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And the Devil Makes Five
(I hate snakes!!!!!)
Episode 161

No, I’ve tangled with a snake or two in my time, so I’m not exactly a stranger to them. And I don’t mind snakes. As long as the tend to their own business and stay out of mine, I’ll leave them be. But when they get up close and personal with me, well n The Rifleman - And the Devil Makes Five - Episode161ow there’s where I draw that line! Never in all my live-long days did I ever…EVER…think I’d get this up close and personal with one!

You see, Mark and I were having some good ol’ quality father/son time. We went fishing up in the mountains for three whole days! Boy, we’d forgotten how hot it got down here – made me appreciate the mountains. I knew one thing for sure though – we were never going to make it home with these trout!

While we were looking for a place to camp, we noticed someone already camping up ahead – it was Micah. We rode into his camp to see what he was doing in this area.

When Micah heard us coming, he reached for his gun just in case. He said he had been over to Marietta on some business. He knew we had gone on a fishing trip and asked us if we caught anything. "A whole mess of speckled trout," said Mark proudly.

"Well now...that's better than eatin' beans out of a can. Got enough of them trout for me boy?" I was surprised to hear someone else talking. Sure enough, under a tree sat a prisoner of Micah’s.

"Scully Potter...I'm taking him back to North Fork to stand trial before the circuit judge. He shot and killed Ted Bennett, the sheriff of Marietta a couple of days ago," Micah explained

“Ted Bennett?” I glared at Potter. “Why?”

“No reason,” Micah answered. “He just hates lawmen and everybody connected with them.”

Potter started telling us how he liked his fish cooked. Micah informed him that a man who‘s about to go to the gallows doesn’t get special privileges for his last meal. Potter lifted his hat off his head. “You ain’t hung me yet…lawman!” Then he gave an evil laugh

We cooked up the fish over Micah’s camp fire. The fish sure were mighty tasty. Scully wanted more, but all we had left were beans. He figured he had enough. He told Mark he was a real good cook, he made the fish just the way he liked them. I decided that after Mark got the dishes cleaned up, we could ride on another half hour or so before we bedded down.

Mark went to get the plates. Micah warned him to stay away from Scully. He went to get Sully’s plates himself. But as Micah reached for his plate, Scully hit Micah in the arm hard. “Pa!” Mark cried out.

I turned with rifle in hand and cocked and pointed it straight at Scully. I hurried over to help Micah up. "How do you figure that will do you any good?" I asked Scully.

"I don't like lawmen...I don't like nothing about 'em!" Scully yelled.

I took a look a
The Rifleman - And the Devil Makes Five - Episode161t Micah's arm. It looked like a bad sprain. Micah told us everything would be alright. “Lucas look, why don’t you and Mark go on? You shouldn’t have stopped here in the first place. It’s not good for the boy.

I told Micah he wouldn't be able to use his arm for a couple of day. He jerked his arm away from me. "I have to use it!" Again he told us to move on. I told Micah to go for his gun. He couldn't even draw his gun. Scully laughed.

I told Mark to get out the bedrolls and we'd heat up some water so Micah could soak his arm. “I’ll stand watch,” I stated as I looked at Scully. Micah told me to listen to him. “I won’t listen, and don’t you argue!”

Scully laughed evilly as I started tending to Micah’s arm. “Now you look after him good, Mr. Lucas.

Later that night, the camp had grown quiet. Mark and Micah were sleeping. I thought Scully was too. In fact, it was so quiet that I almost dozed off myself. Scully waited until he thought I was asleep then quietly started moving toward me. I had my head turned away, but I was still very aware of what was happening. When I realized he was on the move, I turned around. “Uh-uh,” I said.

He froze in his tracks and started laughing. "You can't blame me for trying, " he said.

Just then, I heard Micah stirring around. He couldn't sleep; his arm hurt too bad. He told me he would stand watch. I handed him my rifle and told him to call me if he needed me.

