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Tragedy Among the Stars

Years ago when I was doing the piddlin' stuff..... for the episode guide list I couldn't help but notice some of the tragedy some of these stars endured in life and in their death. We sometimes see these stars as having such a glamorous life, but in fact other then material things, their life is much like ours. 
I hope you enjoy this section, it was created with the highest regards to these great actors/actress.
Gone but not forgotten!

Grant Richards
The Apprentice Sheriff as Reed Barns
Tinhorn as John Keeler
Gunfire as Dave Chester

Grant Richards - TragedyAmong the Stars

Grant Richards was born December 21, 1911 in New York City, New York.

He died July 4, 1963 (51) in a Los Angeles, California in a car accident.

May you rest in peace Grant Richards Find A Grave

Tragedy Among the Co-Stars

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