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Old Tony
Episode 168

It was one of those nice, lazy days for Mark. He and his friend, Lorrie, went looking for arrowheads. Mark was going a little too slow for Lorrie. "Come on slow poke! I'll race you!" Exclaimed Lorrie as she got a head start. They had raced
The Rifleman - Old Tony - Episode 168and jumped fallen trees for quite a way, with Mark winning. When they finally stopped, Lorrie exclaimed, “So, you beat me! Do you have to be so smug?” Mark said he didn’t say a word. “Well…you were thinking it!” Lorrie exclaimed. Mark just smiled. He knew he was.

He told Lorrie that where they are going wasn't too far there; and Mark decided to cut through the old hermit, Tony's property. When they got to Tony's place the road had been wired off with a "NO TRESPASSING" sign and Joe Stanic, an old acquaintance from the old country, was getting ready to cut the wire when the kids rode up.

Mark asked Stanic why Old Tony had fenced off the trail. "I don't know when he fenced it off...but I know it's not going to stay that way. That man has pushed me just a little too far!" Said Joe as he walked over and cut the wires to the fence.

Suddenly shots rang out. Joe mounted his horse and took off. The shots spooked Lorrie's and Mark's horses. When they got them stopped there stood Old Tony holding a rifle. He slowly approached the kids. "Don't you know enough to ask a man's permission when you cross his land?"

"My Pa asked you said it was alright," Mark reminded him.

"I don't believe you! Who is your Pa?" Tony asked.

"Lucas McCain.....and he did so ask ya'!" Tony then scolded them for running their horses. He ordered Lorrie and Mark to take care of their overheated horses by giving them some water.

Lorrie and Mark did water the horses. Lorries told Mark that Tony scared her and she wanted to leave. Mark told her he heard a lot of things about Tony, but was beginning to think his bark was a lot worse than his bite. Tony came out of the house and told them not to let the horses drink up all the water, being that it had been a dry year. Mark thanked him and told him they would be leaving. Tony then asked them if they had a lunch in their saddle bags. Mark told him the bags were for arrowheads. "We're looking for old Indian Flintstones," said Mark.

Again he scolds them, this time for not having any food on them. They ride all over the country then go home hungry and fill up on pie and belly ache all night. Lorrie and Mark couldn’t help but laugh. He told them to come into the house and he would feed them.

Tony had fixed them a mighty fine spread of meatloaf and potatoes. The kids really enjoyed their meal and thanked Tony for it. Mark noticed a guitar leaning against the wall and
The Rifleman - Old Tony - Episode 168asked Tony if he played as he picked up the guitar. Tony just about bit off his head and grabbed the guitar from Mark's hands.

Mark was a bit taken aback by Tony’s brutality. “I wouldn’t harm a musical instrument, Mr. Tony!” Mark declared. “A guitar’s like a friend…or…or a part of you. I have one of my own.”

Tony calmed at Mark’s explanation. “Oh, I didn’t mean to holler,” he apologized. “It’s just that…it’s a keepsake kind of.” He didn’t suppose it was any good for anything anyway.

Mark sat down and started tuning the guitar. Old Tony complained that strumming wasn’t any good unless one sang to the music. He complained about the songs of today – they’d all gone to ruins like everything else. There were no pretty song left…like "Greensleeves."

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Mark smiled as he began to play. Then he sang the words as Tony sat mesmerized, listening to the beautiful song.

Tony and Lorrie enjoyed listening to Mark as much as Mark enjoyed playing and singing for them. But Mark’s singing that song took Tony back in time. It made him sad. “I had a son once. He was about your age. He used to sing that song to me in the evenings. That was his guitar, you know. Oh, it’s been a long time since I heard music like that! You're the first company I had. A man feels lonely for someone to talk to. Perhaps that's why I holler so much...because I’ve sort of forgotten what it was like to hear the sound of a human voice."

It was time for Lorrie and Mark to leave. They had quite a ways until they would get to Red Bud Canyon. Tony told them there was a lot more relic's right here in Sycamore Canyon. Mark reminded him that it was his land and no one was allowed there. Tony gave them his permission to look for Indian relics on his land. They couldn't thank him enough and told him they would bring some arrowheads back for him.

That afternoon, I rode into town to see Micah. I told Micah I’d have half a cup of coffee. I teased Micah that it was time for him to invest in a new coffee pot. Micah wondered why I was in town. “Having supper at the hotel with Mark and Lorrie. If they ever get here,” I answered. “They should’ve been here by now.”

Suddenly, Joe Stanic walked in. He was angry! “I demand you do something!” I couldn’t help but laugh at how angry Stanic was. Micah wondered why he was so angry. Stanic said Tony ought to be put away. “Ever since we came over on the boat together, I’ve had to listen to his insults!” Micah wondered what his complaint was this time. “He took a shot at me. That’s what! He tried to kill me!”

