40th Anniversary of The Rifleman
w/Johnny Crawford aka Mark McCain

Denver Post - By David Walstad
San Antonio Express-News
"I loved that rifle," Crawford said by phone from his Los Angeles home. "Of all the rifles, it was the most beautiful. Nice balance; easy to carry. I used to play with it. I'd spin it, but sideways because I wasn't tall like Chuck, who'd swing it under his arm."

On camera, the gun was off limits to Crawford, an original Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer who was 12 when filming began.

Robert Lanthier (holding plaque) presenting Johnny Crawford with a plaque celebrating 40th year Anniversary of The Rifleman in 1998.
Robert Lanthier is the owner of Eagle Squadron Productions
and the President of The Reel Cowboys.


Moe Hunt (left) - Johnny Crawford - Robert Lanthier (right)

Johnny was also present with his own Rifleman's Rifle with it's own serial #.


Johnny Crawford flipping his Rifleman's Rifle


Johnny, Arthur Gardner & Kim Darby

at the Golden Boots with Kim Darby 8/07

*A big thank you to Sandra Martinez for this picture.

Horse Sense
Horsin' around with Wendy & Johnny Crawford

Horse Sense
Johnny Crawford & his horse Two-Bits

Horse Sense - Rodeo w/Johnny Crawford

Horse Sense - Ropin' w/Johnny Crawford

On Trail with the cast of The Rifleman

A big thank you to Robert Lanthier & RiflemanRay for these pictures!

For more information on Robert Lanthier please checkout Robert's page along with Lucas McCain & Josh Randall - role playing.

Moe Hunt, my friend

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