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Trail to The McCain Ranch/Map

I have been asked many times how to get to get the location of the McCain Ranch which was located at Malibu Creek State Park. 

Dennis, a fan of The Rifleman had asked me that question recently as many other fans.

Although I had been there years ago, I really couldn't tell him how to find this location. 
The only thing I remembered was that the jeep from Mash was somewhere near the location.

(Please click on the above map for a larger view of the area)

Dennis did find it on his own with the help of Google Earth.  He sent this map and the directions to me so other fans like you can also find the location of The McCain Ranch.

As you're walking that trail that I mapped out, look for the tree trunk laying down to the right. If you sit on that trunk and look north west, you'll be facing straight on at the McCain ranch property.

Here is another way to reach The McCain Ranch.....

The path is easy from the parking lot as he made an indication here.

 The MASH set is almost at the far north end of the park- a 2 mile or so trek. You can park closer to it from entering from the Malibu Lake side.

Take 101 freeway to Agoura, exit Kanan Road west toward the beach.

A mile or so, turn left on Cornell Rd. After a few miles, the street name changes to Lake Vista Drive.

When you reach Crags Drive, turn left.  Park as close as you can to the park entrance.
The distance to the MASH set is a lot shorter.

Dennis stated that he will going back soon to do more detail photos and angles. 
Let's hope Dennis will also share these with us!  Thanks Dennis!Gone But Not Forgotten-pg3

The McCain Ranch
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