I stood up and invited myself into the conversation. I tried to calm him down. “Well, why don’t you ask your own boy? He was there!”

At the mention of Mark, I really got interested in the conversation. I asked Joe where Mark and Lorrie were. He didn’t know – he’d hollered for them to go with him but they didn’t. “Joe, are you sure that Tony took a shot AT you?” He said he wasn’t a man who joked much.
The Rifleman - Old Tony - Episode 168
Micah and I decided to ride out and see what was going on. Joe also came along.

Lorrie was busy looking for arrowheads while Mark set under a tree sleeping. She was getting discouraged because she hadn't found any for a while and was surprised that Mark was sleeping under the tree. She approached him and asked him what he was thinking about. "About Old Tony and how lonesome he must really be."

Lorrie was thinking about Old Tony too. "I wonder what his wife was like," asked Lorrie. Mark didn’t respond. He was busy napping.

"Mark?” Apparently, Lorrie wasn’t going to leave him alone. He put his hat back on top of his head. “Do you ever wonder what your wife will be like...I mean when you get married?"

"I suppose so.”

"Well...what would she be like?" Lorrie wondered.

"Real pretty and a good cook," Mark teased.

"Oh Mark...can't you ever be serious?" she scolded him. "Do you think that is all there is to marriage?"

"No...not really! There's a lot more.”

"Like what?"

"Well...Pa and I was talkin' about it once. He was talking about my mother. I'll never forget a thing he said. He said that they were more than just in love...they were friends.”

"I don't think I understand," said Lorrie. "Well he meant that she was someone he could talk to....about his troubles and about anything."

"Like us Mark?" Lorrie suddenly asked with a big smile on her face.

He laughed. “Sure I guess...we're best friends and we can talk..." Mark suddenly realized where this talk was going. He stopped. “Uh…” He sat up straight and suddenly looked really nervous. “You better go look for those arrowheads if you plan on getting any. And don’t go off too far and get yourself lost!”

That made Lorrie mad. She suddenly got to her knees and planted her hands on her hips. "Mark McCain...will you stop treating me like a little girl?" Lorrie grabbed her sack and took off to look for more arrowheads.

Mark was relieved. He laid the hat back over his head, leaned against the tree, and went back to his napping.

When we got out to Tony's Joe showed us where he had his run in with Tony and where he had seen Mark and Lorrie. Just then we heard two shots; it was Tony with his rifle. Micah told him we wanted to talk to him. He didn't want to talk to Joe. The two just kept arguing. “Tony, I just want to talk to you about a couple of children,” I shouted. “My son Mark and a young girl.”

Tony permitted me and Micah to come up and talk to him. Joe had to stay there. When we got up there, I questioned Tony on the whereabouts of the kids. “All I want to know, Tony, is where Mark and Lorrie went after they left here!”

But before Tony could answer, Joe started his shouting again. That got Tony to shouting back. Before we knew it, they were shouting at each other over something about cows. Tony suddenly lifted his rifle toward Joe. I hurried over and ordered him to put down his rifle. “Now look, Joe…You either shut your mouth or get out of here!” I asked Micah to send Joe home. We weren’t getting anywhere with him here!

Finally, Micah told Joe that he was checking into his complaint and he had to leave. Joe told Micah that if he didn't take care of Tony he would go straight to the governor, and then he rode off.

While Mark napped Lorrie went ahead looking for arrowheads. While searching, she wandered further and further away. Before she knew it, she had wondered right into a swamp full of quicksand. Her feet suddenly couldn’t move. She started screaming for Mark as she struggled to get out.

Mark finally woke up from his nap and stood up to find Lorrie. They had to get started back home. But as he hollered for her, she didn’t answer.

It didn't take long before Lorrie was up to her waist in quicksand, not being able to move, she kept screaming for Mark.

Mark started looking for Lorrie and calling her. The more he called, the more worried he got. "Lorrie...Lorrie...Are you alright?"
The Rifleman - Old Tony - Episode 168
We tried talking to Tony. "What do you expect when the three of you come breaking in here with guns all over you? What's a man expected to do? A Man's got the right to protect his property, don't he? Or do you tell me that the law only works for Joe Stanic?" Tony yelled.

"The laws available to you if you want to use it, same as anybody else...but you keep hiding out..."

Tony didn't let Micah finish, he interrupted him. "This is my ranch...I can live alone if I want to. There is nothing for me out there...never has been...not since my wife died," said Tony.

"Well I lost my wife too Tony...quite a while ago...I didn't like it either, but the world kept right on turning," I told Tony.

"Ah that's easy for you to had son to look after and love. I did to...but no more. I lost a son too."

"Maybe you can understand why I might be worried about mine!" I declared then.

