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Dennis Hopper
Actor | Director | Writer

Dennis Hopper appeared in two episodes of The Rifleman The Sharpshooter as Vernon Tippert, he was the young sharpshooter The Three-Legged Terror as Johnny Clover, a teenager who vandalizes the classroom in the North Fork School.

He also appeared with Chuck in Arrest and Trial.

I'm sure we all know who Dennis Hopper is! What an impressive list of credits!

Does anyone remember him in Cool hand Luke?  How about True Grit ― Giant ― Rebel Without a Cause Easy Rider or maybe Speed - he sure was a mean dude in Speed? What part do you best remember him in?

Besides acting and directing, Hopper was a skilled photographer and painter, having had his works displayed in galleries in both the United States and overseas. He was a dedicated and knowledgeable collector of modern art and had one of the most extensive collections in the United States.

Birth Name: Dennis Lee Hopper
Dennis Hopper was born May 17 1936 in Dodge City, Kansas
He died May 29, 2010 Venice Beach, California of prostate cancer

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