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Guest on the set of The Rifleman
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Some of the famous ballplayers who visited the set in those days included future Hall of Famers Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, Duke Snider, and Stan Musial.  Other Celebrities to drop in on Connors were Gene Autry, director William Wyler, Maurice Chevalier, Dodge president Walter O'Malley, and Charleston Heston and his son Fraser.

'Stand Like This Stan!'
Chuck showing off his 'rifle-bat' to Stan Musial

When asked to compare his former baseball career to his new life as television hero, Chuck said, "Handling a rifle or a baseball bat takes coordination and practice, that's all."

Chuck was disappointed  that he didn't make the big leagues.  He wished he could have mad his mark in baseball as Stan Musial did.

 Chuck was once asked by a writer if, he was given the the choice, he could have been a baseball star rather than an acting star, he responded, "You mean, if on my own terms, I could have been Clark Gable or Stan Musial? Who do you think?"  The baseball writer guessed Stan Musial, as Chuck replied with a smile, "You bet - you bet."

Chuck Connors: "I was a bum of a hitter, just not cut out for the majors," recalls Connors, who has made it big in an - other profession. "But I will never forget Stan's kind-ness. When he was finished watching me cut away at the ball, Stan slapped me on the back and told me to keep swinging."

Chuck Connors Gene Autry Stan Musial

Chuck with director, producer and actor William Wyler

Chuck had a key role in William Wyler's 1958 western The Big Country (1958)
Director William Wyler paid Chuck a visit on the set of The Rifleman
 He had chosen Chuck to be the menacing heavy, Buck Hannassey.

Oscar Farley writer of The Untouchables along with Eliot Ness and also a noted Sports Writer. Oscar Farley, wrote the book The Untouchables with Eliot Ness.

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Sports heroes/stars that appeared with Chuck

Don Drysdale

Sid Gillman

Walter O'Malley

Duke Snider

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