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If you want to read some really good Rifleman stories..... you have come to the right place. 

These stories are great and in length.  They are written by fans of The Rifleman.

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The McCain Ranch could be here!

Your Corner on
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Here is a list of other great stories here on the ranch.....

The Rifleman: The Early Years by Andrew Valentino
Margaret was a 22 year old rugged, yet soft woman who, a few months ago, lost her home. Her father, Samuel Gibbs owned a small little place just north of Enid. When Margaret's mother died in a wagon accident, Sam blamed himself. He'd had a bit too much to drink that night and didn't see the open gully alongside the road.

Sidewinder — The alternate ending by rooster davis
What really turned Grid from his revenge? Find out here!

The Outlaw's Widow & Lost —written by Praire-Schooner aka The Rifleman

His Father's Son 1 by anonymous
His Father's Son 2 by anonymous
Mark is growing up and must make decisions about his future. In the midst of this, a notorious gang of outlaws is terrorizing ranches near Northfork and Lucas must go after them. When he doesn't return, Mark sets out after his Pa and and puts his own life in mortal danger. When Lucas returns and discovers where his son has gone he vows to bring him home safely or else...
Be sure & read the prequel — A New Day written by Deanne Bertram

North Fork Bound by Matthew

Someone Who Cares by HeatherF
A simple ride home becomes something completely unexpected, when Mark is (yet again) taken by outlaws.
*Be sure & check out Heather's sketches from the Mark/Pa scene at the end.

Making Room 1Making Room 2Making Room 3 ~anonymous 
Mark nodded again and then spoke. “I appreciate that, Pa.  I still have a lot to learn and I still need my teacher.  He’s the best man I know, remember?”
Lucas put his arm around his son’s shoulders.  “I remember…and I still need my son.” Lucas smiled. “He’s the best man I know, too.”

Mission by Markisddg aka Jan
"When a beguiling woman from the east arrives in North Fork on a mission Mark is there to help only to find himself in a life and death situation. Has he fallen in love with her or is it just pity?"

Murder Attempt at Midnight — Abby's story
The show lasted for only five seasons in reality, but in my imagination, it has lasted ten, with the first five as they were, and the last five written so Lucas remarries and Mark has a mother, and soon a young girl comes to town, who is adopted by the McCain's.

No Greater Love — Abby's story

Tom's story
about Lucas McCain..... before the rifle..... before Margaret..... before Mark.... before North Fork!

Another Man's Life — a Rifleman story..... by Karen Emerson

Rifleman Biographies compiled by C.A. Jeffords—Short bio's on Lucas & Mark before North Fork. Also there is a short bio on Micah.

Running by Alexi
I was running from someone or something I didn’t know which, and then it happened.....

Through Mark's Eyes
This is a story dedicated to Cowgirl from Matthew — Thank you Matthew!
b. A Day of Thinking Written by: Matthew—Dedicated to: ALL the members of The McCain Ranch Message board and also the Connors family! Matthew's Pages Matthew & Grandpa too!

Tip's Redemption by TooYoungForRifleman
This story is based on the episode Two Ounces of Tin. In this episode, Tip Corey dies, after forcing Lucas' hand. In my alternate ending, something happens just before shots are fired, to change the course of events.

Life and Legend of Lucas McCain by djack
It was a Sunday night when Lucas was 18. He was going to go fight in the Civil War.

Wagon Trail by Matthew
“What you doin here boy?!” is what I heard as I jumped to my feet. There was an old crippled man standing next to me using a tree branch as a cane.

St. Patrick's Day Stories

1. Mark's St. Patty's Day Story by Ol' Lucas Boy
Mark made his way along the path still taking notice of the almost eerie quiet, his eyes scanning for predators. Rounding a small bend in the path Mark's ears perked up as he thought he heard of all things, a little music cutting through the cold still air.

2. Believing in Luck..... A Lesson from The Leprechaun by Michelle Palmer
Mark looked & looked for a four leaf clover. What is it so important for Mark to find one?

Halloween Stories

1.  The Midnight Sky by Donna Hume (Halloween Story)
Mark sees a witch out his window one night and his father doesn’t believe him. Mark and friend set out to prove he is not lying and get themselves into a dangerous situation. Does Lucas know where to find him? Can he find Mark in time?

2.  The Old Indian Brave by Ol' Lucas Boy
Why would the old Brave specify for Lucas to hang the weapon over the doorway to his and Marks bedroom?

3. Mark's Halloween Ordeal by Ol' Lucas Boy
Mark takes his special girl to the dance only to have the evening end in an ordeal of of terror.

4. The Ghost in the Graveyard by Michelle Palmer & Assisted by Deanne Bertram
A ghost in the graveyard at midnight got Mark in trouble.  But even after all the trouble, he and his five friends were determined to solve the mystery of the story behind the ghost and why she was there.

5. The VampireMark and Freddie keep tabs on a suspected vampire in North Fork.


Thanksgiving Stories

1. The Thanksgiving Day Story by Pete 2007
Does Lucas & Mark know the real meaning of Thanksgiving?

2. The Thanksgiving Story by Ol' Lucas
As the riders rode closer Mark noticed the figure of a man draped over the back of Jess Profit's horse….it was Lucas!

3. One Fine Day - My Thanksgiving Story by Michelle Palmer
The McCain Family plans on a big Thanksgiving Celebration one year, but there is a surprise guest who wasn't invited!

4. A McCain-Style Thanksgiving by Michelle Palmer - Mark’s Memory Production
"An unexpected storm strands Lucas, Mark, and a guest at the McCain Ranch Thanksgiving week."

5. Thanksgiving in North Fork ― A Thanksgiving Poem.

6. A Meek and Thankful Heart ―  Luke is bitten by a rabid dog.

Christmas Stories

1. A Christmas Story by Abby

2. The Christmas Story: by Ol' Lucas Boy

3. Grid's Christmas by rooster davis

4. The Christmas He Never Forgot by Michelle Palmer

5. New Year's in North Fork by Michelle Palmer

6. The Star by Michelle Palmer
Three days before Christmas, the McCain's meet a family that will change the hearts and lives of everyone in North Fork and help them discover once again what the true meaning of Christmas is.

7. 'Twas the Night Before Christmas in North Fork by Zanza

8. I'll Be Home for Christmas ― by Morgan


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These stories are based on the TV series The Rifleman

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