The Rifleman
"Welcome to the McCain Ranch"

Episode 44

It started before I even rode into town. The streets grew quiet as the man walked into town. He was holstered and ready for action. His guns hadn’t been used in years, but today they were The Rifleman - Obituary - Episode44strapped on, ready for one last quick draw. Mr. Hannabury ran toward the hotel, knowing that Panama Billings had come into town for this very event – to have a shoot out with the man that had been famed, written up in the newspaper. “He’s here, Panama! Mr. Russell is here!” Mr. Hannabury sounded like the next Paul Revere as he made the announcement.

Everyone heard the announcement as Ben Russell slowly made his way down the street. Even Micah heard it and rushed up to the man. “Ben, I’ll say it again. This is something from the past! Let it be! Let it stay there!” he begged.

But Ben began walking. Panama walked out of the hotel, slowly puffing the cigar in his mouth. Micah continued begging him to let it be and let him run Panama Billings out of town, but Ben was ready. “Micah, I thank you kindly. But no one can stop this now. Not you, not me, not even Panama,” Ben stated as he continued walking down the street.

Byron Claremont and his wife, Eleanor, walked out of the hotel then and made their way down the street, knowing the shootout was about to happen. Panama confidently leaned against the post as Ben stood in the street, already in position. Ben was ready to face his past, knowing it would probably result in his death. Panama slowly stepped into the street and got into position, ready to draw.

That’s when I drove the wagon into town, Mark at my side. I turned the corner at the church and saw that a shootout was about to happen, so I quickly pulled the horses out of danger around the other side of the church. Mark and I got out of the wagon and I made my way to the side of the building. “It’s Mr. Russell!” Mark declared as if I couldn’t see that for myself.

I grabbed Mark and pulled him behind me so he would not be in danger of being hit by any stray bullets. “So I see,” I stated worriedly and annoyed at what was happening. I kept a protective hand against Mark to keep him back since he was bursting with excitement.

They both drew and fired at the exact same moment. The bullet from Ben Russell’s gun grazed Panama’s face and he rubbed it. But the bullet from Panama’s gun met it’s mark. Everyone stared, knowing Ben had been hit. Ben blew the barrel of his gun and put it back into his holster. Then he slowly walked up to Mr. Claremont and his wife. He took his hat off. "This is how it always ended Mr. way or the other.....this is how it always ended." Then Ben put his hat back on and collapsed. He was dead.

I stood there in shock. I couldn’t believe that Ben Russell would allow himself to be pulled into something like this. Micah walked forward and looked in the direction they had taken Ben’s body. “He wasn’t pulled in. He walked in with the sun in his eyes,” he declared.

“You mean Mr. Russell wanted to die?” Mark asked in shock.

I immediately jumped to Mr. Russell’s defense. “Micah didn’t say that, son!” I declared sternly.

But Micah seemed to agree with Mark. He told me about Mr. Claremont and how he had come from the East to do some articles from the West for his paper. “He wrote about a town Ben tamed when he was a U. S. Marshal. The last line of the article turned out to be Ben’s obituary. He called him the fastest gun in the West.”
I was disturbed by this. Ben had been declared that, but it was twenty years ago. Micah said Mr. Claremont failed to mention that part. “Well, along comes Panama looking to build himself a reputation. Ben knew it had to come sooner or later. He made his reputation and couldn’t hide from it any longer. So, he went out to meet it.”

"As ye sow, so shall he reap, huh?" I stated. Then I told Mark we had things to do.

Micah started for his office but was suddenly stopped by Mr. Claremont. He had his wife on his arm as he came to talk to Micah. He was concerned about the death of Ben Russell and his implication that Mr. Claremont was responsible. Micah didn’t deny that he felt the same way. “Your implying that because of the articles I wrote that I made him a target for Panama Billings? Incredible. But even if it were true, I’d insist of being absolved of blame. "I don't create the facts Marshal, I merely report them," Claremont explained.

Micah told Mr. Claremont that he had created a man that no longer existed. “You made him sound unbeatable when all he wanted to do was sit in the sun for the time that was left to him.”

I drove the wagon back from tThe Rifleman - Obituary - Episode44he blacksmith’s and immediately climbed off the wagon when I saw Micah talking to Mr. And Mrs. Claremont. As I walked up to them, Micah introduced us. I touched my hat as I acknowledged the beautiful lady in front of me. I said beautiful because she was, that that will come up a couple more times in my story!

