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WARNING:  This chapter is a sweet love story about the physical expression of love between a man and his wife on their wedding night.  It is not intended to be taken as anything negative.

The Wedding
A Bring Back Milly Production
by Michelle Palmer

Chapter 17:  The Wedding Night

Milly sighed as Lucas allowed the horses to set their pace in slowly moving down the road.  He shifted in the seat as he wrapped his arm around her and pulled her closer.  “Now, come here, my love.”  Milly lifted her head and put her arms around him.  Lucas kissed her with a passion she hadn’t felt yet.  He forgot about the reins and allowed the horses to continue walking down the road as they kissed.  He leaned into her until her back was against the side of the carriage.  Their kiss deepened.  Lucas moaned as her lips set fire to his.  He allowed his hands to, for the first time, travel down her back.  He rubbed the small of her back as he pressed his chest against hers.  Milly sighed deeply.

The horses suddenly jerked.  Regrettably, Lucas lifted himself from his wife and turned to see the horses had run off the side of the road.  Milly gasped in deep breaths of air.  “Oh my!” She declared.  “Oh my!” as a giggle escaped her lips.

Lucas smiled as she leaned against him and kissed his cheek.  “That was wonderful,” she whispered in his ear.

Lucas chuckled.  “That’s just a hint of what I have in store for you tonight.”

Milly stifled a yawn as she laid against his shoulder.  “Suppose I was to tell you I want to go to sleep when I get home?”

“Huh?” Lucas turned and raised an eyebrow at her in the darkness.  “You should have told me that BEFORE the kiss, my dear.  That was not an ‘I’m sleepy’ kind of kiss!”

They grew quiet as the rode closer to home.  “Everything was so lovely.  Don’t you think?”  Lucas mumbled his response.  “Do you like my dress?” Milly asked.

“I loved your dress!  I wanted to run up to you and kiss you!” Lucas declared.  He turned to her.  “You almost looked too beautiful for public.”

The moon was shining bright that night.  Milly could see the gash on his head.  “I wish you had gotten that taken care of before the wedding, Lucas.  It could get infected!”

“I didn’t want to wear a bandage at my wedding!” Lucas declared.

“So you show up with an open gash, instead,” Milly lifted up and kissed it.  Lucas smiled.  “Tell me, Lucas.”

“Tell you what, Milly?”

“What really happened.”  Lucas stayed silent.  “Lucas?” She turned his face to look at her.  “I…I know both you and Mark weren’t being completely honest with me.  At the time I…well, I allowed it because I didn’t want to ruin the day for anyone.  I know you didn’t want to tell me, but now the wedding’s over and we’re alone.”

“I want this night to be special for you too.  We were married before God and one in Soul.  I now want us to become one in body,” Lucas answered quietly.

“I know that, honey.  And I want that too.  But…” Milly kissed his gash again.  “Please…tell me what happened?”

Lucas sighed.  “Alright, honey.  I was bringing the wagon into town.  I was half-way here when I remembered, of all things, I left the rings on the kitchen table, so I turned the wagon around and rushed the horses as fast as I could.  I turned the buckboard too quickly and my actions broke a wheel and Mark forgot to put the tools in the wagon.  So, I had to walk.  That’s when an outlaw on horseback found me.  He hit me over the head and when I came to, I was in my barn with…”

“Our barn,” Milly corrected him with a smile.

Lucas laughed.  “Our barn…with my mouth gagged and my hands tied.  He thought the wedding was at the ranch and was planning on hurting me worse than killing me.  He was going to take you…” Lucas looked at her and raised his eyebrows.

“Oh Lucas!” Milly gasped.

“When I didn’t show up, Mark and Abraham came looking for me.  Abraham said they trailed me and found where I had been hit.  He found the blood.  That’s when…”

“…Mark came back to town to get Micah and your brothers.”  Milly smiled.  “Well, I should be furious with my son for lying to me, but I’m sort of glad he did.  I wouldn’t have had the reaction from you about my dress if I had run to the ranch.”

“No!  I would have bent you over my knee and given you a spanking for disobeying me, young lady!” Lucas declared.  “Not exactly the romantic story for our wedding night.”

