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'A Young Man's Fancy' episode #129Mark falls in love for the first time when Millie’s niece comes to visit. Cheryl Holdridge - Richard Evans - Joan Taylor (2/5/62) Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis


Honorable mention.....'Old Tony' episode #168A notoriously mean old man shows good faith when he helps Lucas pull Mark and his friend out of a swamp full of quick sand. Stefan Schnabel - Karen Sue Trent - Martin Kosleck (4/8/63) Writer: Thomas Thompson ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

Lucas & all the ladies he loved

Micah & Lee's Valentine's greeting

The McCain Ranch

 The McCain Ranch mourns the lost of Cheryl Holdridge. 
Cheryl first gained fame as a Mouseketeer on TV's The Mickey Mouse Club in the 1950s, died on January 9th.  She was 64.
Cheryl played Sally Walker in The Rifleman in 'A Young man's Fancy'

May you rest in peace Cheryl. 

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