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Remembering Wyoming
Discovering the path of the stories in this corner will be an adventure for both author and readers. There are several ideas in "Remembering Wyoming" that might carry over into future stories. Perhaps, for example, each will include a trip that takes Mark and Lucas to a city that was critical to the development of the West in the 1880s. Perhaps one will put Mark in touch with the woman who invented the first automatic dishwasher in the early 1880s. (Imagine his delight!) Perhaps each will continue to tap into Mark's interest in music, exploring how music might have been part of the North Fork community's life. On the other hand, perhaps each will stand on its own. Whatever direction future stories take, readers can be assured that the primary theme will always be the unconditional love between father and son as defined by the creators and writers of the series and so beautifully portrayed by its two co-stars. If you enjoy "Remembering Wyoming," check back soon to discover which path is chosen for the next story.

The Preacher
A deranged preacher makes Mark the target of his vengeance. In the process, Mark suffers an injury with a disconcerting side effect, and both McCain's learn lessons about love.

These stories are based on the TV series The Rifleman
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