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Thanksgiving in North Fork
Written by Zanza

Thanksgiving was coming and Luke was despondent. Troubles had fallen on him and on Mark.
Their seed bull was snake-bit, their roof it was leaking, money was tight and things looked very dark.
Mark sat at the table and said, "I've been thinking maybe we should skip Thanksgiving this year.
I don't feel too thankful with all that has happened," and he couldn't help shedding a single tear.
Luke, he felt the same way but he didn't say it. He knew that he had to try and cheer Mark up.
He made himself smile and thought for a while and said, "We just need to remember our cup."
"What cup would that be, Pa?" His boy looked so puzzled. Luke said, "The one that we see overflow
With all of God's mercies He pours out upon us, with all of the blessings that you and I know."
Just then came a shout of "Hello the house!" Mark and Luke went to the door and they saw
Oat Jackford and men with a wagon of lumber. "What do you think he is doing here, Pa?"
Jackford, he said, "I heard your roof was leaking. I figure since my boys helped build you this house,
They ought to help fix it. Just set them to working and keep them as long as you need thereabouts."
Jackford drove off and Doc Burrage rode in. "Lucas, I'm here to check up on your bull."
They went to the barn and the bull was much better and Luke said, "That makes me feel very thankful."
Now Thanksgiving day dawned with blue skies and sunshine. Luke had a very small hen for their meal,
And Mark had found honey for biscuits and cornbread and they thought that would be a pretty good deal.
Then Hattie came calling with Micah and Milly. Miss Bertie came too with Duke Jennings in tow,
Each one with a special dish just for the sharing, each one with the light of true friendship's pure glow.
Lariat showed up to do all his card tricks, Johnny Gibbs rode in to show off his horse,
And more and more came till the dinner move outside to eat in the field and then of course
The kids started playing, the grownups sat jawing, until Mark came running up to his pa,
Announcing to everyone with a big smile, "Best Thanksgiving ever and thanks to you all!"

This is a story based on the TV series The Rifleman
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