The McCain Ranc mourns the lost of Johnny Crawford.

It is with a great sadness to announce the passing of Johnny Crawford our own Mark McCain.

Johnny passed away on April 29, 2021. 

May you rest in peace Cowboy! You will be missed. Thanks for the memories!!!!! You will never be forgotten!


Johnny Crawford
aka Mark McCain

March 26, 1946 - April 21, 2021

Johnny was no newcomer to TV when he starred in The Rifleman.  As an actor, Johnny Crawford has appeared in over 250 television productions, 15 movies, and 12 plays.   

In 1959, Johnny & his brother Bobby were both nominated for Best Single Performance on the 11th Primetime Emmy Awards and their father Robert, Sr., were all nominated for Emmy Awards (the brothers for acting and their father for film editing). Johnny for his recurring portrayal of Mark McCain, son of Lucas McCain, on The Rifleman and Bobby for CBS anthology series Playhouse 90/Child of Our Time. Johnny didn't win, do you know who won? 

  Besides "The Rifleman", Johnny has starred with Chuck in several different things.  Branded ~ Paradise ~  The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw  ~ All American Cowboy.  Can't forget, When the West Was Fun
He was a Mouseketeer on The Mickey Mouse Club.

Johnny began entertaining at age 4. One year later he became one of the Original Mouseketeers.

In a 1995 interview with David Fury, Johnny Crawford recalled some of his memories of working with Chuck on "The Rifleman."  As a child, Johnny was a huge fan of westerns, and being cast as Mark McCain was a dream come true for the young actor. Johnny's interview for the role was at the Hal Roach Studios in Culver City, and he initially read for the producers.  Johnny met Chuck Connors on his second interview, and then later was told he got the job—he was elated! Chuck knew right a ways that he was the one he wanted.the part of Mark McCain. 

Taken from the book - Chuck Connors....."The Man Behind the Rifle" - "When Johnny Crawford came on the set in 1958—he was a little twelve-year-old boy―he called everyone in the cast or crew, sir or ma'am.  During the course of the five years of our run, he had two hit records, and he was nominated for an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor.  And yet, when the show was finished after five seasons, Johnny went around and thanked everyone in the cast and crew, and he still called them sir or ma'am.

♫ Signed by Del-Fi Records in 1961, Johnny had five hits in the 1960s: Cindy's Birthday, Rumors, Your Nose Is Gonna Grow, Proud, and Patti Ann.  During the same period he also had four albums in the top 40.  A collection of his Del-Fi recordings from the 1960s, is available on CD (The Best of Johnny Crawford).

  On the 15th anniversary of the Festival of the West, Johnny Crawford was presented with the Cowboy Spirit Award!  Along with Mickey Rooney, Rick Schroder and Peter Brown.
Congratulations Johnny aka Mark McCain!

*Did you know that Johnny Crawford received an Emmy Nomination at the age of 13 for "Best Supporting Actor" in a Drama Series for his role in The Rifleman?  Johnny didn't win; I'll tell you he would have had my vote!  Do you know who won?

*Did you know that Bobby & Johnny use to have their own production company known as
BJ Productions?
CTV Television Network LTD Press KitThe Rifleman — October 1961

Where is Johnny today?


Today Johnny enjoys singing with his own vintage dance band as well as ♫ producing period music for film and special events. ♫

No Johnny come Lately - Child actor followed his dream from Rifleman to
band leader.  An article from May 25th - The Daily News 1999

The Johnny Crawford Dance Orchestra

Johnny Crawford on Facebook

Do you have Johnny's CD?  Sweepin' the Clouds Away
 It is great! If you don't have this you don't know what you are missing!

Johnny Crawford Cindy's Birthday Picture Sleeve / The Princess

40th Anniversary of The Rifleman
w/Johnny Crawford aka Mark McCain

Horse Sense with Johnny Crawford

"On the Trail with The Rifleman....."

Attack on a stack of “wheats” lights eye of young Johnny Crawford

Mr. Novak Tender Twigs

Chuck Connors ~ Lucas McCain
Paul Fix ~ Marshal Micah Torrance
Harlan Warde ~ John Hamilton
John Harmon ~ Eddie Halstead
Bill Quinn ~ Sweeney
Hope Summers ~ Hattie Denton
Joan Taylor ~ Millie Scott
Patricia Blair ~ Lou

A Rifleman Promotional - TV Stars of The Rifleman by Roger & Cowan

Now available on Kindle..... Chuck Connors.....The Man Behind the Rifle
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Edited version of the 1997 book, with lots of new photos, and also a complete Rifleman episode/plot synopsis guide.

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