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Johnny Ginger

Johnny Ginger as Ted in The Rifleman

 Johnny Ginger as Ted in The Rifleman
Blooper for Two Ounces of Tin
Johnny Ginger was born June 16, 1934 in Toledo, Ohio
Birth Name: Galen Grindle

Johnny Ginger was on WXYZ in Detroit in the morning in the 1960s and was the host of the 3 stooges show -- he would introduce the 3 stooges film shorts and do some comedy sketches and things. All the bad guys in The Outlaws is Coming were the local hosts of 3 stooges shows from all around the country -- a gimmick that really helped with publicity to get all us kids to go see the last movies the 3 stooges ever made.
Johnny Ginger also had some bit parts in ABC shows around that time, as did Rita Bell, who hosted the morning movie. I think ABC owned WXYZ.  Thanks John D. for this info!

My dad also played Billy the Kid in The Three Stooges Outlaws is Coming.

Picture on left ― Chuck drops in on The Johnny Ginger Show

Johnny Ginger, while doing his "schtick" on WXYZ-TV, flew out to California to do a bit role on The Rifleman.

Picture on the right ― Johnny Ginger:  The guy on the left was Doug McClure, he was on an old cowboy western,
 The Virginian, with James Drury (the star) next to him. Keenan Wynn..son of Ed Wynn, who played
Jerry Lewis's Godfather in Cinderfella. Next to him, the handsome one is..ME..and Chuck Connors.
(Picture on the left - notice Doug McClure on his tippy toes)
Chuck & Doug were on Remember with Roy Firestone together in 1991.

*Thanks to Johnny Ginger and his son, Sean for sharing these pictures with us!

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