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Gregory Walcott
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Gregory Walcott - The Rifleman
Gregory Walcott appeared in two episodes of The Rifleman The Angry Gun as Blade Kelby, he was one of the gang members who came to free Johnny ― Tension as Sid Halpern, he was the cowboy that Clemmie had a wanted poster on.

He grew up in North Carolina and went into the Army just after the end of World War II. After leaving the service, he grew restless on the East Coast and, with $100 in his pocket, thumbed his way west to pursue an acting career. An agent who spotted him in a little theater play helped Walcott land his debut movie role in Red Skies of Montana.

Walcott appeared in about 30 films and more than 300 TV shows.

Walcott also was a favorite of Clint Eastwood who worked with the actor-director on CBSí Rawhide and in the features Joe Kidd (1971), Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1973), The Eiger Sanction (1975) and Every Which Way But Loose (1978).

He perhaps best known for having appeared in the 1994 film Ed Wood and Wood's cult classic Plan 9 from Outer Space from 1959.

He also starred as Det. Roger Havilland on the 1961-62 NBC series 87th Precinct.

TV Westerns in which he appeared are ― Stories of the Century ― The Man Behind the Badge ― Cheyenne ― Zane Grey Theater ― Wagon Train ― Bad Manís County ― Sugarfoot ― Frontier Country ― 26 Men ― Shotgun Slade ― Trackdown ― Maverick ― Colt .45 ― Tales of Wells Fargo ― Wichita Town ― Overland Train ― Texas John Slaughter Tombstone Territory ― The Tall Man ― The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp ― Riverboat ― Bat Masterson ― The Deputy ― Laramie ― Rawhide ― Bonanza ― The Dakotas ― The Man Called Shenandoah ― Shane ― The Big Valley ― Daniel Boone ― The High Chaparral ― Alias Smith and Jones ― Little House on the Prairie ― The Quest.

Rumor also has it that he was also considered for the role of The Rifleman.

Gregory Walcott was born in Wendell, North Carolina, on January 13, 1928
Died: March 20, 2015 (age 87) in Los Angeles, California
Birth Name: Bernard Wasdon Mattox

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