"McCain, I’ve heard of you. You and your rifle are supposed to be something of a… legend in these parts." He was being smug about it.

“That’s why I mind my own business,” I answered firmly and with underlying meaning, which I’m sure he picked up on.

“Meaning, of course, that I don’t mind my own business,” he stated. He stepped up to me as if to intimidate me. “In that, Mr. McCain, you are wrong. My business happens to be other people. I can see that you agree with your marshal. He seems to feel that I am morally responsible for the death of Ben Russell.” I suddenly looked up from where I was caring for my horse. I didn’t like his tone of voice.

“Micah’s judgment is considered pretty sound,” I answered him firmly, and with a touch of anger.

Our conversation was suddenly interrupted by Panama Billings. “Mr. Claremont,” we heard him call. We all turned and looked at him as he struck a match against the hitching post and slowly lit his cigar as if to show us just how important he really was. "My name’s Panama Billings. When you write about what happened here today, you can say Ben Russell was a good man…until he came up against a better one." He sure was proud of himself!

“Mister,” I interrupted his egotistical bragging. “When it comes to being a man, Ben Russell made two of you!” I sneered at him, letting him know just what I thought of all his bragging and his killing my friend.

“Well now,” he smiled that evil smile at me. “I hear you’re a bear with that rifle, friend. Maybe you and I can have ourselves some fun. Find out what fast is.”
If he was trying to get under my skin, he was succeeding. “I already know what fast is,” I stated.

Suddenly, Mr. Claremont wanted to be the center of attention again. “As for Mr. Russell, a man who lives by the sword dies by the sword.”

I didn’t like that comment at all! I told him that if he had checked, he would know that my friend had beaten his sword into a plow share twenty years ago! On that note, Mr. Claremont walked away, leaving his wife there to feel embarrassed. She tried apologizing for her husband’s actions, and I could tell she didn’t agree with the way he was acting. She reached out to shake my hand. I held it longer then I should have and just stared at her. She was just so beautiful. Suddenly, her jealous husband called her and she hurried to his side as they walked together into the hotel.

Mark looked towards the unhappy couple. "I'd sure hate to be her married to him," he said.

Micah and I looked at each other and smiled. That boy! “So would I, Mark,” Micah answered. Then we left to get the rest of our chores done.

As the “happy” couple walked into the hotel room, she was being lectured by her husband. “If you wanted brawn instead of brain, you should have married a fighter!” Mr. Claremont declared.

He was jealous of the way I had treated her, and he was upset that she was taking my side. She kept her cool though and merely told him that what he wrote had something to do with the killing that had happened earlier. But he continued to argue his point by stating that he proved the pen was mightier then the sword. “I’m sure Mr. Russell would agree with you…wholeheartedly!” she declared.

We had a lot of supplies to get at the store. I sent Mark out to load a big bucket of apples in the wagon. While he was out there, he decided to swipe an apple, even though he knew I didn’t want him to eat them. While I wasn’t looking, he stuffed it in his pocket. When he saw me come out, he asked if I needed help lifting the farm implement into the wagon. I asked him to run an envelope over to Eddie at the hotel and make sure it got on the next stage.

But Mark had some questions he wanted answered first. “Pa, you figure he was really to blame just because he wrote that article?”

I knew he was talking about Mr. Claremont. I wanted to explain it in a way he’d understand. “No, not just because he wrote it, son. It’s in the way he wrote it he’s at fault.”

“Well, he told the truth, didn’t he?” Mark asked.

“As it was a long time ago,” I explained. Not as it is today, and that’s the point.” I could tell Mark was still confused. “You see, a man who's responsible for telling the truth has to look at the way things are, not how he likeThe Rifleman - Obituary - Episode44s them to be. Or else he fails in his responsibilities everywhere. Do you understand?" I never passed up a learning opportunity for Mark, and didn’t want to stop the learning until I was sure he understood.

"I guess so," said Mark. Then he tossed me an apple. I looked down at the basket and realized he had swiped it.

“Maybe you do,” I stated. Then I told him to get going. I told him not to dawdle or we wouldn’t have time to eat supper at the hotel before heading home.

Mark ran toward the hotel, but when he saw Panama lurking in the doorway, he turned away and leaned against the doorpost, hoping Panama would leave without talking to him. But he walked up to Mark and asked him if he was my boy. Mark didn’t look at him, but merely stated that I was his pa. Then he tired to walk into the hotel. Panama blocked his entering and stated he was curious about me. “He is a fine man with a rifle, ain’t he?” Panama asked Mark with an evil smile.
Mark was scared. “I guess so,” he answered.

