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The Rifleman - Children's Magazine February 1961

The Rifleman - Children's Magazine February 1961

"A Happy Valentine, Uncle Chuck!"
say Deidre & Pamela Cole with kisses

CHUCK CONNORS is star of ABC-TV's The Rifleman

A professional baseball player, turned actor and playing the role of Rancher Lucas McCain, is Chuck Connors whose birthday is April 10.
Chuck lives in Woodland Hills in western San Fernando Valley with his wife and four children all boys, and real boys they are too.  Deidre and Pamela, Chuck's nieces, are very fond of their Uncle Chuck as are boys and girls are everywhere.  We hope he's a favorite of yours.

In an article from TV Star Parade, May 1959. Chuck's sister, Gloria, said that Chuck loved to spend time with his nieces.

Deidre and Uncle Chuck on the set of The Schoolmaster. Looks like Chuck might me giving little Deidre some pointers.

The Schoolmaster - Children's Playmate Magazine 2
February 1961

The Schoolmaster
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Chuck's boys on the set

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