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Eddie's Daughter episode #46 - 1 of 2

When Lil was gettin’ off the stage and Eddie or Lucas made no move to help her. Thanks wildwest!

Take a look at the dress — same dress Cowgirl!

Eddie and Lil ride out to Lucas's house for supper and leave the hotel wide open with no one at the front desk.
Thanks markisddg!

Wasn’t Lil a little bold with Lucas in the barn? We never hear anyone tell her that he’s a widower. Since he’s still wearing his wedding ring, for all she knows, Margaret could be away on a trip. Thanks Ann Marie!

Lucas tells Lil Halstead he would not get a nickel for the way he danced. Later in the series, End of the Hunt, Lou is miffed at Lucas for dancing with all the girls at the barn dance. Was Lucas a bad dancer? Was he, trying to diffuse the uncomfortable situation of having one of his best friends' daughter hit on him? Was he being uncharacteristically modest? (Okay, okay, that one is too ridiculous to be taken seriously.) Had he been practicing his fancy footwork with Millie and Lou? Thanks Random Rambler!

Lucas Boy can jump on a horse, run and jump up on a wagon, flip his Winchester till the cows come home but maybe those long legs get tangled up dancing and I am uire if he was at a proper dance, all the towns women would be cutting in. Thanks wildwest!

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