“Now, come on boy,” Panama intimidated Mark. “You seen your daddy shoot. Is he any good?”

Mark remembered what Panama had done to Ben earlier, and he didn’t want that to happen to me. Even though he knew he should always tell the truth, and even though we had just finished talking about that very thing, Mark made the decision to lie "No, Pa he, he can't hardly hit the side off of a barn."

Panama laughed. Mark had done just what he hoped, gave in to his intimidation. “Well you’re scared, boy. That’s just fine. And go right on being scared. You tell that daddy of yours to do the same. That way, ain’t none of us gonna get hurt!” Then he walked away, allowing Mark to get on with his errand. Mark hurried inside the hotel.

Panama mounted his horse as he was about to leave North Fork. He saw Mrs. Claremont come out of the hotel and apologized that he wasn’t able to see her husband before he left. He could have told him lots of things to write in the newspaper. “Well, you tell him I’ll be watching for what he writes about today. And you tell him to spell Billings with two L’s.” Mark walked out then and stood beside Mrs. Claremont. Panama saw him and said, ‘And boy, don’t forget what I told ya. Don’t forget to tell your Pa too!”

I saw and heard the last of his conversation and must say I didn’t appreciate him talking to my son. So I casually got my rifle out of the wagon and started toward him casually. He suddenly saw me and said, "Never mind, I'll tell him myself."

He galloped his horse toward me on his way out of town, trying to run me over. I suddenly fell to the ground and rolled out of his way, barely missing being run over. I was angry as I got on my knees and dusted myself off. Mark saw the whole thing and ran over to me, concerned. I told him I was fine, but demanded to know what it was that Panama said to him. I had a suspicion that it was something Mark said that made him do that.

But Mark, knowing he had done wrong, simply said, “Nothing.”

I knew he was lying. I looked him straight in the eye. “Son?” I asked sternly.

Mark knew he had no choice but to tell me. “Well, he asked me if you could use a rifle.”

“Yeah. And what did you say?” I asked, still staring into his eyes sternly.

By this point, Mark knew he was in trouble. "I guess I told him you couldn't."

I wasn’t too happy with him or with Panama at the moment. For that reason, I demanded a straight answer while he looked me straight in the eye. "You guess or you know, Mark?"

Mark shrugged nervously. "I guess I know," he answered. I was angry and reached out to grab him and gripe at him for what he said. There’s no telling what I would have said to him if Mrs. Claremont hadn’t suddenly walked up and used her wiles on me in Mark’s defense.

She had heard the whole thing. “You shouldn’t be too hard on him, Mr. McCain. He’s got a long time to learn what life’s all about.” She protectively put an arm around Mark.

I stood up, no longer able to say the things I was about to say, what with her being there. I smiled at the beautiful lady and said, “Well, ma’am, maybe if he learns about them now, he’ll have a better chance to enjoy them when he grows up.” I explained the reason for disciplining children.

She suddenly smiled that captivating smile and I smiled back. She stretched out her hand to me and I took it, shaking it. Then she simply held her hand there. “Forgive me, Mr. McCain. But the fact that your doing a good job is obvious.” I couldn’t keep from staring at her. This woman could be very dangerous!
Mark stared at our hands. Then he looked from Mrs. Claremont to me, a very curious look on his face. My senses suddenly returned to me and I let go of her hand. “Good afternoon, ma’am.” It was time for me and Mark to go eat supper.

Her husband stood in the door to the hotel while Mark and I tended to our horses. He watched us with great interest and let Mrs. Claremont know just what he thought of her flirting with me. “Alright, Eleanor, you play it your way. I’ll play it mine!” he declared.

As they sat in the hotel dining room, Mrs. Claremont would flash her pretty smile at me every now and then. I did my best to ignore it. Mr. Claremont stated that he had asked around about me in town that day. “He’s a widower. Raising the boy himself. Doing a fine job with it too if you can believe the local talk. And from what I gather, that reputation with that rifle is more than well-founded.”

