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Jack Elam
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Jack Elam
appeared in five episodes of The Rifleman   Duel of Honor as the arrogant Sim Groder who constantly picked on the Count.

Tension as Gavin Martin, he was the cowboy who got killed with the pitch fork ― Shotgun Man as Gus Smith, he's the dude that John Beaumont killed in the saloon.

Knight Errant as Gates,  he was Don Chimera Del Laredo's Esquire, the one who declared there was a rattlesnake in the woodpile Shattered Idol as Russell the pool shark.

He later was in Once upon a Texas Train with Chuck (1988) and Support Your Local Gunfighter (1971).

Love him in this Christmas episode of Gunsmoke as Titus Spangler ─ P.S. Murry Christmas.

Elam got his first movie job by trading his accounting services for a role. In no time at all he became one of the most memorable supporting players in Hollywood, thanks not only to his near-demented screen persona but also to an out-of-kilter left eye, sightless from a childhood fight.

You name it, this Cowboy has done it! He was great no matter what he did!

Jack Elam was born November 13, 1918, Miami, Gila, Arizona
Birth Name: William Scott Elam
He died October 20, 2003 in Ashland, Oregon of congestive heart failure

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