Does anyone have any idea what regiment Lucas was really in during the war?

One thing for sure Lucas was a Lieutenant.....

The Sheridan Story - episode#16 — Lucas said he was with the 19th Indiana Regiment in the War. That regiment really was at Gettysburg.  He also said he became a Lieutenant at the start of Five Forks, which took place in 1865.

The Deserter - episode #65—Lucas said he was in the 110th Indiana.
*Captain Perry in the Martinet said he was in the 3rd Illinois Cavalry - units organized by states only existed during war time in the 19th century.

Face of Yesterday - episode #95—Lucas said he was with the 19th Indiana.  Lucas reveals he killed Simon's father at Gettysburg.  First man he ever killed.

The Prisoner - episode #101—Lucas said that he was with the 8th Indiana Regiment.  Lucas also said he was a Lieutenant at the Battle of Fort Donaldson.

Millie's Brother - episode #140—Lucas was Harry's training officer.  He said he knew Millie's brother, Ted Scott.  Harry also said he was with him when he died, and that he buried him.  

19th Indiana Cavalry

The Civil War history of the various military units that Lucas supposedly joined. . .There was no "19th Indiana Cavalry" (the highest numbered Indiana Cavalry unit was around 16 or so) so if he was in the "19th Indiana", it had to be the infantry version.

The 19th Indiana Infantry was formed in 8/61. It saw uneventful service in northern Virginia until late August, 1862, when it was heavily engaged at the Battle of Second Bull Run (Aug. 30, 1862). Within two weeks, it was in Maryland helping to repel Lee's invasion of Maryland, including the Battle of South Mountain (9/14/62) and Antietam (9/17/62) It was during this time that the brigade to which the 19th was assigned earned the nickname of "The Iron Brigade".

In December, 1862, having moved back into Northern Virginia, it was involved in the Battle of Fredericksburg. In May, 1863, it was in the Battle of Chancellorsville, just a few miles west of Fredericksburg.

The 19th Indiana (and the whole Iron Brigade) got all shot to pieces at Gettysburg, Pa. on July 1, 1863 (about 90% casualties overall!) After spending the winter in camp, the regiment was involved in Grant's campaign against Lee in northern Virginia, including the Battle of the Wilderness and Spotsylvania Courthouse in May, 1864, and the Siege of Petersburg in June, 1864. The veterans were discharged in the summer of 1864. A handful of "old hands" who had reenlisted, plus some fresh recruits, remained with the 19th until October, 1864, when it was disbanded.

The 19th lost 5 officers and 194 enlisted men killed and mortally wounded, and 1 officer and 116 enlisted men by disease.

8th Indiana Cavalry

Lucas said he was in the "8th Indiana" but apparently did not specify infantry or cavalry (there was an 8th Ind. Infantry and a separate 8th Ind. Cavalry). Here is a sketch of the 8th Indiana Cavalry.

It was organized as the 39th Indiana Infantry at Indianapolis on 8/29/61. On April 7, 1862, it fought on the 2nd day of the Battle of Shiloh, Tenn., where it lost 12 k & mortally wounded. On December 31, 1862, it was overwhelmed by a Confederate attack at Stone's River, Tenn., losing 30 killed, 119 wounded (some of whom later died) and 231 captured. At Chickamauga, Ga., 9/20/63, it lost another 14 killed. By the time of Chickamauga, the regiment was "temporarily" mounted and assigned to Wilder's Lighting Brigade, which was armed (get this, Rifleman fans) with the fastest shooting rifle of the era, the Spencer Repeater.

The temporary mounting was declared to be permanent in late 1863,
and the regiment became the 8th Indiana Cavalry.

As cavalry, it was involved in lots of little scraps while scouting for the army, but its big fights were mostly over. It fought under Sherman in 1864 at Atlanta, then was in the March to the Sea in late 1864, then marched north into the Carolinas, where it lost 17 killed and 59 wounded in a fight at Averasboro, NC. Its total wartime losses were 9 officers and 139 enlisted killed or mortally wounded, an 1 officer and 252 enlisted by disease.

Trivia: In 1862-63, the 39th/8th Indiana served under General August Willich,
the only Communist ever to hold the rank of General in the US Army.

Millie's Brother

(A) Harry Chase actually gives a more coherent account of his Civil War service than Lucas ever does. The battles he claims to have participated in (Bull Run, Mechanicsville, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg) are all real, and all were in geographically the same area - the same soldiers/units actually fought in each of these engagements. It would be perfectly reasonable for Harry to have fought in this particular sequence of battles.

(B) Harry does tell Mark (after the picnic scene) that he can tell Mark about Vicksburg - this is inconsistent. . . Gettysburg is in Pennsylvania and was fought in July'63. Vicksburg surrendered in Mississippi in July'63 - - nobody at Gettysburg was also at Vicksburg.

(C) Harry's details are good - he mentions Sudley Springs, which is a real place at Bull Run, Virginia.

(D) Harry was in "McDowell's 3rd Infantry". There really was a Union general named McDowell - he fought at Bull Run and was sacked after the battle. Regiments were numbered by state, however (3rd Indiana, 3rd Ohio) or were given the "US" designation of a regular army unit
(3rd U.S. Infantry). Regiments were not referred to by a general's name.

(E) Harry got a medal at Chancellorsville. The only medal given out in the Civil War by the Union was the Medal of Honor - they did not have all the different lower ranking medals like the bronze star that are given out today.

(F) Lucas looks up Harry's regiment in a book - there was (and is) a book by an ex-drummer boy named Frederick Dyer that listed literally every Union military unit (over 4,000 of them) and gives a day-by-day travelogue for each unit. Supposedly, after spending
years researching and writing his book, Dyer was able to recite from memory where any military unit was on any day during the whole war! Alas, Dyer's book was not written until about 15 year after the time frame of
The Rifleman.


What a great job you did on this page......Thanks Renewed Fan for all the work and thought you have put into this page!

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