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Table of Contents

The Rifleman Episode Guide List.....  all 168 episodes in detail w/pictures.  Come along with Lucas & Mark and to The McCain Ranch/North Fork and share their stories, their love, their wisdom and yes their trials and tribulations. The Rifleman on DVD's Buyer Beware - The Rifleman DVD's. 
Be sure and get your official copies of The Rifleman on DVD at the official website of The Rifleman.
Mark's Memories  ―These are Mark's Story's about all 168 episodes. You have heard Lucas' Story's now hear Mark's written by Michelle Palmer.  You won't want to miss these stories, they are great! Branded ― This TV Western is set in the 1880's. Travel along with Jason McCord, the only survivor of the Bitter Creek Massacre.
He court-martial and stripped of his rank. Come along with Jason as he travels the country trying to prove he's not a coward.
Character Actors Pages Index ―Who appeared in more episodes on The Rifleman then anybody else?

One Timers Only― Whether they have appeared one time only or 168 times, they are just as important as the main characters and/or anyone else involved in The Rifleman.

This is what I call The McCain Ranch Bloopers pages . . . . . Chit Chat on bloopers and things worth mentioning! There are oodles of blooper pages! Believe it or not, The Rifleman did have its share of Bloopers! Please feel free to send anything you might find interesting. I'll see if I can capture it and add it to this section. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for participating in this — Keep 'em comin' . . . . . The Rifleman Casualty list ― "There was a lot of violence on The Rifleman. We once figured out that I killed on the average of two and a half people per show. That's a lot of violence," Chuck recalled with conviction.
Thanks Donna Hume for this great page!
Blacksmith There were seven different actors who played Nils or Niles or was it Nels? Was it Swenson/Swensen or was it Svenson? Doc Burrage ― The Doc was a regular character on the show. How many different actors played Doc Burrage? Can you name them?
Does anyone have any idea what regiment Lucas was really in during the war? One thing for sure Lucas was a Lieutenant. . . . Indiana Regiments. Thanks to Renewed Fan this great page! Ladies of the Night ―These ladies were not quite as colorful as most of the Ladies of the Night, but I felt they deserved recognition.
The Rifleman.....starring Chuck Connors..... Do you know who the announcer was in the beginning of The Rifleman episodes? Could Dick Wesson, announcer of the syndicated intros and announcer for Walt Disney Presents..... be the guy we have been looking for?

Laurel Records is proud to announce that the Music / Themes from The Rifleman is now available on CD.

Songs of The Rifleman & more.....

The Rifleman Trivia ― 168 episodes of Trivia — Table of Contents. How much do you think you know about The Rifleman? ――――――――――――――

The Rifle SectionHow many times did The Rifleman shoot in the opening scene of the show? Please click on the rifle to find out the answer! These links pertain to stories or information about The Rifleman's rifle. These links pertain to stories/information about The Rifleman's rifle.

Chuck and Arnold Palmer were good friends, so it was not surprising when Chuck gave Arnold Palmer a rifle from the TV Series The Rifleman - See where one of the original rifle is today. Do you know how many rifles there were? Was it 2 or 3 or more original rifles?

The Hall of Fame ―Charitable Invitational  — Golf Tournaments Chuck and Arnold Palmer were good friends, so it was not surprising when Chuck gave Arnold Palmer a rifle from the TV Series The Rifleman - See where one of the original rifle is today. Do you know how many rifles there were?  Was it 2 or 3 or more original rifles?


Locations where The Rifleman was filmed

Malibu Creek State Park ―Trail to The McCain Ranch/Map

The McCain Ranch ― Gone But Not Forgotten ―"1958 vs. 2006" — "Time Can Stand Still". 20th Century Fox Movie Ranch — Before the land for Malibu Creek State Park was acquired in 1974, it was divided into three parcels belonging to Bob Hope, Ronald Reagan, and 20th Century Fox. Although the park is still used for moviemaking, it’s primarily a haven for day hikers and picnickers. Thanks Steve G.!

