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These stories are based on the TV series The Rifleman

1. Saving the Girl - part 1 Mark finds himself in deep trouble as he tries to rescue a kidnapped girl only to get captured himself.  And Lucas can't do anything about it because he's away---far away in Old Mexico with Micah and the kidnappers' father..... How will Mark get out of this one without the help of his Pa?

2. Saving the Girl - part 2Mark and Kylie are rescued! The Rifleman and his son are reunited but something happens to Kylie: She gets poison ivy!

3. Sugar & Salt ―  Itís the Pie Contest in North Fork and some close people think Mark ruined Millie's pie.

4. Forgiveness ― Mrs. Toomey and Millie are acting really mean to each other after Mrs. Toomey ruined Millie's cherry pie. Mark has to be brave, and forgive. Will he have the strength for what Millie said?

5. The Unwanted Return - part 1 ― Did Miguel really die in the episode, "Vaqueros"? What really happened is yet to be told....

6. The Unwanted Return - part 2 ― Maria is terrified when she finds herself in trouble with Lucas McCain's young son, and in the clutches of Miguel, the once "patron" of the small Old Mexico village that she and her grandfather lived. Will Maria be brave enough to save herself and Mark?

7. Don't You Worry About Me ― "Hold on, Son." Lucas begged. "I'm trying, Pa. I am." Mark replied as he turned to Ma. "Why aren't you coming with me, Ma?" "Don't you worry about me, Mark."

8. The Reporter ― An investigative reporter, Michelle Graceland, comes to North Fork and stirs up trouble with the McCains. Dedicated to Morgan.

9. Mark and Freddie's Adventure - Part One ― Mark and Freddie are celebrating their sixteenth birthdays but they get to have their biggest adventure together! Remember Artak and Chaqua from "The Raid"? Their back!

10. Mark and Freddie's Adventure - Part Two ― Mark reunites with Freddie along with a familiar friend from a long time ago... in a galaxy far far away... (just kidding).

11. The Shack Susan and her two siblings need help... Will Lucas and Micah reach them in time?

12. Not Again ― Only a few short months after Lucasís trip to Wyoming, he again must leave his son without telling Mark where he is going.

13. Fire ― The alternate ending of episode, "Smokescreen"

14. My Family ― Tragedy strikes North Fork and changes Mark's life forever.

15. Flames of FireNothing can ever destroy the love of a family, not even fire.

16. Promises "Pa, I promised her!" "She's an Indian, Mark!" "But I promised!"

17. Something New ― Will the pain and hurt ever go away for the McCains?

Royal Springs

This is a continuing Saga of The Rifleman..... Royal Springs is a spinoff of The Rifleman after "The Shack"

1. Broken Trust ― Susan and her siblings are adopted but it involves them with family problems too.

2. Remember the Kendrick Gang? ― This is the first appearance in the Royal Springs town.


Vanessa's Ultimately Crazy Stories - Fan-fiction of whatever

1. The Tale
In 2020, a mother tells a boy a crazy tale before bed.... (VERY SHORT!!!)

2. I  Am Your Brother ― This time Carlson's dad tells him a bedtime story.


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