Mark and I were done eating and were ready to head back to the ranch. We started to walk out when Claremont suddenly stopped us and invited us to sit down with them. I started to refuse, but Mrs. Claremont suddenly asked me. There was something charming about that woman’s smile The Rifleman - Obituary - Episode44that made it heard to refuse her invitation so we sat down for a minute. I sat down across from Mrs. Claremont and she just stared at me with those beautiful eyes and that smile. I couldn’t help but stare back at her and smile. This woman was dangerous…very dangerous…

Mr. Claremont asked Mark what his name was. Then he complimented to Mark that he was a fine young man. He didn’t like the way Eleanor and I were staring at each other, so he turned to her and asked her if she thought he was a handsome young man, and she suddenly looked at Mark and smiled. “Oh, I think your embarrassing Mark. You don’t care about being handsome, do you Mark?”

I think Mark was uncomfortable with the whole thing and wanted to go home as much as I did. So he avoided the whole question all together. He swallowed nervously and stated, “I like horses.”

We all laughed at that. Then Mr. Claremont commented that I was doing a fine job with him. Obviously, I didn’t need his praise on how well I was raising Mark, but I simply stated, “We get along.”

“I’m surprised you haven’t married again,” he suddenly stated. “Give the boy a…woman’s influence.” He looked straight at his wife. She started to warn him to keep quiet.

“Like I said, we get along,” I answered him, suddenly wanting out of his sight before I got really mad. “And we’ll be doing that right now.” I stood, said goodbye to Mrs. Claremont, and led Mark out of the hotel and towards home.

Mrs. Claremont was upset with him, not understanding why he was so mood with me. “My dear Eleanor, if I was as unhappy with you as you appear to be with me, I’d do something about it!” He challenged her. She said he was very smart and had made her accustomed to the life of luxury that she could no longer live without.

But she was ready to go pack and leave. She was looking forward to their trip to Kansas City. “I’m afraid that’s a pleasure you’ll have to forego momentarily. I’ve found some additional material right here in North Fork. Subject: Rifleman.”

About three weeks later, a young man came riding into town. He sat on his horse like he was some god about to be worshiped. He was looking for Mr. Claremont. Mr. Claremont was sitting out on the balcony of his hotel room with his wife as he read the paper.

He looked up, a smug look on his face. "Billy Benson, that's me, maybe you heard? I killed Panama Billings."

He hadn’t heard. “This here fellow McCain, now. I’ve been reading in the paper what you’ve been writing about him. How come you write so much about him? You making him famous?” Billy asked.

"Mr. McCain is news, Bill,” Mr. Claremont stated. “A rifleman faster then any known pistol man." 

“Pistol man? Well how about a six gun?" Asked Billy. Claremont felt they were the same thing. "Well in that case.....I'm gonna be news real soon. Just as soon as I can find Mr. McCain, that is," he stated, quite sure of himself.

Claremont was gloating. This was Claremont's way of getting revenge. He was jealous of the attention his wife showed me. He had achieved what he had set out to do. A story and me dead, so he thought. “How do you want your name in print?”

“Well, I think I favor William a little. William Benson. That’ll do fine!” Then he rode away. Claremont to gloat to his wife but she had slipped out. He was angry, having a pretty good idea where she was headed.

I was working on the roof when Mark announced that all his Saturday chores were done and were we going to go to town now. I thought it was fairly obvious that I was still working. “Well, I wasn’t aiming to, son. I’ve still got a lot of chores to do around here myself.”

“Oh, you said that last Saturday and the Saturday before that!” Mark complained. I was really in no mood to hear his belly aching. “We haven’t been in town now for three Saturdays!”

“Well, maybe next week,” I simply told him as I continued working on repairing the roof.

Suddenly, a buggy was quickly approaching our house.  “It’s Mrs. Claremont!” Mark exclaimed.

I turned and looked. “So I see,” I stated as I climbed down from the ladder and sat the hammer down. She was running the horses fast, and they almost ran into my house. I stopped them just in time then went up to see what the excitement was all about.

“Mr. McCain, I had to come out and talk to you. Have you seen these?” She was very upset and handed me some newspaper articles. I stared at her, trying to figure out what she was so excited about. Then I looked down at the articles and read some of the titles:
"Rifleman unequal to the usage of firearms"

"Lucas McCain, unlike his predecessors does not wear a six-shooter. McCain shoots from the hip, but with a rifle.”

“Lucas McCain, the Rifleman, is fast becoming a legend. His incredible…”

I suddenly stopped and looked up at her, shocked at what I was reading! “He wrote the first one three weeks ago, the day you and Mark left town. He’s been writing one every day sense!” She declared, worried. Then she told me that a man named Billy Benson was in town looking for me, wanting his name in the papers too.