Gone But Not ForgottenThe Rifleman filming locations

How far did you say it was to the McCain Ranch/North Fork?

First Wages episode #112 - 1961 ― If you look between the trees you can see a gate. This is the Lower Iverson's Ranch East Gate. For a map at of this area go to the Iverson Movie Ranch. They also have a page on Branded from the episode The Vindicator, and many, many more TV & Movie Sets.  Really great stuff here! 



Table of Content to Everything ― Chuck Connors

Table of Content to Everything ― Johnny Crawford

Paul Fix aka Marshal Micah Torrance

Harlan Warde aka John Hamilton President of the North Fork Bank

John Harmon aka Eddie Halstead Owner of The Madera House

Bill Quinn as Sweeney Bartender Last Chance Saloon aka North Fork Saloon

Hope Summers aka Hattie Denton Owner of The General store

Joan Taylor aka Millie Scott Owner of the General Store after Hattie left [1960-62]

Patricia Blair aka Lou Mallory Owner of the General Store, Madera House, a farm and several parcels of land [1962-63]

Arnold Laven ― "The Producer..... 'My Friend'!"The Producer's Corner by Arnold Laven ― Slaughter on Tenth Avenue

Herschel Burke-GilbertHerschel Burke-Gilbert — YouTube ― Lyrics The Rifleman



on the set of The Rifleman.....

Some of the famous ballplayers who visited the set in those days included future Hall of Famers Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, Duke Snider, and Stan Musial.  Other Celebrities to drop in on Connors were Gene Autry, director William Wyler, Maurice Chevalier, Dodge president Walter O'Malley, Charlton Heston and his son Fraser and Oscar Farley.

Chuck and family on the set of The Rifleman ― Sometimes Chuck's family would visit him on the set.  His sons, Michael, Steven, Jeff & Kevin did appear in some of the episodes.

Tension on the set ― Kids on the set of The Rifleman

The Retired GunDuke Snider

The Schoolmaster ― Bring your Kids to Work Day

First Wages ― Do you know who the kids are in this episode?

SkullDon Drysdale / George Willeford

Walter O'Malley - Branded — The Bar Sinister



The North Fork Church.....

We all know that Lucas read and quoted from the Bible many of times throughout the episodes. Here are six Parables that will give you insight to these episodes — The Sheridan Story — The Horse Traders — The Deserter — Trial of Hate — The Clarence Bibs Story — The Queue

The Book of Job ― The story of Job, was one of Sam Peckinpah's favorite passages from the Bible, which he often recited to his children in times of crisis. The one In Home Ranch was the Wild West version.

Tragedy Among the Co-Stars ― Years ago when I was doing the piddlin' stuff..... for The Episode Guide List,
I couldn't help but notice some of the tragedy some of these stars endured. We sometimes see these stars as having such a glamorous life, but in fact other then material things, their life is much like ours. I hope you enjoy this section, it was created with the highest regards to these great actors/actress. Gone but not forgotten!



North Fork Archive

On the Rodeo Trail with the cast of The Rifleman ― Really great pictures from a rodeo around 1960's. It sure looked like a lot of fun!

"The Star Stands In"  from Heller ― This is an article from Look Magazine June 21, 1960.

Pardon our dust..... The Ordeal ― Here is a great article about The Rifleman — October 1959 TV Guide.

The Schoolmaster - Children's Playmate Magazine ―February 1961

Holt Coyle Welcomes you to The Skull Ranch ―Don Drysdale & George Willeford

Perils of a Producer's wife.....  The so-called "advantages" of being a producer' s wife can have very definite disadvantages.

Enid Janes leads Chuck Connors into a different danger in a scene from "Wyoming Story", a two-part ABC-TV Series concluding on Tuesday night's 'Rifleman'.

Italian Actor Studies Baseball  ― The Pittsburgh Press, March 4, 1963

CTV Television Network, LTD CTV Release ― The TVA Network began operation at the first private station in Montreal - October 1, 1961. The Canadian Television Network (CTN) debuts as a second national network. Its name would change to CTV in 1962.

