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Lucas used a mullein bush for target practice. How many of you know what a mullein bush is?
Mullein bush ~ A large green bush with brilliant yellow flowers: There is nothing extraordinary this large green bush besides the fact it is adorned with brilliant spikes of yellow flowers which are harvestable, introduced in North America.

The Indian
and Conflict Margie, Remember that 'mullein bush' with five pods' that I pointed out to you in The Indian episode #21? Not only does it make a return appearance in Conflict episode #155 but they actually re-use that very same shot.
Thanks Pete Villafea!

I tried to capture the one from Conflict (right) before Lucas shot, but no matter how man ties I tried I couldn't get it. I guess he was too fast for me. Faster then a click of the mouse!!!!!

The Long Goodbye ― Could this be a mullein along side the McCain house?

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