“No, but I’m glad they rescued you.”  Milly laid her head against his shoulder.  “Don’t’ you worry, my husband, I’ll take good care of you tonight.”

Lucas grinned as he pulled into the yard.  Everything was quiet.  He helped Milly down from the surrey.  He stared into her eyes then suddenly pulled her body against him and kissed her as he once again moved his hands down her back.  Milly breathed as he moved his lips down her cheek and onto her neck.  He nuzzled his lips on her neck as Milly sighed contentedly.

“Oh, I love you,” Lucas breathed.

He stepped slightly away from her and put his hands behind her neck.  “I love you.”  He kissed her hard on the mouth, then laid his forehead against hers.  “I have to put up the team and feed the horses.”

Milly nodded.  “I’ll just go on inside and wait for you.”

“Oh no you don’t!” Lucas pointed a finger at her.  “You just sit on the porch, but don’t go any further!”  Milly did as she was told.  She waited for her husband.  Finally, she saw him close the door and slowly walk toward her.  Milly stood and stepped off the porch.  “Now you can have my undivided…” Lucas kissed her neck.  “…attention.”  He kissed the other side of her neck.

Then Lucas picked up his bride and stepped onto the porch.  As he opened the door with his hand, he kissed her again.  Milly squealed as he carried her over the threshold.  Then he set her down.  Milly turned and closed the door while Lucas lit the lantern.  Milly threw her hands to her face when the light revealed her home to her.

First, she walked into the kitchen.  There was a shelf just outside the kitchen to organize all her cooking things and food.  Lucas walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her.  He pulled her against him.  “I figure you’ll need fancier dishes and cooking supplies then us bachelors have been using.”

“Oh, I plan on going to the store Monday morning with a list of supplies I’ll need!” Milly declared as Lucas kissed her neck again.  She walked into the kitchen and smiled at the new stove that sat there.  She ran her hand across the emblem on the front.  “It’s a Majestic!” she declared.  “Oh Lucas!  You can’t afford…”

Lucas hushed her by putting a finger to her lips.  “Don’t ever say those words, Milly!  I’ve been saving up for such an occasion.”

Milly smiled as she walked into the living room.  She ran her hand along the curtains her mother had made.  Then she walked to the chair that sat beside his leather chair.  A table with shelves sat between them.  Her Bible was already on the table.  She smiled as she picked it up and ran her hand across it.  Then she lowered herself in the chair and closed her eyes.

Lucas bent down beside her.  He smiled.  “How do you like it?” he asked. Milly nodded.  “You can do your sewing here.”  Lucas laid his hand on top of hers.  “And in the evenings, you can sit here and read a book or we could talk.”

“I thought we could do some talking on the front porch?” Milly asked.

“When the weather permits, Mark and I would love for you to join us on the porch.”

“Are you so sure Mark would want me to?”

Lucas nodded as he said, “Yes, he told me so last night.”

Milly noticed there were also some new wooden knick knack shelves on the wall.  The table held a vase of flowers and a beautiful lace table cloth.

Milly stood up.  She looked around the room and smiled.  “It looks so homey in here, Lucas.”  Then she turned around.  She kissed him softly.  She touched his forehead.  “I need to take care of you, my love.”

“No.  I’m fine,” Lucas said with a smile as he bent toward her.

Milly put a hand to his lips.  “I don’t want that to get infected!” Milly declared.  She walked over to the table and pulled out a chair.  She snapped her fingers as she pointed.  “Sit!”

“Yes ma’am,” Lucas sighed.  Milly walked into the kitchen and opened the shelf where Lucas kept his medicine box.  She dug through it until she found the things she need.  Then she grabbed a rag and filled a bowl up with water.  Lucas watched her as she sat down in a chair across from him and began her nursing.  She dipped the rag in cool water then put the cloth up to his head and began wiping it.

Lucas flinched.  “Ouch!” he cried.

“Well, if you had taken care of it when you got hurt, you wouldn’t have this problem.”  Milly flinched herself at the look on her husband’s face.  “I’m trying to be as gentle as I can, Lucas.”  She wiped at it some more.  “The blood’s dried.  I have to get it off.”