I knew I had to take care of this immediately. I ordered Mark to see that Mrs. Claremont The Rifleman - Obituary - Episode44got back to town. “Then you go straight to Micah’s office and wait for me, hear?” I demanded. Then I mounted my horse and rode off towards town.

Billy and Claremont were in the saloon toasting drinks when I rode in. When I got into town, Micah came out and said he wanted to talk to me. I said okay, but I had something important to take care of. He assured me that our talk wouldn’t take long. “Mr. Claremont has handed you a problem. I couldn’t help noticing the attention you gave Mrs. Claremont the day you were in town. It wouldn’t be the cause of it, would it, Lucas Boy?”

Quite frankly, I was sick and tired of this whole thing. But I assured Micah that I hadn’t been in town for three weeks and she had just rode out to tell me what was going on. Micah reminded me that if I answered to Billy Benson, I’d be answering to every gun around. “And you don’t want to uh…order another coffin?” I commented lightly.

“That’s right,” Micah stated. “The town just got finished paying Toomey for the last one. Ben Russell.”

“Well, I’m no Ben Russell, and I’ve got Mark to consider,” I assured him. Claremont’s gotta be stopped!” I suddenly declared.

That statement made Micah angry and he reminded me that killing Benson would make me so famous that I couldn’t ride down the street without looking over my shoulder. I knew he was right, and never had any intention of taking this Benson’s challenge. “Micah, your judgment always was sound!” I commented, letting him know that I wasn’t planning on doing what he was fearing.

Mark rode up with the buggy then. I went out to help them down and send them in Micah’s office. Mr. Claremont saw me helping his wife out of the buggy – probably something that Mr. Claremont himself would have never considered doing for his lovely wife! He was angry…very angry. He stormed into the hotel. Micah went into his office behind Mrs. Claremont and Mark and shut the door, trusting that I would handle the situation professionally.

I stood on the street and stared at the young man across the street at the saloon. He just stood there, trying to convince me that he was tough and ready for action. “Alright Billy, my name is McCain. What do you want?” I asked with my rifle in hand.

“Notches,” he stated as he walked towards me smugly. “I got a new one from Panama Billings. Maybe you heard.”

I told him I had heard. Boy, killing one fast gun sure did go to a man’s head! “And it occurs to me that a notch isn’t much in a way of a marker for a man. Is that all you want left of you, Billy? A notch on the handle of somebody’s gun?”

“There’s still a lot of room left on the handle of my gun, mister!” Billy announced, believing he was the absolute toughest man around. “And I aim to fill it up!”
“Maybe so, Billy! But not with me!” I stated. It was time to bring him off that pedestal he was standing on. I fired my gun at the sign over the hotel, shooting off several of the decorations hanging over the sign. Billy stared at it and licked his lips, realizing what he had gotten himself into. I didn’t want to fight him anymore then he now wanted to fight me. “That’s right, Billy. I’m good with it. I hit what I shoot at and I’m fast! But I’ve been hit a few times myself and I don’t like it. Also, I don’t want to come dragging into town every time some young gun wants to see how good he is. So if it’s all the same to you, Billy Boy, this time I pass!”

. Billy looked again at the sign, smiled, tipped his hat, turned, and started to walk away. Thinking it was all over, I turned and started to walk away. But I suddenly heard a gunshot. I suddenly turned and fired at Billy, thinking he had changed his mind about walking away and decided to take a shot at me anyhow. I shot the gun right out of his hand. He grabbed his hand as I stared at him angrily. But then he motioned in the direction the shot had come from. I turned and saw Mr. Claremont staring at me. He fell to the ground dead.

He was going to kill me because of his jealousy. Mrs. Claremont, Mark, and Micah all came out of Micah’s office and stared down at Mr. Claremont’s body.

We said good-bye to Mrs. Claremont as she rode away on the stage later. I sat on the buckboard with Mark and watched her ride away, thinking how tragic it was.

She had been trapped in an unhappy marriage, and she was probably relieved to be out of it. I watched as the stage left. Mark picked that time to ask me yet another one of his inquisitive questions. “Did you like Mrs. Claremont?” he asked me suddenly.

"I liked herThe Rifleman - Obituary - Episode44 better then I liked her husband," I answered absent-mindedly.

"I don't mean that!" Mark suddenly declared.

"Well say what you mean!" I turned, a bit annoyed, and told him.

"Well, I mean, did you like her?" Mark asked me basically the same question.

