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How far is it to the McCain Ranch from North Fork?

How far is it to the McCain Ranch from North Fork?

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1. The Sharpshooter The Dunlap Ranch, later The McCain Ranch, is four miles south of where Lewis first meets Vernon and Wes.

2. Home Ranch Is it north or south of Santa Fe? We have about a 100 mile circle from that point to consider. There needs to be hill country with grass and not so much a desert. This makes me think of the north as I read about the far northeast corner of the state on some tourist sites and such. It makes sense to me that Lucas and Mark would enter New Mexico from that direction if coming from Oklahoma. Then I get confused sometimes when other clues are given. Fred Thompson tells the Shelton's that McCain's ranch is 15 miles west out of town, just past the Granite Creek Ford. Thanks Weinerdawgy!

4. The Marshal Sheriff Fred Thomlinson told the Shelton brothers that The McCain Ranch is about 15 miles east of town, an hour's ride.

6. Eight Hours to Die Willard Henry Denton told Lucas that Thomas is about 300 miles from North Fork, about a week of hard riding.

11. The Apprentice Sherriff Lucas takes Mark to school in the buckboard. He tells Mark that if he wants' to wait around, he'd come pick him up around 4. Does that mean that he would walk home the 3-5 miles when his father brings him in? 

16. The Sheridan Story Medical Col. Stroud ask Lucas if he has any ice. He tells then no but the hotel in North Fork does. He ask him how far was it. Lucas told him about an hours ride.

42. Barkeeper Sweeney just told Daniel Malakie (played by Buddy Hackett) "Well, ah, Luke's got a place out on the North Road, about 3 miles; you can't miss it."

45. Tension Halpern says they are 400 miles from Texas.

67. Lariat Lariat says it's north of Bannock.

69. Shotgun Man The shotgun man comes into town, and he's trying to track down Lucas for revenge. He has to check in with Micah because he's an ex-con. While in Micah's office, he asks where McCain lives, and Micah tells him "3 miles up the North Road".  Thanks Sparky!

73. The Jailbird Lucas hires an ex-con. They're working on the ranch, and Lucas sends him into North Fork on the two-horse carriage to pick up some fencing wire. As he's leaving, Lucas says "We'll see you back here in about an hour." Assuming some time to make the transaction at the store, that would make a one-way carriage ride about 20 minutes. If the carriage travels at about 10 mph, that would be consistent with a 3-mile trip into town.  Thanks Sparky!

79. Seven You hear Mark say: "On horse, that's about an hour's ride into town." Mark usually rides his horse to school, then rides it home again.

85. Dead Cold Cash Stacey Beldon stopped by the ranch. Lucas told him it was about three miles to North Fork.

90. Miss Bertie The stage that Miss Bertie is on stops in Dobie Wells on the way to North Fork, and then it's on to Santa Fe. Lucas and Mark get on in Dobie Wells.

91. Six years & A Day The Doc was in Santa Fe today but will be back tomorrow at dawn.

94. The Actress It's two-day ride to Willow Springs.

108. The Lonesome Bride Mary says that she came over a thousand miles from St. Louis.

118. Honest Abe According to Nils, the McCain ranch is 5 miles South of town.

130. Man from Salinas North Fork is two days from Salinas.

146. Quiet Night, Deadly Night It's a two-day stage ride from Denver and within 100 miles of Las Cruces.

154. The Anvil Chorus Micah is going to a wedding in Santa Fe. He'll be back in two days.

158. Sidewinder Grid says he rode 1000 miles from the Oklahoma Territory.

Pecos Dawn: I had searched all the old maps of New Mexico and I couldn't find anything anywhere. Too bad there really wasn't a North Fork, always sounded like a town that was a perfect place to settle down.

Anonymous: If North Fork is about 100 miles from Las Cruces...... and If... North Fork is about 100 Miles from Santa Fe..... and IF... Oat Jackford was able to run cattle on AZ, NM, and Nevada grasslands...... He must have had one huge operation...... and was able to cross a lot of desert to get to his cattle on McCain land. Looking at the NM map after watching the episodes..... 1,2,4..... and then when Ed Ames, season 5, is held for small Pox..... Micah tells the Doc he would check for vaccine in all towns within a hundred miles.... he mentioned Las Cruces..... Also, Las Cruces is mentioned when Mark lost the use of his legs. Somehow, North Fork needs to be somewhere between Santa Fe and Las Cruces and not to the north or east of Santa Fe as I kind of elude to in the story. Santa Fe and Las Cruces seem to be much more than 200 miles apart as well. I don't think it is that important to be accurate, but I enjoy trying to figure this out when I can. I don't think the writers cared either.

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