The night passed uneventfully. The next morning, Mark got up with Micah. “Well, looks like everybody got a good night’s sleep!” Scully declared. “You figure to make North Fork today, Marshal?”

"I do...tonight you'll be sleeping behind bars," Micah stated. Scully laughed and then asked Mark if he was going to fix breakfast. He was hungry. Mark told Micah that we had some cornmeal and that I made good flapjacks. “Let your father sleep, son. He’s been up half the night!” Micah said he'd stoke up the fire and Mark could brew up some coffee.

Scully told Mark to be sure and make the coffee strong and black. "Hey Marshal...too bad you didn't get a hard night's sleep like the boy's Pa there...he ain't moved an inch since he laid down.”

Mark turned and looked toward me where I was still sleeping. “He sure must be tired!”

Mark got the coffee and flapjacks around and Micah told Mark to give Scully
The Rifleman - And the Devil Makes Five - Episode161his breakfast while he went to fill the canteen. Mark slowly approached Scully with his breakfast. “Hey boy,” Scully said as he started eating his breakfast. “Yeah…this sure does beat it – how you cooked that fish last night and now these here flaps…just the way I like ‘em! Hey, I tell you what. Next time I hit the trail, I’m looking for you. You and me, we make a team! Why anybody that cook’s like this-“ Mark was feeling uneasy being that close to Scully. Scully kept talking to Mark until Mark interrupted him and said he had to go wake me up.

Mark walked over to where I sleeping in my bedroll. " better wake up, breakfast is ready.” I didn’t move. “Pa come on...its morning!" Still, I didn’t move. "Ah Pa come on..." He took my hat off of my face.

He was puzzled when he saw the look on my face, I was all sweaty and bug eyed and unable to move. Mark seeing me like that – he knew something was terribly wrong. "Pa...Pa...what's wrong?" I rolled my eyes. "Pa...Pa...say something!" Just as he was starting to reach out to grab me, he heard a noise. It was the sound of a rattlesnake. That’s when he realized what was wrong.

There was a rattlesnake trapped in my bedroll! I could see fear etched all over his face. I wanted to tell him everything would be okay – but I wasn’t sure how I was going to get out of this myself. I’d have to leave this problem up to him and Micah to figure out!

Mark backed away slowly, suddenly fearful that any sudden move could send the snake to attack me. Scully noticed Mark’s fear and wanted to know what was wrong with me, but Mark said nothing. He hurried up to Micah. He couldn’t quite get the words out. He told Micah I had a rattler in my bedroll. “He can’t move!”

Scully started yelling, wondering what was going on. Micah demanded him to keep his voice down. “You sure it’s a rattler?” Micah hurried over to me to investigate for himself.

Scully continued yelling, wondering what was going on. Mark rushed up to him and bent down in front of him. “Please…there’s a snake in my Pa’s bedroll…a rattler. So just don’t make any noise. Huh?”

Scully thought this was truly funny. He started laughing as he hollered out to Micah. "Hey how about that! Hey lawman...your gonna have your hands full...cause that snake don't like where's he at!" Scully got to his feet yelling..."Ain't' that right Mr. rattlesnake?"

Micah took the canteen and hit Scully with it; knocking him out. He then unlocked Scully's chains so he and Mark could move him far enough away not to bother anybody, especially the snake.

The snake just rattled and rattled. If you don’t think I was scared…well…let’s just say I was terrified! I couldn’t help but wonder how they were EVER going to get me out of this one!

Micah and Mark had to figure a way to get that snake out of my bedroll. " think we could shoot him," Mark wondered.

"No...we couldn't do that. It would have to be in the head...we can't even tell where he is," said Micah.