“Yes I can understand that," said Tony. "You see I was just starting out after them when you came in. Maybe that's why I lost my head, sorta. Maybe that's why I got the feeling if anything should happen to the two kids it was my fault. It was I who sent them into Sycamore Canyon," said Tony. That concerned Micah. He was afraid they might have gone beyond the canyon and into the swamp. Micah said that place was full of quick sand. I told Micah that Mark had better sense than that. Tony said there was no reason for them to go beyond the canyon. The Indian burial ground is at this end. "I just want to help now Mr. McCain, that's all. I just want to help."

“The main thing now is to get over there and look for them!” I declared. “Let’s go!”

Mark kept looking and calling for Lorrie. Suddenly he heard Lorrie yelling for help but he couldn't find her. "Lorrie...I can hear ya'...just keep on yelling.”

“Mark! Mark! Help! Help!” Lorrie screamed.

Mark was very concerned. Her screams sounded frantic. He kept following the sound of her voice until he came upon her stuck in a swamp. The quicksand was up to her chest by now.

He rushed to help her. He reached for her hand and tried to pull her out of the swamp, but with the force of trying to pull her out he just pulled himself into the swamp with her.

When we got to Sycamore Canyon we came upon their horses, but no kids. I hollered for Mark, but got no answer. We found where they had dug for arrowheads. Further up I could follow Mark’s and Lorrie's tracks. It looks like Lorrie had gone on ahead and Mark followed. I told Micah and Tony that the best thing was for the three of us to split up and circle back. Hopefully, one of us should run into them.

Tony went up the hill toward the canyon. He heard Mark and Lorrie both yelling. Then he saw the problem – both Mark and Lorrie were in the swamp!
The Rifleman - Old Tony - Episode 168
I was getting worried, it would be dark in an hour and those kids could have gone into any one of the many canyons. “Micah, I can’t believe Mark would get lost – not in this country!” I declared. Micah suggested that Mark got hurt and the girl went for help. He wasn’t helping me any! “Micah, do you think there’s any possibility that I haven’t thought about?” I told Micah all we could do was keep looking.

Mark tried to keep Lorrie calm, but it wasn't working. The more she struggled the worst things got.

Tony rushed to the road and called to me, telling me to come quickly, he had found them in the swamp in quicksand. I grabbed my rope and followed Tony to where they were. Fear gripped my heart! I ran to the swamp as fast as I could. All the time, I could hear the kids’ screams! I knew time was of the essence.

Lorrie was struggling. Mark was doing his best to calm her, but to no avail. “Lorie, be still! Don’t move!” I demanded as I made my way out onto the edge.

“Pa, hurry up!” Mark screamed in panic.

“Be still, kids!” I ordered as I slowly edged my way on the hard land with the rope.

“Pa, hurry!” Mark begged again.

“Don’t move!” I demanded again. When I was as far out on the hard land as I could get, I threw Tony one end of the rope and tied the other end around my waist. The kids continued panting, fearfully as they continued sinking deeper into the quicksand. I bent over and grabbed mark around the shoulders. I ordered him to hold on tight to Lorrie while I pulled him up.

I pulled Lorrie away from Mark and held Mark against me for a second, happy I could once again hold him in my arms. I was thankful he was okay.

So was Mark! "Pa...I sure am glad to see you!"

"Me too son,” I declared between breaths. “Me too." Never, had I been more happy to see him!

We got the kids back to Tony’s and let them warm up by the fire as they sipped hot tea. Micah lectured Tony. There wouldn't be any charges this time, but he can't go waving the shotgun around anytime the notion struck him. Micah told him that he would admit that Joe Stanic was hard to get along with but, so was Tony. "Maybe if you two old goats would stop butting heads together....."

Tony stopped him. "I guess I've been alone too long, I've forgotten how to get along with people.”

“You made a good start toward it today, Tony.” I would be forever grateful!

“Ah…kids getting into trouble…tracking mud all over the house…They didn’t even remember to bring me the flints they promised me!”

Lorrie told him that she lost all the good ones in the swamp, but she and Mark would come back another time and get him some. Mark agreed. " you're gonna come back to see me," laughed Tony. "I didn't even ask ya'! Next thing you know they'll want me to take them to the fancy hotel and buy them supper."

“When that time comes Tony, the supper will be on me and I hope it will be soon,” I declared.

Tony then turned to Mark. "Hey! What you sittin' there for? You said yourself the guitar need tuning! Well go ahead...tune it up!" I just shook my head as we all laughed.

The Rifleman - Old Tony - Episode 168

piddlin' stuff.....Stefan Schnabel as Old Tony, the man who welcomes Mark & Lori into his home.

 Karen Sue Trent played Lorrie, Mark's friend. 

Martin Kosleck played Joe Stanic.  He was the one who filed a complaint against Old Tony.

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