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Mathew's Story..... Through Mark's Eyes

 I hope you enjoy Matthew's story as seen through Mark's eyes
This is a great story told by a boy around the same age as Mark

Dedicated to Margie/Cowgirl
You’re the Best!
The Legend will live on!

Often, when I am feeding the chickens in the morning or sitting by the stream listening to the sounds of the water trickling by. I catch myself daydreaming. Wondering what it would be like to be Mark McCain back in the olden days. How challenging his life was on the “Rifleman” but, how secure he was with it. The only thing I ever noticed that Mark wasn’t secure with on the “Rifleman” was girls!

This is what I imagine Through Mark’s Eyes…

My Pa, he reads his Bible and sucks on his pipe every night after the sun goes down. I sure do love him! I feel so safe whenever he is near. Why, I need him just as much as he needs me. Pa’s so strong from working sun up to sun down. Not a man around can take him with or without his rifle. He may not understand geometry or know much about Shakespeare but, he sure is the smartest man I know.

I sure wish I knew Ma as well as I know Pa. Sometimes I think I remember her but, it’s just ‘cause Pa talks about her so much. He sure does miss her so. Pa has known plenty of women folk but, I think he only has enough room for Ma in his heart. I had a vision of her once when I was ill. I didn’t want to leave her. Everything around her was so calming and beautiful but, I heard Pa’s voice. I could tell he needed me and Ma wanted me to go to him. I think she knew he needed me too.

I wonder if Ma would have liked the Ranch? There’s no other Ranch like it. Why, it’s home for me and Pa. We worked hard to make it that way. I plan on staying till its my time to be with Ma. I remember riding up on the Ranch not looking back. Pa, well he had a smile across his face as big as The New Mexico Territory. Seems people were frowning down at us even know we were both so happy and the Ranch was rightfully ours. Some folks tried to make it as hard on us as they could. Matter of fact our first Ranch was burnt down but, Pa made sure things were made right and them bad folks built us a new one.

Pa has helped many folks good and bad ones. The bad folk he either runs them out of town or helps them think good again. The good folks Pa risks his life for. Pa’s good friend Micah might of drunk himself to death if it wasn’t for Pa. Now Micah is Marshall of North Fork and a good one at that. Micah is the next best thing to Pa after me. Whichever way Micah has his shotgun drawn is the way my Pa has his Rifle drawn. And, whenever my Pa is in a pinch, Micah is just on step from him.

Some folks call us sodbusters, we just use what God gave us. There’s not to much harm in that. God gave us each other, the land and this here Ranch; The McCain Ranch.

My Pa, Lucas McCain is going to live on as a Legend; I tell You! I think people will know his name a hundred years from now!

Well shucks, Pa‘s riding up and I haven’t washed the dishes yet! If it wasn’t for having to wash those darn dishes I wouldn’t have gone on this long.! I better go before Pa finds out!

Thank you Matthew, I truly am honored!

I know Matthew will help keep The Rifleman alive.....

Thanks Grandpa! 

Through Mark’s Eyes
A Day of Thinking
Written by: Matthew
Dedicated to: ALL the members of
The McCain Ranch Message board
and also the Connors family!

Boy, it sure feels swell when ya get a little bit of time to yourself . I especially like it when I’m able to walk around North Fork for a bit. Pa’s off doin something usually with Micah and I …well … I keep busy. I like meetin new folks just comin into town and greetin folks that I’ve known for some time. I sure hope the folks of North Fork know how much they mean to me and Pa. I sure do learn a lot from watchin folks. I learn a lot of things that I will never do and things that would be swell to do some time.

One of my favorite things to do is come evening time, I like to sit on the chair in front of  the Marshals office. I watch the town slow down and the flicker of the lanterns.  The town is quiet, except the commotion comin from the Last Chance Saloon. Sometimes when Pa enters that Saloon I don’t know if he’s gonna come back out alive. When I know some things wrong in the Saloon I’m usually not far waitin for Pa to come back out so I can give him a hug and thank the Lord for keeping him here with me!  I just don’t understand some folks and why they got to drink so much. Pa says to me ‘Some folks handle their problems in different ways son. They might not be the right way by you or me. But it’s what they know.’ It just doesn’t make sense,  going into a saloon won’t fix anything. You’ll come out with the same problem that you went in with and also a headache or even a bullet whole. Maybe them folks didn’t have a Pa like mine teaching them things while they were growin up.  My Pa sure is one of a kind and I’m glad he’s my Pa!

I also like to be at the Ranch helping Pa as much as I can. He’s the hardest working man I know and the strongest! The women folk really admire my Pa. I once overheard some women folk just a talkin about him. Golly, they sure are CRAZY about ‘em. I can tell what they’re thinking just by lookin at them lookin at my Pa.

Sometimes Pa and Micah get laughin when I tell them about  things that might be invented one day. I can tell Pa doesn’t think much of what I’m sayin BUT I sure do! You just wait and see, one day there will be a box to wash your dishes in. I’m tellin ya there will be!

Well I best get goin. There's some folks waitin back at the ranch for me. Some real good friends of mine and Pa’s. They’re like family I guess you could say. One big family ‘The McCain Ranch’ family! Now I just got to find Pa so we can head home. I sure hope him and Micah stayed out of trouble.

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