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The Wedding
A Bring Milly Back Production
By Michelle Palmer

Chapter 12: Lucas’s Surprise

Lucas shook his head as Mark galloped into the yard.  He turned back to the wagon wheel he was trying to get fixed.  “You’re late, Mark.  Where have you been?”

Mark jumped off his horse and ran over to the wagon.  He didn’t answer his father’s question.  “Pa, you best come to town!” Mark hollered.

“Some kind of trouble, son?” Lucas grunted as he continued working on the wagon.

“I’d say!”  Mark pushed his hat back on his head.  “Milly’s in a tizzy!  She is madder than a wet hen!  She said you best get into town if you know what’s good for you!”

Lucas groaned as he wiped the sweat from his back and put his shirt on.  “Did she say what it’s all about?”

“No sir, but she sure is mad!  She wants us both there on the double!” Mark declared.

“Alright.”  Lucas started toward the barn to saddle his horse.

“Uh…P…Pa?” Lucas turned.  “Don’t you think you should clean up first?”

“You just said Milly said we best get there on the double, son.  When Milly says on the double, that means don’t stop to clean up.” Lucas declared.

“Yeah but…”  Mark scratched his head.  “Maybe you should wash up just a bit first.”

Lucas shook his head as he saddled his horse.  “I’m anxious to see what sort of trouble I’m in now.”  He quickly saddled his horse and mounted.  “Let’s go, son.”

Father and son rode quickly into town.  Lucas noticed all the horses and wagons parked outside the hotel.  “Don’t tell me everybody got the date wrong for the wedding too!”  Lucas stepped up to the hotel, afraid of what he would find inside.  “Why’s it so dark in here, son?”  Mark shrugged.  Lucas opened the door to walk in.

“SURPRISE!”  Lucas stepped back in shock at the shout.  Lamps were lit then as he was suddenly surrounded by people.  Milly hugged and kissed him.  Then she took his hand.

“Honey, what’s going on?” Lucas asked, still in shock as he tried to figure out what this was all about.

“Lucas, this is my wedding gift to you.”  She led Lucas into the kitchen.

Lucas froze as he watched four men turn around. He stood in the doorway speechless.  He could not believe who was standing in front of him!  Lucas looked from one man to the other.  His eyes filled with tears as he hurried forward and embraced his eldest brother.  “Abraham!”  Lucas cried. “Oh brother!”

Lucas moved on to his next brother, Jeremiah.  They embraced as they shed tears.  Then Lucas embraced Peter.  “I can’t believe you three are here!  Are your families here?”

“No, I’m sorry Lucas.  We were the only ones in the McCain clan who could come.  Trains are expensive and…well, you know how it is.  If it wasn’t for your fiancé wiring us to let us know about the wedding, we wouldn’t even be here!” Abraham declared as he shook a disappointed finger at his brother.

Lucas wiped his tears.  “I’m sorry…I sent you a letter.  I just never knew you’d be able to come!”  They all embraced each other.  The four brothers stood together in a tight circle as they shed tears over the reunion.  “How are Emily and Laura?” Lucas finally asked about their two sisters once they regained control of their emotions.

“They so wanted to come, Lucas,” Jeremiah answered.  “But they are both pregnant and just couldn’t make it.  They sent their love though.”

Lucas turned to the fourth man.  He smiled as he punched him playfully on the cheek.  “I still have a good punch.  Will I be needing to show you this time around?”

“No, Lucas.  I’m not wanted this time,” Johnny Gibbs answered.  He held out his arm.  A woman came to stand in his embrace.  “I want you to meet my wife, Stephanie.”

“You’re married?”  Lucas reached out his hand.  “Welcome to the family!” He kissed her on the cheek.

“That’s a wonderful lady you’re marrying there, Lucas,” Abraham declared as he nodded his approval.

Lucas turned and held out his arm for Milly.  “She IS wonderful!” he declared as he kissed her softly on the lips.  Milly blushed.  “You have had a chance to talk to her?”

Abraham nodded.  “We spent a great deal of time together last night and today.”  Abraham reached out and patted Lucas on the shoulder.  “I’m so proud of you, little brother.  I’m glad you’re getting remarried.  Margaret would approve.”  Abraham turned to Johnny.  “Wouldn’t she?”

Johnny stepped forward and took Milly’s hand.  “Yes.  My sister would LOVE you.”

Milly’s eyes filled up with tears.  Getting the approval of Margaret’s brother meant a great deal to her.  She felt like she was finally accepted into the family.  She wiped the tears from her cheek and turned to Lucas.  “You have some other guests to meet.”

“Some more guests?” Lucas asked.

Milly smiled and nodded.  “You have a lot of friends, Lucas.  Lucas nodded.  Milly and Mark had indeed been busy!  He’d have to thank Mark.  Then later when they were alone, he’d have to thank Milly.

 He was still in shock at seeing his brothers.  He hadn’t seen them since he left Oklahoma and that was a long time ago.  He turned back and looked at his brothers once more.  “It’s so good to have you here.”  Then they shared one more circled embrace before Lucas walked out.

Lucas’s head was spinning.  It seemed Milly and Mark had indeed been busy.  Among the many out-of-town guests that evening were:

Lariat Jones
Sam Buckhart, U.S. Deputy Marshal and family
Tom Benton, U.S. Marshal
Vernon and Nancy Tippart and children
Billy and Lucy Mathis
Ann and Lakota Taylor and children
Speed and Swifty Sullivan
Sally Walker

The celebration went long into the night.  Lucas mentioned that Mark needed to get home and go to bed since he had school the next day, but Milly informed him that as his future mother, she’d taken certain liberties to dismiss him from school for Thursday and Friday.  Lucas raised an eyebrow, but quickly lowered it after Milly raised one of her own.

Finally, the guests began drifting off as the night grew later.  The men agreed to get together early in the morning at the McCain Ranch where they would catch up on what was going on.  The women agreed that their services would be needed in town to help the frazzled Lou Mallory get the hotel ready for the wedding, then to remind Milly to take deep cleansing breaths as her big day approached.

Milly was exhausted, but very happy to see the joy in Lucas’s eyes.  She knew all the weeks of planning were well worth it in the end.  As she saw some of the guests to their rooms, she was suddenly swept away and dragged outside.  Lucas took her hand and dragged her behind the hotel where they could have some privacy.  Then he took her in his arms and kissed her passionately.  Milly lost herself in his embrace as they once again shared a kiss that reminded them of their love for each other.

After Lucas forced his lips to part from Milly’s, he held her tightly in her arms and smiled into her dancing eyes.  “That was a thank you for what you did.  Milly, seeing my brothers again has been…I can’t describe it!  I haven’t seen them since I left Oklahoma.  You really surprised me.”

“That was the intention, my love,” Milly said.  “Tomorrow is your last day of freedom.  Are you going to miss it?”

“Not one single bit!” Lucas declared with a shake of his head.  “Oh Milly, I love you,” he breathed as he again pressed his lips to hers and kissed her.

“Milly?  Milly Scott?”  Lou called.

“Uh oh…I’m gonna get…” Lucas started.

“Lucas McCain!” Lou planted her fists on her hips.  “Two days then you can have her all you want!  Until then, mind your manners!”  Lou grabbed Milly’s hand and started dragging her inside.  “Lucas, you go home!  Mark’s fast asleep inside on the couch!  Ye should have had him in bed hours ago!”

“Goodnight, my love,” Milly said as she blew him a kiss.  Lucas grinned as Lou whisked her inside and firmly closed the door.

The Wedding — Final Preparations

This is a story based on the TV series The Rifleman
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