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Tragedy Among the Stars

Years ago when I was doing the piddlin' stuff..... for the episode guide list I couldn't help but notice some of the tragedy some of these stars endured in life and in their death. We sometimes see these stars as having such a glamorous life, but in fact other then material things, their life is much like ours. 
I hope you enjoy this section, it was created with the highest regards to these great actors/actress.
Gone but not forgotten!

Victor Sen Yung
The Queue as Wang Chi

Victor Sen Yung - Tragedy Amon gthe Stars

Birth Name: Sen Yew Cheung
He was born on 18 October 1915, San Francisco, California
He died November 1, 1980 (65), North Hollywood, California of accidental asphyxiation by an apartment gas leak.

May you rest in peace Victor Sen Yung Find A Grave

Tragedy Among the Co-Stars

"What five stars from Bonanza appeared on The Rifleman?"
Two of them appeared you who they are?

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