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Archie Butler

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Birth Name: Arch Brady Butler

Born: September 27, 1911 in Rhea County, Tennessee
Died: February 4, 1977 in Overton, Nevada

Stuntman — Stunt Coordinator — Actor — Master of all Trades

Archie Butler - The Rifleman

Archie was a trick and bareback riding rodeo veteran. 

Archie has been in more episodes then anybody with the exception of the regular cast, he was always working on and off the screen.

 I asked Arnold Laven if he could give me any information on Archie Butler.....Here is what Arnold had to say: "Archie Butler....What good memories his name brings back...If I remember, Archie was part of The Rifleman from the start...he was Paul Fix's stand-in, played occasion small parts, and was an extra when otherwise not occupied, indeed, he was a stunt person when it came to riding stunts as he was an exceptionally good horseman...I don't remember how old Archie was when he first joined us, but I think he was pushing sixty...I mention this to explain why his stunts were limited to his being on horseback....but topping all the things he contributed to the show was that he was a warm and generous person always looking to help out in every way possible including helping Johnny learn to be a very good rider." ~Arnold Laven

Here is a list of the episodes that I have spotted Archie in, although we do know that he has done a lot of work behind the scenes.

Archie also was in Branded - Yellow is for Courage as one of the townsmen/cowboy and
Call to Glory as a soldier
That the Brave Endure as a Barfly.

I got this e-mail from Poncho about Archie & here is what he had to say.....

I knew Archie when I was a kid, my Dad and him were partners in a pack station they packed hunters and fisherman into the High Sierras.  Archie brought Chuck Connors and another man there to hunt.  I was very excited to meet them at that time.  Archie was a true cowboy, he had been in pictures since in the 30's this all took place around 1958 or 59.  Thank you for the memories. Poncho

Your Grandfather is a Stuntman on TV

I got this short e-mail from a granddaughter of Archie Butler & thought I'd share it with you.

Dear Cowgirl – Stumbled across your website searching for my grandfather on line.  He is actually my step-grandfather.  He married my grandmother, Dorothy Sikes, and raised my Dad, Tom Butler, and my uncle Donnie Butler.  My maiden name is Butler.  All I grew up with is “Your grandfather is a stuntman on TV”.  I met him once when I was a small child and from then on I was “hooked” on the The Rifleman.  Still watch it to this day.  Thank you for the pictures.  I don’t have any and it was a shock to the memory to see his face.  Once again, thank you!

A big thank you to Archie's two daughters Roberta & Ann Butler!

Archie was on many other Western TV Series.  Before The Rifleman he was in The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp —
#25 The Englishman Archie had a talking part and even has a name for his character, Barney.

In another episode #28 One of Jesse's Gang's you can actually see Archie double for John Craven as Archie (as Craven) goes up to a horse and gets tossed off.  A special thank you to Phillip Arnold for this information!

It sure sounds like Archie had a big heart!

Archie's list of credits
giving him his credit due

Archie Butler — The Sharpshooter
giving him his credit due

Archie Butler actually did have a speaking role in The Brother-in-law.....  If you watch the rodeo scenes and listen closely you can hear Archie yell several lines. 
This is the only time that I know of Archie to have a speaking role in The Rifleman

Archie Butler — The Actress

Archie Butler — Two Ounces of Tin

See more on Archie.....Archie was an Indian

"On the Trail with The Rifleman....."

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