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Carleton Carpenter ― Then & Now
Born July 10, 1926 in Bennington, Vermont

This picture us from the Cinecon 48 Career Achievement Award banquet held on September 2, 2012.
This award was also presented to actress Phyllis Coates, Samantha Eggar and Carleton Carpenter
and writer/director Richard L. Bare. 
FYI - George is 88.

Carleton Carpenter - The Rifleman

The Coward
Carleton Carpenter as George Collins

After talking about The Coward and George Collins the other week on the messageboard, I decided to write to him, hoping he would write back. Well he did! I got his letter yesterday.

I had sent Carp a copy of the episode that is on the ranch/website of The Coward.  This is what he calls a script.

March 3, 2014

Quote: I was in New York City working on a pic called “B’way’s Golden Years.” (Then the snow came. I was, I thought, gonna die with a shovel in my hand)

I got a kick out of the script.  I didn’t have a clue about “George”. I remembered doing an episode and meeting the ex-footballer. And the young kid. But that’s about it. I know it was a popular show. So many guys say “Hey I saw you on “The Rifleman.” I’ve done nearly 250 TV shows – most, well a lot before the “T” went into ‘AFRA’ (Am Fed. (union) actors).

Several historical things like the first sponsored NBC show (by U.S. Rubber called “Campus Hoop-La”. Also on the show doing cheerleaders were Peggy Lobin and Eva Maria Saint. They sang “Keds are keen, Keds are a neat, Keds are great for the family feet, wear ‘em”. Did the first (on location) show for NBC “Square Dance” I am em-ceded. (emcee). But back to “The Rifleman”. Love having the script and pics. What a love you are.

Don’t have a computer (still tin can and strings) but my neighbors, four wonderful families – will be able to hook watch together.

I had asked him about some piddlin' stuff for his page.....

As you say piddlin’ stuff..... Yesterday [March 2nd] (Oscar Night) exactly at 8:40 pm (that’s was when the evening show was to start) at the Playhouse Theatre on B’way & 48th St., 1944, the curtain rose on an empty campus bedroom with two beds. I entered from upstage center wearing just boxer shorts and a towel dangling from my neck. I looked towards stage left window, stepped over bed, (with my long legs) then the 2nd and spoke the first of the play “Bright Boy” I was 17 and that was 70 years to the minute. Been working steady ever since, U.S. Navy Seabee, Battalions 38 Tinian in the Marianna Islands WWII. We built the runway that Enola Gay took off from to end the war.

Thanks again, so very much, Margie. I really will treasure the script and the pictures, I was a fan of Chuck, and Johnny.

Let’s all vote no to snow!
I send you my love,

Carleton Carpenter

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