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Smoke Screen episode #68

Look at the position of the boots.....

Lucas goes out behind the stable to get Nels' anvil. He finds the anvil, but that's not all. He sees a pair of boots sticking out of some tall grass which belongs to Marge Crandall.

In the first picture you can see her boots against the weeds, but not in the second one.
These are back to back shots. Cowgirl!

How come if Mark and his buddy were right in that area they never heard Marge come no one heard her scream in broad daylight. She wasn't the type to let some guy manhandle her without a fight. Thanks markisddg!

Since Lucas was such a wonderful tracker, how did he miss Mark's smaller boot prints where he had stood smoking the cigar? He looked to be standing in the dirt. Lucas wasn't very observant on that one. Thanks Gloria Fortner!

When Marge Crandall’s harness broke Lucas had an extra one in the buckboard. Does he always carry extra gear?  He could have just thrown a rope around her horses head and tied to the wagon. Thanks wildwest!

Paradise sure looks a lot like North Fork....."What say you?"
There was so many look a likes that I couldn't cover them all! Cowgirl!

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