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Jack Stoney
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Jack Stoney appeared in eight episodes of The Rifleman as a townsmen ― ObituaryThe LegacyStrange Town as a townsman in Droshek Town ― The Horse TradersThe SpoilerThe DeserterThe Hangman ― A Time for Singing.

Jack Stoney seemed to be the stunt double for Chubby Johnson in The Horse Traders. Stoney really wasn't that great of a western stuntman but his horse skills were better than Chubby Johnson's. Watch about the middle of the episode when Stoney (as Johnson) is on horseback going after the wagon and then they do a close up of Johnson who says "I think he picked up a rock on his hoof." But they never once showed Johnson getting off the horse or on the horse. They probably dubbed Johnson's voice on Stoney when he says "wait a minute".

I figured that was an interesting tidbit because in the many western appearances I have seen of Chubby Johnson I can't ever remember him getting on a horse. Hank Patterson is the same way in that some people look really western and rough but they can't handle horse work. I may have seen Patterson on a horse once!

*Thanks to Phillip Arnold for giving this cowboy his credit due!

Stoney starred acting in 1928 until 1963. Jack went mostly unaccredited appearing mostly as a townsmen, barfly, courtroom spectator, bartender, restaurant patron.

Jack also was a stuntman 1924-1954.

Jack Stoney was born in Chester, Pennsylvania, on October 1, 1897
He died January 29,1978 in Los Angeles, California

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