“Well, we got
The Rifleman - And the Devil Makes Five - Episode161ta do something!” They were helpless. “You…You suppose I could grab him?” Mark wondered then. “I’ll get my saddle gloves and what…with that blanket”

But Micah stopped that idea. He knew I wouldn’t approve of that either. Mark looked at me. All I could do was look at him. “How long can he stay like that?” Mark became upset. “Who knows what that snake might do!” Micah told him to calm down.

Mark wanted to get his saddle gloves and try and grab the snake, but Micah wouldn't let him. Mark started to get upset. Micah told him to calm down.

Scully finally came to. He called to Micah and told him he needed to see me. "Hurry's about that snake!"

Micah hurried over to him. "What do you want?"

He offered Micah some advice. Micah started to leave. “I’ve been around these parts all my life! There ain’t much I don’t know about what lives here. People…animals…snakes…One time I got stranded. Lost my horse. Had to live off the land. I used up my bullets. And I wouldn’t have made it if I hadn’t of caught this big rattlesnake with my bare hands.” Micah told him they had thought of that already. Scully told him he was too scared. Micah started to leave. “I’ll make a deal with ya!”

"No deals!" He asked for one of Micah's cigars, said he could use a smoke.

That gave Micah an idea. He asked Mark if he still had the knife that he got him for his birthday. Mark said he did. He told Mark to cut a piece of reed and to be careful not to break it. “How’s that gonna help Pa?” Mark wondered. But Micah didn’t have time to explain. He told Mark to get going.

Micah cut the reed up to make a tube. He smoked his cigar and blew it up into the tube. Micah looked at me. I understood what he was going to do and gave him a slight nod to let him know I was ready. Micah burned a hole in my blanket with his cigar. He was going to blow smoke up under the blanket, hoping it would chase the snake out.

Before he started, he turned to ask Mark if his aim was pretty good. He told Mark that if his planned work, he should wait until the snake was pretty far away than shoot it. When we all understood what was going on, Micah put his plan into action.

It didn't work. All it did was cause me to cough. I tried not to cough but couldn't help it. It just irritated the snake.

Just then, Scully started yelling for Micah again. Micah rushed over to him. He had to keep him quiet. Scully asked him if he was ready to make a deal. He told Micah if they didn't soon get me out of the bedroll I would be baked alive. It was getting hotter and hotter outside. Scully told Micah to hear him out. He said he could save me. Mark wanted to know what Scully meant by that remark. Micah told him it was just talk.

But Mark was desperate. He was willing to do anything to save me. “What do you mean you can save my Pa?”

“Oh, did I say that?” Scully asked. Mark started to get up and leave, but then Scully stopped him. “Wait a minute! Yeah, I reckon I did say that. I also said that he’s gotta make a deal!”
The Rifleman - And the Devil Makes Five - Episode161

"No deals," said Micah.

"Micah...please!" Mark was anxious. He knew time was short. Mark looked at Scully "Go on."

"Like I told gotta know how to handle a rattler. Now me...I know. Fact is...that would be easy because he's under a blanket." Micah thought it to be too dangerous. Scully said he figured the rattler would have a hard time biting through the blanket. “I figure my chance would be pretty good.”

“I’m not talking about your chances!” Micah declared. “It’s him I’m thinking about.”

"You got any other choices?” Micah knew he didn’t. Scully told Micah if he took off the handcuffs he'd be willing to give it a try.”

“You mean set you free?”

“No, I didn’t say that!” Scully answered. “Once it’s over, why you can put ‘em back on me!” Scully explained his reason. “For awhile, I thought you’d put a bullet in me. That would be quick….easy. That’s why I’ve been riling ya.” Micah told him to get the point. “I think maybe I can help you save that man’s life…you’d put a word in for me to the circuit judge. Maybe he’d go easy. That’s the deal.”

Micah thought on that. "You might get off with life. That's all." said Micah.

"That's good enough.”

Mark turned and looked at me. "Please Micah," pleaded Mark. Micah agreed and threw the keys to Scully and told him he would have a gun on him the whole time and if he tried any tricks it would be his last. Scully said that was fair enough.