A Rifleman Promotional Article ―Chuck Connors, Johnny Crawford, TV Stars of The Rifleman

When the West Was Fun This rip-roarin' special brings together some of the greatest Western heroes, villains and sidekicks ever to ride across the TV screen. This is a great show and a great page, I bet it will be one of your favorites!

ABC's Silver Anniversary Celebration - A Gathering of Stars ―ABC has gathered up as many former series stars as they can for a taping to celebrate its anniversary.

Tall in the Saddle ― From the archives of People Magazine ―November 23, 1992 Vol. 38 No. 21 By Mark Goodman.

Rifleman, Lawman
Chuck Connors Checks Guns, Puts Up Shingle in Series of Two-Parters
No Horsemen
New York Times September 15, 1963 By Murray Schumach

Johnny Crawford / Johnny Crawford
Johnny Crawford, The Rifleman's Coltish Kid, Saddle Up Again with Chuck Connors, His TV Dad
From the archives of People Magazine ― February 19, 1990 Vol. 33 No. 7.

My Brother Johnny Crawford by Nancy Crawford ― Jack & Jill Magazine July 1960 ―Curtis Publishing Vintage. I think I'm pretty lucky. My brother is Mark McCain. At least he's Mark to millions of people on Tuesday nights, but to me he's Johnny Crawford, blond, browned-eyed, thirteen years old,and a fine actor. Johnny's all right as a brother too.

Joan Taylor Brings Romantic Interest to ― 'The Rifleman' Series by Pat Morrison — The Modesto Bee, Sunday December 25, 1960.

Movie Collector’s World ― 20 Million Miles of Memories by Paula Parla ― An interview with Joan Taylor (10/17/97).

Western Twist ― This New Hero Pulls A Rifle Instead of A Pistol ― TV Guide 9/27/58.

McCain Will Stay Single
This is just a snippet from the 1960 TV Guide interview with Chuck Connors.

TV Viewers to see Dead Wife of The Rifleman
Article for March 19, 1960
Charleroi Mail ― Charleroi, Pennsylvania

TV Scripts Are Cautiously
Putting Romance in Shows

"We want Milly to be the kind of hands- on- hip, straight.....

Finding Lou Mallory.....

New Girl Joins "Rifleman" Show For This Season
Star News - September 27, 1962
*Although this article was to introduce Lou to the fans she does mention their first kiss.
I wasn't quite sure if I should put this in Lou Mallory - press release or Mark's Rifle - The kiss that never happened or did it? 
 I decided to put this in both pages.

The Rifleman series has a new girl friend, Lou Mallory AP Press Release
(Another) - New Romantic Interest for 'The Rifleman' Connors By Cynthia Lowry 8/6/62

The Rifleman series has a new girl friend, Lou Mallory ― The kiss that never happened or did it?

Hooray for Tall Men [1961]
by Erskine Johnson ― Written for The Press
This is an article about Joan Shawlee in the The Lonesome Bride

Lost Treasure of Canyon Town
Must Contend With Cave-in

Rifleman a Popular Show In Tallahassee or Tokyo ― June 24, 1962
The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas

Bigfoot Wallace ― This was a rare made for TV pilot.  It is not available on video and never shown on TV. (This was proposed in 1957. Had it made it, we may not have Chuck in the part of Lucas McCain aka The Rifleman)

North Fork Gazette Archive News - out of the past ― You will be leaving The McCain Ranch/Website, but you will be entering a section on The McCain Ranch messageboard.  Please feel free to join us here at the ranch!



Just for fun!

Valentine's Day at The McCain Ranch.....

Lucas McCain ― Which one of these ladies was your favorite?
Mark McCain ― With these two girls and in these two episode there was talk of marriage. 
Micah Torrance ― I think Micah enjoyed this relationship with Leota and wanted to keep the pretense up.

Writer's Corner / Holiday SectionIf you want to read some really good Rifleman stories..... you have come to the right place.
These stories are great and in length. They are written by fans of The Rifleman.

The Rifleman Jigsaw Puzzels
Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery




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