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Maurice Chevalier
French Western?

1959 Chuck Connors as Lucas McCain on the ABC-TV's outstanding frontier series The Rifleman discloses some of the secrets of taming the west to Monsieur Maurice Chevalier, the veteran French actor who in more than 50 years in show business spans everything from the music to television, discusses the finer points of Western film making with TV star Chuck Connors, in Hollywood. Chevalier says he plans to appear in a western movie for the first time in his career.  Chevalier has tamed everything from music halls to television. Now he's invading the west.


Chuck giving singing a try!  No better teacher than Maurice Chevalier!

'Seventy Times Seven' Chuck Connors
"Forgive those who repeatedly offend you. . . . ."
"Somebody Bigger Then you or I"
Hear Chuck & Johnny do these  2 different versions

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Sports heroes/stars that appeared with Chuck

Don Drysdale

Sid Gillman

Walter O'Malley

Duke Snider

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