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Billy Hughes Jr.
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Billy E. Hughes Jr. appeared in three episode of The Rifleman Long Gun from Tucson as Jeffrey Waller, he was the son of the gunsmith and the boy that he and Mark sat on together in his bedroom crying ― Day of Reckoning as Aaron, Jamison's son Billy ― The Sidewinder as Gridley Maule, the boy who came to North Fork to seek revenge on Lucas.

Billy was an actor during the 1960s and 70s. He was the son of former stuntman/producer Billy E. Hughes Sr. His uncle Robert (Whitey) Hughes was a stuntman and an extra for The Rifleman.

Billy's first film was Ole Rex (1961) which was produced by his father.

He appeared with Chuck in Good Morning, Miss Dove Arrest and Trial.

Billy was one of the stuntmen in The Wild Bunch. He also in Smoke in the Wind as Till Mondier. This was Billy's last appearance on TV & in the movies, what a shame, he was so good!
Here is a picture of Billy Hughes Jr. from that 1975 movie, Smoke in the Wind. This photo was supplied by a friend of a friend of Billy Hughes Jr.

He appeared in several other show such as Lassie Wagon Train The Twilight Zone Dr. Kildare Gunsmoke ― Leave It to Beaver General Electric Theater General Electric Theater Shirley Temple's Storybook The Law and Mr. Jones The Detectives Starring Robert Taylor Climax! ― Perry Mason Johnny Ringo among several others. Some of these shows he appeared in several times.

Have you see the episode #158 Sidewinder? An excellent episode! Rooster & I agreed that it should have had a stronger ending. So rooster agreed to do an alternate ending for The McCain Ranch. 
What a great ending!
Check out roosters Sidewinder the alternate ending

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This is the weapon use in the Sidewinder by Grid Maule played by Billy Hughes Jr.
Thanks rooster!

Grid's Christmas by rooster davis

 Billy Hughes Jr. Was born November 28, 1948 Los Angeles, California
Birth Name: Billy Eugene Hughes
He died December 20 2005 in Alma, Arkansas
May you rest in peace Cowboy!

Sadly Billy left us on December 20, 2005.  Here you will find a link to him and a later picture. Billy Hughes Jr.
May you rest in peace Grid!

I've seen where a lot of these stars appeared in the Shirley Temple's Storybook I don't remember this show.....anybody remember it? 

 I remember it being on Sunday evening when I was real small - maybe around 1960 or 61. Before Shirley Temple became an ambassador, she would introduce and narrate the program which was generally a fairytale. The one I remember best is Rumpelstiltskin.
Thanks Barbara Z. for this info!

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