“The McCain Ranch – Gone But Not Forgotten” 
1958 vs. 2006 “Time Can Stand Still”

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20th Century Fox Movie Ranch — Before the land for Malibu Creek State Park was acquired in 1974, it was divided into three parcels belonging to Bob Hope, Ronald Reagan, and 20th Century Fox. Although the park is still used for moviemaking, it’s primarily a haven for day hikers and picnickers.

Today the state park preserves more than 7,000 acres of rugged country in the middle of the Santa Monica Mountains. Malibu Creek winds through the park. The creek was dammed at the turn of the century to form little Century Lake.

The trail along Malibu Creek explores the heart of the state park. It’s an easy, nearly level walk that visits a dramatic rock gorge, Century Lake and several locales popular with moviemakers. When owned by 20th Century Fox, the park was a movie ranch, and has been the location in dozens of films, beginning with a number of  movies and TV Series.

The Rifleman - Gone But Not Forgotten - Malibu Creek State Park 

The picture on the right is one of many pictures/file footage of the ranch. This one is fromThe Deadly Wait

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Gone But Not Forgotten — The Rifleman filming locations

The Rifleman
Malibu Creek State Park
Trail to The McCain Ranch/Map

Does the Dunlap Ranch/McCain Ranch still stand?
This message was left by a fan/member of "The McCain Ranch"/messageboard.....
  I live on the original McCain Ranch. Refer to episodes (1) & (2) filmed in Old Agoura Ca. My home is a "stones throw" from that cabin. And to freak you out even more (and me for that sake when I first discovered it) that cabin "the McCain Ranch house "is still there! Abandoned, but still there! Fully intact!

How far did you say it was to the
McCain Ranch/North Fork?

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