After she cleaned his gash, she pressed her lips to it.  Then she put some medicine on it.  “I need to cover it, Lucas, so we can keep the dirt out.”

“No!” Lucas gently grabbed her hand.  “I’m not going to make love to you for the first time with a bandage around my head!”

“Oh Lucas!” Milly rolled her eyes as she again blushed.

“And we’ve got to do something about that blushing.” Lucas teased as Milly picked up the medicine bottle and started to stand, but Lucas took the things from her hand and sat them down on the table.  He pulled her onto his lap and pulled her body against his as he kissed her on the lips.

When they finally parted, Milly felt breathless.  “Are you ready to retire to our bedroom?” Lucas asked.

Milly stood up and took a hesitant step forward.  Lucas blew out the lantern on the front room table, then turned, and again picked his wife up in his arms.  In the darkened room, Lucas made his way across the room and opened the door to their bedroom.  Once inside, he kicked it shut with his foot.  He held her in his arms as he pressed his lips to hers.  His kiss was deep.  She tightened her arms around his neck and returned his kiss.  The kiss grew deeper and deeper.  He slowly released her, allowing her to stand.

“This is our room?” Milly whispered passionately.

Lucas walked to the lantern and lit it, but kept the wick turned low.  The light bathed the room in a soft glow as it filled the room.  He walked across the room .  “Yes.  This is our room.”

Milly threw her hands to her mouth and gasped.  “Lucas!”  She turned around and around as she took in their new bedroom designed by her husband.  “Lucas, it’s…it’s…” Her eyes again filled with tears.  “It’s so…beautiful!”

“Yes, as befitting my wife,” Lucas smiled down at her.

Milly walked to the bed and ran her head over the wooden headboard.  “M & L Mc” was carved on it.  The headboard had designs of flowers carved in it.  “Oh, it’s so elegant!” Milly gasped.  She ran a hand over the spread that lay on the bed.  It was made from various materials.  “The quilt…”

“Lou and some other women made it for you in the afternoons.  They also made the curtains for the room.”  Lucas pointed toward the window.

Milly’s eyes widened.  Her hands flew to her mouth as she walked around the bed and hurried to the far wall.  “Lucas!”  She turned and stared at him.  “Lucas, glass doors?  This must have cost you a…”

Lucas walked up to her as she spoke.  He pressed a finger to her lips.  “Nothing is too much for you, Mil.”  He opened the doors and allowed her to step out onto her own private porch.  “You can’t see them now, but there are roses planted all around here.  Your son planted them there as a wedding gift to you.”  Lucas stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her.  “When you wake up in the morning, you can see the sun rising over that mountain.  You can sit here and watch our children play.  We can lay in bed and watch the stars twinkle in the sky.”  Lucas kissed her neck as he stood behind her.

Milly closed her eyes and lifted her head back as she enjoyed his lips on her skin.  He lifted a hand to her hair and began taking the pins from it.  Then he led her back inside and closed the doors.  Milly walked across the room and opened a door.  Inside was a large closet.  There were already dresses hanging in there – some Lou had brought out earlier in the week.  Then she turned and saw the dressing table with a mirror.  She walked over and picked up the new comb and brush sitting there.  She sat down at the chair and looked at Lucas through the mirror as he stood behind her.  Then she took the rest of the pins from her hair and let it fall over her shoulders.

Milly stood from the table then moved across the room.  She smiled as she ran her hand over the desk.  A lantern sat on top of it.  In the drawers were paper and ink.  “It’s for you to sit at and grade papers.”  Milly smiled as she stood.  “So, do you approve of your home, Mrs. McCain?”

“I’d approve even if it were a dirt-floor hut.  I married a man, not the house,” Milly answered.

“Now, can you give me your undivided attention?”

“Oh…” Milly wrapped her arms around his neck.  “Have I been neglecting you?” She teased him with a quick kiss when Lucas nodded.  “I wish you would make up your mind.  Just a few minutes ago you were complaining about the attention I was giving you.  And now…  Well, you should have let me see my home before tonight if you feel that way!” Milly declared with a sweet smile on her face.