Scully took the cuffs off his wrists and ankles. Then he stood up and slowly made his way over to the bedroll. Micah and Mark followed him with rifles trained on him.

The three of them slowly made it to my bedroll. The rattler started making sounds as Scully stooped down by me. "Hey Mr. Lucas...everything's gonna be alright now. I'm gonna help you get out from under there. Cause I'm gonna get that snake." Scully then turned to Micah. "And then I'm gonna back up and you better start shootin'! Cause that snakes gonna be mad. Alright?" Micah nodded; he was ready.

Scully was making me nervous. He walked closer to my bedroll and stopped down again. He was laughing and joking, but I didn’t see the humor in it. He told me this wasn’t going to hurt a bit. “Now, you be sure that when I get my hand in there between you and that reptile, that you roll away. Alright?”

Boy, but I was nervous! He felt around my blanket for the snake. The snake started rattling. He was getting irritated. Scully smiled at me and assured me that he’d get him. Suddenly, Scully turned and looked at Micah. “Suppose uh…I was to say to you right now unload that gun and throw it away? And the same thing to the boy. And if you don’t…”

That angered Micah. “You’d be a dead man!”

And my son…”You made a deal!”

“That’s right.” Scully laughed. “I did.”

Micah motioned for Mark to get
The Rifleman - And the Devil Makes Five - Episode161 in position with my rifle. Scully sure was taking his time in doing this! He was still joking about it. We were all anxious.

Suddenly, Scully grabbed the blanket with the snake and threw it at Micah as he yelled out. Then he ran and took my rifle from Mark. Micah shot him. Scully fell to the ground dead. Micah then turned and filled the snake with lead.

Mark ran to me. I was covered in sweat as I gasped in relief and exhaustion. Mark asked me if I was alright, but I couldn’t talk. He ran to get me a drink of water. It was over!

We buried Scully and packed up. I told Mark to mount up. I was ready to go home! I saw Micah starting to mount his own horse and went to give him a lift.

“ you think we can make it fifteen more miles to the next waterhole before dark?"

"Well if you don't mind...I'd just as soon make it all the way to North Fork. I don't relish sleeping in a bed roll again. Not for a while anyway,” I answered.

"I'll go along with that Lucas," said Micah. With that, I led the way towards home!

piddlin' stuff.....Lonny Chapman appeared in two episodes ― The Long Trek as Stanley, the prisoner Micah was transporting to Santa Fe ― And the Devil Makes Five as Scully Potter, Michael was taking him back to North Fork to stand trial before the circuit judge, he shot and killed Ted Bennett, the sheriff of Marietta.

Was this suppose to be the last episode? 
*And the Devil Makes Five the entry for the late great Arthur Browne Jr. says, “When asked about the final episode of The Rifleman, Browne said they came up with the plot of the snake in the bedroll because there was no money in the budget. The show was being canceled and they had one more show to do, so he wrote a plot in which Luke (Chuck Connors) and his son were out on the trail. They didn't have to hire any big name stars to appear in the episode and the scenery was cheap to put together”. 
The episode being referred to seems unmistakably to be And The Devil Makes Five, which, as you note on your site, was not the last episode shown, whatever order it was written in. It was shown eighth from last, on Feb 11, 1963. I wonder why it would have aired so far out of sequence. But that’s definitely the only episode that takes place on the trail and involves a snake in a sleeping bag, and was written by Mr. Browne.
Or could it be that after Mr. Browne wrote what he was told would be the show’s last episode, some producer was able to come up with enough money to write, shoot and show seven more episodes, to fill out the final season? If so, that could mean that this hypothetical producer was cherishing the hope that a successful conclusion to the season might prevent its cancellation after all. A tantalizing possibility, if so....but sadly, one that didn’t pay off.  Thanks Woody Smith!

*I dedicate this episode And the Devil makes Five to Marshall.

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