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The Martinet episode #83

In the part where Lucas is confronted by Captain Perry and Lucas gets on his horse and tells Micah....."You better try and talk some sense into him Micah." The sign on the building behind him reads "Feed and Grain - Wes Carney - Prop." Wes and Clare Carney moved out of North Fork back in the The Retired Gun

In A Case of Identity one of the detective's name is Lon Perry  He was shot and killed at the end of this episode.
In The Martinet, Lon Perry was the son of Captain Perry who was shot and killed by Lucas a year ago (July) when he was trying to extort money.
I didn't know there was a connection...Though, Lon Perry does seem a bit old to be the Captain's son...
Thanks Michelle Palmer!

When Captain Perry's horse reared and as he falls to the ground you can see a much longer and darker head of  hair. Of course we already knew that John Hoyt (Captain Perry) did not do this stunt. Cowgirl!

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