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McCain Will Stay Single
This is just a snippet from the 1960 TV Guide interview with Chuck Connors

McCain Will Stay Single
Because the series is "so basic" in format, Rifleman followers this season are getting only the changes encourage by time: more stories about adolescence, since Johnny Crawford is now 15; more romance between McCain and Storekeeper Milly Scott (Joan Taylor)―but no marriage unless viewers (now 80 percent against that development, according to Connors) reverse their fan-mail sentiments. (As regional promotion, local TV personalities also are being imported to Four Star this season to play minor roles on The Rifleman, after which they go back home and plug the episode in which they appear. Chuck himself suggested the gimmick.) The trick rifle also has been brought onto the screen more often this season―whether it has to do with the story or not.

"We got away from the gun last season," says Connors. "and viewers complained. Kids especially like to see that Winchester work."

Now we know why romance has never really blossomed much between Lucas & Milly and later Lou.  It was the fans who stop this, 80 percent of them.

Joan Taylor Brings Romantic Interest to The Rifleman Series
by Pat Morrison — The Modesto Bee, Sunday December 25, 1960

Movie Collector’s World ― 20 Million Miles of Memories by Paula Parla ― An interview with Joan Taylor (10/17/97)

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