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The Continuing Saga of The Rifleman

1.  The Desert ― A hunting trip into the desert can be a great adventure, especially for a boy like Mark! But soon he has to learn a valuable lesson when he and his father run into a couple of men in a narrow canyon on their way back to North Fork: Never trust heavily armed strangers. And after all: it's still the land of the Apache

2.  Father's & Son's ― A ruthless killer and his stepson are heading for North Fork, running from the law. In the meantime a coldblooded gunfighter seeks revenge for the death of his younger brother. So its gonna be a fateful time for Lucas. And Mark is about to learn a valuable lesson about bonds between men and their families.

3.  The Lessons of Death ― With the help of a former cellmate an infamous killer breaks out of prison,
hurts Micah badly and takes Mark hostage, while fleeing into the desert. Lucas full of revenge takes up pursuit to rescue his son. But the witty kidnapper was raised in the desert knowing secret hideouts and waterholes and pretty soon the situation becomes desperate for Lucas.

4.  Blood Money ― Lucas is paid a visit by a mysterious stranger. In the meantime a vicious killer is on a manhunt to fulfill his revenge and to gain a lot of money. Mark soon finds himself in the line of fire. Nothing is as it seems however and little does Lucas realize that the real threat is still lurking in the dark. Who can he trust? What does trust mean anyway?

5.  Deadly Hands ― A gang of vicious outlaws is planning to hit Hamilton's bank. At the same time a ruthless killer is after a certain man in North Fork seeking revenge. But the real drama is about to unfold, step by step. And this time Micah needs backing up more than ever. Will Lucas be there in time to support his friend?

6.  Heart-sick ― Micah had left for about a week and had taken Mark with him. So Lucas is in charge, wearing the badge. Tough missing his best friend and his son terribly the Rifleman has to be highly watchful because the stagecoach brings two strangers to North Fork and soon enough trouble starts …

7.  Apple Pie ― When returning from Texas, Lucas and Mark stop for the night at a lovely woman's place, enjoying her delicious apple pie.

8.  Micah's Story ― A paid killer comes out of the desert to North Fork. Ruthless Rustlers are closing in on Lucas´ herd. A mysterious gunfighter shows up. And Micah tells an epic story that would change a certain woman's point of view about justice. But in the end only one thing really counts …

9.  The Deadly Letter ― The Marshal of the lawless town of Silverton turns up in North Fork leaving a dangerous criminal in Micah's custody. Little does the old man realize that the prisoner knows a deadly secret. Soon not only Mark is in grave danger but also Micah's friendship with Lucas.

10. Deadly Hate ― A stranger comes to North Fork, claiming to be an old friend of Lucas. Micah turns suspicious in an heartbeat. But Mark and Lucas are not even home anyway: they have set out for the big city far away to find out, what the deal is with a mysterious in heritage. And soon Lucas realizes that it was a good idea to take his rifle with him ...

11. The Melody of Death ― A former outlaw arrives in North Fork, trying to build a new life after years in prison. Micah is suspicious of the man's intentions but the stranger seems to be serious about settling down and being an honest citizen. Hamilton and Mark bond with the man but as soon as Lucas hears about him, his old hatred is sparked again, a hatred that seems to be linked to certain feature of the former gunfighter. And soon the melody of death starts playing again on that hot day in North Fork.

12. Who is Ben Hurt? ― Micah learns about two infamous rustlers who are heading for North Fork. They are after Mark to kill him. When Lucas hears about that he is stricken with fear for his beloved son. But Mark has disappeared without a trace. In the meantime a mysterious old man meets those killers in a hidden canyon the Apaches once called “The place where the spirits of the dead dwell." And Death will come to North Fork. Soon Lucas has to face a part of his past, a part his son's life depends on. And above all the worried father has to find an answer to Micah's question: “Who is Ben Hurt?” But will a quick rifle be enough to stand up against the spirits of the dead?

