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The Rifleman.....starring Chuck Connors

Do you know who the announcer was in the beginning of The Rifleman episodes?

The Rifleman.....starring Chuck Connors - Opening The Rifleman.....starring Chuck Connors - Opening

"The Rifleman.....starring Chuck Connors"

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Listen to this sound byte, what do you think?
Is this the same announcer for Streets of San Francisco Cannon Barnaby Jones?

I had got an e-mail from someone asking who the narrator was for The Rifleman in the opening scene.  This is what Arnold Laven, one of the producers of The Rifleman said.....
Margie....Regretfully, I am not sure who the narrator was....I am guessing that the narration he is referring (meaning the fan) to was done at the time show went into syndication and was recorded independent of any case neither Arthur or I can answer Mr. xxxxxxx's question...but we sure thank him for his interest in the show.  My very best, Arnold

Could Dick Wesson, announcer of syndicated intros and announcer for Walt Disney presents..... be the announcer to the beginning of The Rifleman that say....."The Rifleman.....starring Chuck Connors"? 
Could he be the guy we have been looking for? 
gymnastix sent me this clip with Disney announcer Dick Wesson, the guy I think is announcer of the syndicated intros to
The Rifleman.
  Walt Disney presents.....
Sure does sound like our announcer.  Thanks Jim for sending this along. 

Hi Cowgirl,  I have another possibility of who the announcer guy was for the opening sequence. A man by the name of Dick Tufeld. He did many of the early voice overs for Disney. He also was the guy who did Hollywood Palace. If you remember that opening "from the entertainment capital of the's the Hollywood Palace".

He was most famous as the voice of the robot on Lost in Space.  Uttering those famous words, "Danger Will Robinson" and "That does not compute". 

If you do a search on or Wikipedia you can find his info. Another reason that it may have been him was that Walt Disney was originally on ABC before it went to NBC. I believe Dick was the "house announcer" for ABC. 

I will admit the voice doesn't real close, but it is a possibility. I think Dick is still alive, although around 80 years old. It is worth checking into.  Thanks JB from Massachusetts!

Thanks Laurie for the comparison wav!

Regarding the announcer on The opening credits of The Rifleman...I have long

been a fan of Dick Wesson's, and even wrote the entry for him on Wikipedia...
Dick Wesson

Dick Wesson was definitely not the announcer here...What is a possibility is one of the 2 QM announcers either Hank Simms, whose voice was similar to Dick's or even more likely William T. Woodson, otherwise known as Bill Woodson...who did some of the latter day announcing on The QM shows...For my money, I believe it was Bill Woodson, although Hank Simms could change his voice around a bit, As far as Dick Tufeld, that is a possibility, but as with the comparison samples provided on your site, I would go for one of the 2 QM choice is Bill Woodson

Best,  Steve O

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