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On the set of Tension
Episode #45

Hollywood, July 15--Another "Rifleman is Offing"--Jeff Connors, seven year old son of Chuck Connors, star of television's The Rifleman, makes like a cowboy on his dad's shoulders today after getting a state work permit allowing him to make his acting debut. He's got a two-line part in a coming episode which he been rehearsing with his dad for the past month. The job will pay him about $300/  (AP Wirephoto) 1959

Toby Halpern was played by Jeff Connors, son of Chuck Connors

Chuck Connors, star of ABC - TV's The Rifleman makes a last minute check on the costume of his real-life son Jeffrey (age seven), Who makes his acting debut as young Toby Halpern in Tension.

Tension on the set

Tension episodes #45

The Schoolmaster episode #86

First Wages episode #112

Chuck's boys on the set

This was taken on the set of The Deadeyed Kid in 1959

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