She knew the moment had arrived.  Lucas had been patient, allowing her to take in all her treasures.  But now…now was the moment for her to give her final wedding gift to her husband.

Lucas saw her face change.  She was suddenly nervous.  He smiled down at her as he wrapped his arms around her.  They shared a soft, gentle kiss that lasted several moments.  Then their lips parted and they stared knowingly into each other’s eyes.  She lifted her hands and pressed her palms against his as they kissed again.  The kiss intensified.  Then their fingers intertwined.  Lucas felt her tremble.  “You nervous?” he whispered in her ear.  Milly nodded.

Milly stared into his eyes.  He saw her desire.  Lucas kissed her hard.  He moved his hand to dim the light.  “No,” she whispered against his lips.  “Please…leave it on.”

Lucas turned her around so her back was to him.  He again pressed his lips to her neck and kissed her softly.  She sighed as she leaned her neck back.  He moved his hands to her dress and began unfastening the clasps.

“I take it that this pin is a message from your mother?” Lucas quietly whispered in Milly’s ear.

“My mother?”

“Milly, even without the pin as a reminder, this is as new to me as it is to you, because it’s OUR first time.”

He took the pin out of the top and continued unfastening her dress.  He kissed the skin on her back as he continued making his way down.  Then he opened the dress and touched her bare back.  She turned around and pressed her hands to his cheeks.  She kissed him softly as Lucas caressed his hands up and down her bare back.  She moaned as their kisses intensified and her breathing became heavier.

Milly moved her hands down to his shirt.  Lucas moaned again as her hands slowly and tenderly unbuttoned his shirt.  Her dress still hung loosely over her own shoulders.  She lifted the shirt from his pants and finished her task.  Then she moved her lips from his.

Milly slowly slid her husband’s shirt off.  She studied his bare chest in the light.  Then she softly laid her hands on his belly as she watched his muscles flex at the sensation her hands caused.  Another moan escaped her husband’s lips.  She slowly moved her hands up his chest, enjoying the feel of his skin on her hands.  Lucas shivered at the feeling her bare hands caused.  Her lips kissed his neck and trailed down onto his shoulder.

Then Lucas lifted his hands toward her.  She lifted her head and he looked her in the eye as he laid his hands on her shoulder and lifted on the dress.  Milly nodded ever so slightly, giving him permission.  Lucas slipped the dress off of her arms and allowed it to fall to the floor.  As Milly slipped out of her underthings,  he stepped back to look at the beauty that was revealed to him.  His eyes slowly lifted back up to her face.  He smiled as he lifted a hand to her bare skin.

Lucas suddenly pressed his lips to hers and kissed her hard, passion raced through him as Milly pressed her body against him.  He drew his hands around her, caressing her back once again.  Slowly, he moved his hands down her back until Milly shivered at his touch.

Lucas moved her toward the bed as their kisses deepened.  Milly moaned, softly this time as he gently lowered her to the bed.  Then, he sat on the side of the bed as Milly slipped under the covers and stared up at him and watched as he finished undressing himself.  Milly blushed and slightly averted her eyes  as the light revealed her husband to her.  Yet, she smiled at the handsome, strong, rugged body he possessed.

Lucas bent over her and touched her softly as he slowly crawled under the covers.  He laid himself next to her as they pressed their bodies against each other.  They kissed as passion raced through them.  Gently, they caressed each other as they enjoyed the feel of their bodies against each other.  The sensation of another’s hands on their bare skin.  After a long time passed, Lucas continued caressing her as he lifted his head and smiled into her eyes.  “Oh, I love you, Milly McCain!”

“And I love you, Lucas,” Milly whispered breathlessly as her desire for him deepened.  Their caresses continued well into the wee hours of the morning. Lucas sensed when Milly was ready to give herself to him, totally and completely.  They made love with a fiery passion that came deep inside as they became one in mind, heart, and body.

In time, they laid in bed, their arms around each other.  After one more look into each other’s eyes, they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The Wedding — The Morning After

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