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Flowers by the Door episode #92 - 1 of 3 pages

Did anyone notice when he went to show Mark a book about the Trojan horse, etc...that he had the book upside down while looking at the pages and talking to Mark? Thanks Jules!

I do find it a bit strange how pronounced & bright the letters & outline are on one picture and not the next whether the book is upside down down or not. I wonder why that is? Could there be two different books? Cowgirl!

After Gowdy has hit Lucas over the head at Cora's he sets out going towards the ranch because he meets up with Mark after he fell off his horse. Lucas now has come to and is waiting for Mark to come to the Seaver Ranch with Micah. When he doesn't show up Lucas heads back towards the ranch. At the same time Gowdy is heading towards the Seaver Ranch for the pouch he dropped. How come they don't meet up on the road? Lucas found Mark's hat so he was on that road. Were the street lights on? You know it's the same road cuz in the beginning when Gowdy and Lucas meet up Lucas is heading home and Gowdy asks if the road leads to North Fork. I believe Mark tells Gowdy in the beginning that Cora lives on the road to North Fork and you take a right at three big oak trees. Thanks Markisddg!

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