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Kathleen Mulqueen

Kathleen Mulqueen appeared in four episodes of The Rifleman The Sharpshooter  as Nancy Hanavan, she was Judge Hanavan's wife/sister/daughter [?] and the clerk at the hotel. In the original script Nancy Hanavan was suppose to be Judge Hanavan's daughter. Her description was to be a good looking young woman, competent and vital. In the original casting Nancy Hanavan is a much older woman, no way she could be his daughter? They must have been thinking of the episode 'The Marshal' where Abby Dalton played Nancy Moore - the Marshal's niece who tended the desk at the hotel ― Angry Gun as Mrs. Peterson, the lady who took care of Mark until Lucas returned.

Eddie's Daughter as the woman standing outside the stage depot. She was talking to Eddie before the stage came in - she gasped when she saw Lil stepped off the stage ― The Actress as the Landlady, she was the lady who tended Jacob until Lucas could fetch his wife.

 She also appeared with Chuck in Arrest and Trial (1964).

She played Mrs. Mitchell, Henry's Mother in Dennis the Menace. Kathleen Mulqueen was a musical comedy actress. Called by one critics: The most beautiful girl on Broadway.

Kathleen Mulqueen was born on August 6, 1899, Pennsylvania
Birth Name: Katherine Agatha Mulgreen
She died May 10, 1990 in Los Angeles, California

Katherine Agatha Mulqueen Guilfoyle ― Find A Grave

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