I guess I knew what he was asking me the entire time, but I tried my best to avoid the answer, hoping I could satisfy him with a simple answer. But this was Mark we were talking about! "I said I liked her!” I declared, annoyed that I was going to have to give him a better answer then that. Well, there was no use putting it off any longer. I would just have to explain it in a way a young boy would understand! “Look Mark…uh…a man, especially out here comes to expect very little that's pretty. When he does stumble across it he can stop and admire it for what it is, Beauty. It's like looking at a sunset, or a pretty picture painting. You can admire them or appreciate them without wanting to own them."

Mark thought on this, but all that girl stuff – he just wasn’t into yet. I still had a couple years before I’d have to concern myself with that stuff! “Well, I just can’t see a woman being as pretty as a picture,” Mark stated. I smiled. “Of course, you take a horse. Now, I saw a horse in a pasture the other day…” I knew this was going to be a long story but the way Mark was acting. So I started the horses on their way as I listened to my son’s long story!

Piddlin' stuff.....Alexander Scourby played Byron Claremont. The writer who instigate the shootouts/killings.

Joanna Moore played the lovely Eleanor Claremont in this episode.

Brian G. Hutton appeared in two episodesObituary as Billy Benson, the young gunfighter who came to North Fork to add Lucas as a notch to his gun ― Long Gun from Tucson as Deecie, one of Holliver's gangThe Rifleman - Obituary - Episode44.

Chris Alcaide appeared in ten episodes ― The Trade as Hamp Ferris, he was the cowboy who wanted to turn Morley in for the reward ― Obituary as Panama Billings, he was the gunfighter who rode into North Fork trying to make a name for himself and another notch on his gun ― A Case of Identity as Lon Perry, he was the cowboy along with his partner Captain James Gordon who scheme to make Wingate think Mark was his son ― A Time for Singing as Spence, the leader of a gang of bank robbers who were going to rob the North Fork Bank ― Meeting at Midnight as Schroeder, he was working with Benton & Morgan to break Carl Miller out of jail ― Dead Cold Cash as Ben Casper, the attorney for Sara Caruthers ― The Wyoming Story part 1 & 2 as Ross, the Henchman for Forbes McKee the Indian Agent ― The Journey Back as Will Carney, he was looking for revenge for his brother's death ― Squeeze Play as Dave Rankin, the heavy for Willard Prescott.
Gee how many times did John Anderson star in The Rifleman?  Who appeared in the most episodes Chris Alcaide or John Anderson? How about John Milford?

Steve Darrell played Eli Benson in Dead Cold Cash, he was the cousin of Stacey Beldon, the gunslinger Sarah Caruthers hired to kill Lucas ― Obituary as Ben Russell, the man who was killed by Panama Billings (Chris Alcaide).

King Mojave appeared in nine episodes ― Duel of Honor as Ed Simmons, one of the passengers on the stagecoach ― The Safe Guard as Charlie the bank teller ― The Sister as one of the cowboys watching the fight ― The Challenge as a customer in the store ― The Photographer as a cowboy on the Jury ― The Wrong Man as the hotel clerk and a townsman ― The Obituary as a townsman ― The Illustrator as the man getting off the stage ― The Grasshopper as the man in the booth who sold the tickets.

Whitey Hughes was a well known and respected stuntman, he appeared in twenty-seven episodes of The Rifleman and still counting.  Whitey had over a 50-year career as a stuntman and stunt coordinator, he has been praised as one of the top stuntman in Hollywood.  Whitey was the best of the best!

Archie Butler — Stuntman — Stunt coordinator — Actor - Archie has been in more episodes then anybody with the exception of the regular cast and he probably was in more episode then some of them. ~Arnold Laven
Remember him in The Sharpshooter? Remember when Lucas shot the whiskey bottle and it shattered into pieces? Archie was the cowboy who slid the whiskey bottle to Lucas. Sometimes Archie was a stand-in for Paul Fix.

Ian Murray played Harley Hannabury in seven episodes ― The ChallengeBlood BrotherObituaryMeeting at MidnightThe HangmanThe Illustrator ― The Fourflushers as one of the townsmen.

Jack Stoney appeared in eight episodes as a townsmen ― ObituaryThe LegacyThe Horse TradersThe SpoilerThe DeserterThe Hangman ― A Time for SingingStrange Town as a townsfolk at Droshek Town.

Franklyn Farnum appeared in two episodes ― Bloodlines and Obituary as one of the Townsmen.

Fritz Ford appeared in twenty episodes and still counting.  Besides acting in The Rifleman he was also a stunt double for Chuck Connors.

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