13. The Graveyard of Hope ― During a wild shootout with a gang of ruthless killers in the desert Micah gets hurt and Lucas gets him to a doctor in a God-forsaken town called Hope. The doctor is a friendly man and takes good care of the old lawman. While Micah recovers the man tells Lucas about a hidden treasure in a cave, gold that once was taken from the Union army during the war. First Lucas is suspicious but then he agrees to follow the man to the hideout, unaware that there is a deadly secret and soon the two friends have to rely on each other if they want to avoid ending up on the lonely graveyard of Hope …

14. Deadly Promises ― In the meantime Lucas and Mark get ready to count their cattle when a noble senator from Santa Fe pays them a visit. Father and son take the elegant stranger with them. The politician wants to see a place in the desert called Apache Den. When they arrive there little does Lucas realize that death already awaits them …

15. The Cross on the Hill ― Dan Plummer and Lucas McCain are old comrades in arms: they served together in the Civil War. Only days before Lee surrenders Lucas gets severely wounded and Plummer saves his life. Years later Plummer is an infamous outlaw. When Micah brings him in Lucas wants to speak to his old friend, trying to persuade him to give the money back Plummer stole when he killed his last victim. But the prisoner refuses and Lucas leaves disappointed. During the night Plummer breaks free and Micah gets badly hurt in the process. Lucas gives chase and follows his old friend into the desert, knowing all too well how fast Plummer is with a gun. Soon the old friends face each other at a lonely grave on a hill where the money is hidden …

16. The Love of a Father ― A mysterious man appears in North Fork who seems to know Lucas. Although the stranger is old and sick and doesn't carry a gun, the Rifleman is afraid of him because he knows a secret about his life. Many years ago Lucas handed that man over to the Apaches to save himself in order to see the pregnant Margaret again. The man survived the torture and could escape and now he is back and orders Lucas to tell Mark about that terrible incident.

17. The Ballad of Andrew Warrig ― A band of starving Apaches leaves the reservation after killing two corrupt agents. In the meantime Andrew Warrig a former outlaw comes back to North Fork although Lucas warned him once never to return. In his company is a wealthy man from the East who is on a special mission and who has hired Warrig as a bodyguard and advisor. Lucas is mighty suspicious about the whole matter but Micah knows Warrig better and tends to trust him. In the meantime Mark is in love with Gail, a pretty girl from school. Little do the folks of North Fork realize that the Apaches are closing in and soon Lucas has to protect his son.

18. A Righteous Man ― Micah comes back from a manhunt in the hills and stops at McCain-Ranch with the corpse of the outlaw he was after. But he is not alone: out there he ran into a true Western legend, the famous Pat Garrett who had shot Billy the Kid a couple of years earlier and now the famous lawman is a guest under Lucas´ roof which naturally fills Mark with awe. However they seem to be a hostile tension between Pat and Lucas and soon Garrett claims that the Rifleman used to be one of Billy the Kid's closest friends, an infamous killer who shot a couple of men to help the infamous outlaw to escape. Lucas´ reputation is at stake and there is little Micah can do for him …

19. The White Dog ― A gentleman named Wes Brewer comes to North Fork. He is accompanied by a big white dog called Harriet. Brewer bonds with Lucas and Mark and plans to settle down in the neighborhood. However when Micah meets the stranger, he instantly draws his gun. Brewer was once known as Dave Harkey, a ruthless killer who shot Micah's best friend during a ranch war in Texas. Back then Micah wanted to lynch Harkey but the killer was saved and escaped again. In the nick of time Lucas manages to keep the Marshal from shooting the newcomer on the spot. Harriet also faithfully protects her master who claims that he has changed over the years and has gone straight but Micah cannot believe that. During the next night a couple of shots ring out on the nightly street of North Fork and soon Lucas and Micah are in for a fight but danger comes from an unexpected side...

20. The Long Ride to North Fork - part 1 & part 2 ― When a wounded man arrives in North Fork one night, Micah gets him immediately to Doc Burrage who removes a bullet out of the stranger's shoulder. Micah is however suspicious about the newcomer because he is sure that he knows that injured fella.
In the meantime Lucas and Mark are on their way home from Santa Fe. When they camp at the banks of a river Mark is attacked by a fat and uncouth man who pulls a gun on the boy. Lucas can save his son the nick of time and kills the attacker. According his last words that maniac came from the humble farm owned by a German family called Singer. When Mark and Lucas arrive there to learn more about the nightly attack they realize quickly that Mister Singer is a very sick man but his daughter takes care of him although the derelict farm is a filthy mess, no matter how hard the girl tries to make a living. What's more: all the savings the Singers had were stolen two days ago by a young and unknown outlaw.
Lucas decides to return home as fast as possible and report those unpleasant events to Micah so a warrant can be issued to retrieve the stolen money. Mark feels a great deal of attraction to the young girl who is the sister of the dead attacker. Her brother mistook Mark for that young outlaw and paid the ultimate price for that mistake. But on their way home Lucas faces soon a far greater danger: a young gun who claims to be faster with a Winchester than the man they call the Rifleman…

These stories are based on the TV series The Rifleman
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