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Lillian Bronson
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Lillian Bronson appeared in two episodes of The Rifleman ― The Legacy as Mrs. Margaret Adams, the woman who ran the boarding house and took care of Pop Simmons ― The Baby Sitter as Elizabeth Favor, the hotel clerk.

She also appeared with Chuck in Arrest and Trial (1963).

Lillian attended Lockport Union School, she had been in a play directed by her English teacher, with the encouragement of Miss Fisher, Lillian began a career in movies and television that lasted more than 50 years.

Lillian studied dramatics at Byrn Mawr in Pennsylvania, then went to the University of Michigan.  She acted first in plays on Broadway, then began a career in the movies.  She was in more than 80 feature films including films such as CamilleLean Harvest ― The Hucksters ― Spencer's Mountain ― Family Honeymoon ― The Next Voice You Hear

Her work in television included the role as Fonzi's grandmother on Happy Days (1975).

Thanks to Pete Villafea for recognizing Lillian Bronson in The Legacy she had gone unaccredited until now. Also thanks for the name of the boarding house Board and Room.

Lillian Bronson was born October 21, 1902 in Lockport, New York
She died August 2 1995 in Los Angeles, California.

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