'Twas the Night Before Christmas in North Fork
Written by Zanza

‘Twas the night before Christmas in Mark and Luke’s house,
And nothing was stirring except for a mouse.
It crept from the barn to the window to see
Mark and Luke trimming their big Christmas tree.

The firelight shone on some globes made of glass
And Mark hung a marshal’s badge of solid brass.

Some cider was steaming and popcorn was popped
While Luke put a star on the tree at the top.

When a knock at the door came Mark opened it up,
Stepping back as a stranger tracked in snow and muck,
The man wore a barn coat of bright cherry red,
And white hair peeked out from the cap on his head.

He said, “I’m so sorry to trouble you folks,
But a wheel on my wagon lost one of its spokes.
Could you help me? I’ll gladly pay what you might ask,
If I could just get back to doing my task.”

Luke smiled and said, “Sir, I’ll help without hire,
Why don’t you sit down and get warm by the fire?”

He went out and soon had the wagon wheel fixed,
Then came back in to find out what he had missed.

The stranger was telling Mark stories of cheer,
About all the places he’d gone to that year.

Luke said, “You can be on your way but I think
You ought to have time for just one Christmas drink.”

He poured some hot cider into a big cup,
The stranger was happy to drink it all up,
He went on his way with a wave and a smile,
And it wasn’t long - just a very small while,
Before Micah knocked on the door and came in,
Toting a bottle of very fine gin.

Then Hattie showed up in a cape with a bow,
With Millie who had a real happiness glow.

Luke kissed both the gals and shook hands with his friend,
And Mark gave out hugs like there would be no end.

They sat down to supper and then Mark did see,
A brand new bag half hidden under their tree.

He pulled it out. “Pa, look at what we have here!
The note says With thanks for your holiday cheer.”
Luke opened the bag and he smiled so bright,
And said, “Here are gifts for our Christmas tonight.”

Each present was wrapped and it had their own name,
For Micah there was a real nice checkers game.
And Mark got a belt with a real silver buckle.
And Hattie got something that gave her a chuckle,
A new coat for her and a bed for her cat,
While Millie unwrapped a new high fashion hat.

For Luke there was just a small branch of bright green.
Mark said, “There’s no present for you, Pa. That’s mean!”
“No, Mark, this here is a piece of mistletoe,
Now watch and I’ll show you just where it should go.”

Luke hung up the branch with a look of pure bliss,
Then picked Millie up and gave her a big kiss.

They smiled at each other and Mark raised a glass,
And said, “To our family, both present and past!”

They drank to Mark’s toast and to them it was clear
That Christmas was merry in North Fork that year!

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