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Chuck Connors
The Man aka Lucas McCain

TV Stars of The Rifleman / Rifleman Promotional

Chuck Connors
On the set of The Rifleman

with his family

Guest on the set of The Rifleman

On the rodeo trail with The Rifleman
Sometimes when The Rifleman was between seasons the gang would go on The Rodeo Trail. 

On the trail to Walla Walla, Washington
Walla Walla on April 2, 1960

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 1959
Chuck Connors on his horse, fresh from the set of ABC-TV's The Rifleman series,
 Chuck really seemed to enjoy riding while waving to fans of the show.

Chuck Connors Star on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame

Chuck Connors was inducted into the
 Cowboy Hall of Fame in 1991

Chuck Connors on the Campaign Trail
Chuck Connors and Politics.

The Rifleman meets Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev
February 12th & 19th 2005 from the 1030 -110 BBC Radio Four in the United Kingdom.

Medicine Hat Oaks
Now Glory Ranch pictures
This was originally Chuck's ranch

We never can get enough of Chuck Connors.....
Pictures of Chuck Connors at home at his ranch
Do you know who Shepherd was?

Sakura Killers 1987 Movie
Not sure how many of you know that Sakura Killers was filmed on location at
Medicine Hat Oaks! (Chuck's ranch)
These pictures were taken from the movie.

Medicine Hat Oaks For Sale
Former Property of the Late Chuck Connors Estate Auction.

Chuck Connors Estate Auction
was handled by C. B. Charles "the auctioneer to the stars"
A Rifleman Promotional - TV Stars of The Rifleman by Roger & Cowan

Chuck Connors Summer Home
This is the house where Chuck Connors stayed while his ranch (summer of 1976), Medicine Hat Oaks was being built.

Golf Hall of Fame
The World Golf Hall of Game - The Home of Golf..
This is the rifle Chuck Connors gave to Arnold Palmer is displayed in the World Golf Hall of Fame.

CTV Press Kit CTV Television Network LTD/CTV Release.

Chuck Connors Obituary
Chuck Connors, Actor 71, Dies;
Starred as Television's 'Rifleman'

Tall in the Saddle
From the archives of People Magazine
November 23, 1992 Vol. 38 No. 21 By Mark Goodman

Rifleman, Lawman
Chuck Connors Checks Guns, Puts Up Shingle in Series of Two-Parters
No Horsemen
New York Times September 15, 1963 By Murray Schumach
(This is a snippet from the original article)

Chuck Connors
In Memory of The Rifleman
1921 - 1992
1992 David Fury

 I had visited Chuck's gravesite in 2004
I was honored to pay my respects to Chuck, Allan & Marcella Connors, Chuck's mother & father. His ex-wife, Betty, mother of his children and his longtime friend, secretary and companion, Rose Marie Grumley, who Chuck was so fond of.

Chuck Connors Find a Grave

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