eyes. And after that he has to get a piece of stone and carve his name on it and stick it in the ground. He had to do the same for the other as well. He did all those things and then went to bed.

And then after that, when he woke up he gave the money to his brother, Abraham. Abraham said, “Golly! This is a lot of money! Maybe you should become the Sheriff.”

Speaking of Sheriff, the next day, something really bad is going to happen to the sheriff. He’s going to get shot and now they’ll have to find a new sheriff for the town. Well, that morning someone and his wife came into town. His name is Michael. He used to be the Sheriff in his old town. Now that he knows they need a new Sheriff, he took the job. His wife was very worried when he became sheriff because he had promised his wife he would never become sheriff again. She said it was too risky. Usually, sheriffs get killed because they’re the one’s who have to deal with all the bad guys.

But in this town, it’s different. Lucas has a part in the Sheriff’s duty. He killed six men and he got $8,000 for killing those six men. When Michael heard about this, he told his wife it wasn’t going to be that hard of a job because Lucas was going to help him. And now Lucas had to bury one more body – Sheriff Beebee. He buried him right next to those six outlaws and the other one that killed him.


Meanwhile, Mark was growing up. It’s almost his next birthday, and this time Lucas doesn’t want to be whipped, so he is actually going to do his work. He made all the cards and he put all the decorations up. And he helped his honey bake a cake. It had two candles on it, and now Mark could talk and walk.

Years and years went by and suddenly Mark was about five years old. He was big enough to think and he wasn’t a toddler anymore. Now he even had to do work, but something else happened that was very sad for Mark and Lucas. It was Margaret…

She died from a dog that Mark got. It got rabies and it bit her. She got it and then she just fell on the floor while they were eating supper. They took her to the doctor and they found out she was legally dead. The dog, they had to shoot because it had rabies. It would have bit Mark next, and that wouldn’t be good. Mark and Pa planned the funeral for Margaret. Mark and Lucas dug a grave too and it was Halloween night that next night after the funeral

Mark and his Pa were so worked up from Margaret’s dying they couldn’t decorate for Halloween or do anything. Then Mark finally remembered it was Halloween. He asked his Pa, “Hey Pa, we’re having a party at our school tonight. Can we go?”

His Pa said, “Sure. If it’ll get our minds off of things that happened this week.”

They went to the party and there was lots and lots of kids – kids from all ages: from five to eleven; Kindergarten to eighth grade was there. And there was a Halloween costume. Mark did have a costume on. He was dressed as Frankenstein. Mark won the costume contest. He won a big, shiny trophy. On the way back, it was fear night. It was midnight when they walked back home and Mark was terrified on that night because he lost something very important to him – more important than the moon – more special than the moon. It was called Lucas, a.k.a “Pa.”

Mark was just way ahead of Pa, and he took the wrong path. Now he was leaning into town more than to his house, which was two miles from town. Lucas was so worried about it. He was worried as a peanut about to get snapped in half. And Mark was terrified too – more than Lucas because he had no idea where he was going. He heard hoot owls all night. He figured out he should just lay underneath the stars. He couldn’t fall asleep because it was a pure black night. He was seeing illusions in his brain, projecting them onto the ground.

He saw a rattlesnake. It was his Pa’s rope. Mark was so scared he ran off without the rope, and the rope was very special to his Pa. Margaret was the one who made that rope. When he got home, Pa asked, “Where in the world did you put that rope?”

“Uh…I think I left it where we were camping out at last night.”

“Why did you leave it there?”

“It looked like a snake.”

“It was just illusions in your brain. Now, we’re going to go back and get that rope!” Lucas declared.

Mark and Lucas went down the path, riding their horses for miles. They finally got to the spot where Mark was camping out. He looked on the ground searching and searching and searching. He found the rope and then he got grounded for a week because he lost his Pa, almost lost that special rope, and was gone all night and Pa didn’t know where he was.


djack never finished his story

The End

This is a story based on the TV series The Rifleman
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